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  1. I’m in the semiconductor industry and my customers are mostly consumer companies. I am seeing almost every project being pushed out - even if the manufacturing is outside of China, there are many components that are in shortage because they come from China. Conferences are being canceled and virtually all international business travel has ceased. Overhyped or not (I feel that concern is warranted but that this won’t be the end of civilization), the economic impact is very real and will be much longer lasting than most anticipate.
  2. It's the bane of my cigar smoking existence... really not much you can do. I squish them together at the head to restrict the draw like Pigfish recommended, but more often than not, they still smoke too hot and fast. One of the many reasons I prefer thinner RG cigars - fewer of them tend to be underfilled.
  3. Plus the points scoring system was different as well.
  4. From the recent box pass. Nice stick, but not in the same league as the Conde 54 or 109.
  5. My Defi Xtreme was the only lighter that reliably worked at 6kft+ altitude.
  6. If this was Ferrari, the whole world would be in arms about them bending the rules...
  7. Desperate enough to pay 2-3x of what the other ones cost? If you need a tin, HUHC and Monte Media Coronas are available in handy 5er tins for no markup over the regular dress boxes whatsoever. I’ll get one pack because I love to collect the tins but that’s it for me.
  8. Mind-blowing... and I’m worried this will give some politicians in my home state ideas.
  9. I looked for it and it seems to either have been discontinued or not available in US
  10. Wait - so oils can disappear during transit and then come back after a resting period ? I am genuinely curious - I always thought once they are gone, they are gone for good. And there is no need to attack or belittle someone when they post a genuine concern, IMO.
  11. Still great. The ridiculous pricing of the regular edition makes this almost a value cigar [emoji23]
  12. My first (and second and third...) Pesos cigar. Punched about 100x above it’s price class. Forget all your JLP, LFDC, and even Quinteros.
  13. Few hundred sticks of RE left so I guess not The Mag 56 I specifically traded for in the box pass to confirm or deny my previous impressions.
  14. To answer your question on Cohiba, the only ones I smoke regularly are Siglo III and CCE. These vitolas really speak to me and I prefer smaller cigars these days. I’d recommend you try them.
  15. I must have off-mainstream taste buds. I found this to be as godawful as the last few I tried when they first came out. Pitched it after one third and it takes a LOT for a cheapskate like me to pitch a cigar. Construction was fine, taste disgusting. Contrasting it with this NL #1 which was outstanding.
  16. Surely you can’t be serious? What about the spam song?
  17. I doubt that - Kon Tiki is a larger and extremely popular format, there are half as many boxes made and it is quite a bit harder to get them than RE from Italy. Even the Selectos Finos took years and a jar release to sell out and go above $1200/25 where they seem to have leveled out. Time will tell.
  18. 12 eur/stick, not $20. The pricing you likely saw from a certain retailer is hugely marked up.
  19. Waiting for a certain member to chime in on how video game flippers are the scum of the earth
  20. There are some casinos that still allow indoor smoking - had this in Casino du Lac-Leamy last week Extremely nice lounge at the Hilton there.

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