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  1. Shelter in place and I’m looking for a new job - not the greatest time to be searching right now but I am averaging one phone interview a day and had a verbal offer (though the written one seems to be delayed).

    Board games, working out on my elliptical and/or rowing machine. Walks in the woods. Will step up my booze sales so I don’t have to dip into the savings too much while out of work. Most of the cigars I wanted to sell are thankfully already gone. Still plenty left to smoke.

  2. All schools in the district now closed until April 13. Wife got full refund from Airbnb in NYC for a trip she had booked for late March without even requesting it. I haven’t dared to go into any stores since last weekend since I didn’t want to be trampled to death ;)

    Where we live we always need to maintain a healthy stash of non-perishable items due to fire and earthquake danger plus frequent power outages so we’re good for a few weeks.

  3. This reminded me of that vendor back in the day, that used to have his own bands and crappy boxes, that I think were made out of pine or something, and they would never close right.  Whatever box of CCs you ordered, came rebanded with his bands, in his crappy boxes.  Cigars tasted great though.
    You don’t happen to remember what the brand was called, do you?  I’m drawing a blank.

    Weren’t those the famous “El Dente”?
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  4. It's hard to overstate how much money Japan will lose - they've spent insane amounts on construction and infrastructure, never mind the lost tourist revenue - if the Olympics are cancelled.  This is bad for business everywhere for sure, and Japan probably the worst.  Again, I find it hard to believe that the powers that be - who stand to lose the most money - would be blowing this out of proportion in the advancement of some nebulous plot to panic the world.  If anything it's worse than what's been reported, as you note Ken, and the world's delay in taking real action supports that argument.
    We don't know what the human cost of Coronavirus will be yet, but we do know that the financial impact will be huge.

    I read that Japan just closed all schools until end of March.

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