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  1. Does anyone know where I can still get the Noellas Jar and the LGC Jar?? Thanks!
  2. Could someone PM me the name of the vendor that you are talking about? Maybe there is more than one vendor with a customer service rep named Jamie? I will gladly withdraw my statement if I made a mistake. Here is a link to the pictures. The left box is the fake one. http://s1111.photobucket.com/albums/h480/lotusguy1/
  3. Edit: I may be talking about another vendor below. The one I mean gave me over a thousand reasons not to buy from them anymore. I have received a fake box of Monte Grand Edmundo LE from them. Pretty well made, but fake nonetheless - the insert in the box says "Gran Edmundo". There are other things wrong about that box but this is what tipped me off. They refuse to exchange or refund it because I bought it more than 45 days ago. My bad for wanting to age the box... I learned my lesson!!!
  4. I'd totally be there (great chance to introduce myself as I am new to the forum) but alas, my new baby will be born on or around 2/15 so I will be grounded

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