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    Cigars, fast cars, Single Malt, loose women (did I say that out loud?)

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Lotusguy's Feedback

  1. bdw1984 left Positive feedback   

    Great trade with Claus- top notch

    Lotusguy was The Seller

  2. Markspring1978 left Positive feedback   

    Claus is a FOH rockstar. Hosted a split for a very elusive RE. Ran it like a Swiss watch. Highly recommend.

    Lotusguy was Trading

  3. backbone left Positive feedback   

    He hosted a box split and it was run with military precision! I will trade with him again!

    Lotusguy was The Seller

  4. THEMISCHMAN left Positive feedback   

    Claus is a solid BOTL and helped me source a RE I was interested in. Fast shipping and grew communication. Thanks again.

    Lotusguy was The Seller

  5. Habana Mike left Positive feedback   

    Claus played in my box pass, all good!!!

    Lotusguy was Trading

  6. Skyfall left Positive feedback   

    Another great Trade!!!

    Lotusguy was The Seller

  7. ChanceSchmerr left Positive feedback   

    A great trader, and pleasure to deal with.

    Lotusguy was The Seller

  8. canadianbeaver left Positive feedback   

    Always a great trader!

    Lotusguy was The Seller

  9. Skyfall left Positive feedback   

    Great Trader!

    Lotusguy was Trading

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