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  1. A strong, meaty Prieto custom in a gem of a cigar bar in Ottawa (actually, the only one I could find, it’s Bacchus in the Hilton at the Casino).
  2. Get Upmann PC only and make a killing on the resale
  3. As I said elsewhere before a few times - my wife consistently enjoys Monte Open Junior. She only smokes a cigar when we’re in a social setting with other cigar smokers, very rarely at home just her and me. She’ll try what I smoke or what I brought to the party but she always falls back on the Open Junior.
  4. I can’t drink the 105 without significant water addition... to me the old version with age statement was a lot better.
  5. Well, I for one couldn't stand the Mag 56 when newly released. This thread prompted me to trade for one from the current US box pass so let's see if they got better for my taste. The RACA on the other hand, I smoke occasionally - and in more than 10 sticks smoked, not a single one reached the sublime level of the very first one I had just after release in Germany. Fooled me into buying several boxes I think they are mediocre and won't get any better plus there is a pretty high percentage of boxes with thick, fireproof wrappers.
  6. A very generous and rare gift. It was an excellent cigar!
  7. So so so many... I’ll list my most controversial ones: BGM BCG Any Cohiba LE QdO 50 JL 2 PL Encantos RG88 I’ll stop here
  8. Cohiba GR - I would have made enough money on them to sustain my smoking habit for a couple of years.
  9. It’s not residual. It’s added after - along with god knows what. Blame the lack of labeling requirements and standards for rum (unlike Bourbon, for example).
  10. A 50 cab of Liga Privada Papas Fritas. Between those and the Nasty Fritas, these are the NC I smoke by far the most often. The price is unbeatable.
  11. Gotta love a smoking room - I don’t often have the opportunity to have a stick while laying in bed in my undies This one was quite alright but I don’t regret selling the rest of that box.
  12. Pineapple neither belongs on a burger nor on a pizza. Disgusting.
  13. When in Vegas... they were out of the Lanceros so I got the next best thing.
  14. Utah in February, Oahu in April, Germany in July. Probably Germany again in September. Not counting any work trips - there should be around 15 this year...
  15. This was at Cosmo last night. I’m in Vegas for the week for the Consumer Electronics Show. Staying at the Treasure Island.
  16. First stick in Vegas. I really don’t quite understand how they command such a premium now. The Selectos Finos is so much better....
  17. Based on a couple of sticks smoked, I prefer the Bolivar Shorts Asia Pacific and the Bosphorus in the same format.
  18. First smoke of the year after wifey got sick in the car on the way to NYE dinner... Continuing my quest to eliminate all remaining double-banders from my stash. Boli Colosales - a very nice cigar indeed. Still has legs.
  19. The sticks without the humidor regularly go on sale for $1.30/ea - it’s up to you if you feel the pretty box is worth the extra money (it was for me). The cigars inside are identical.
  20. A perfect 2017 Siglo III a/t, followed by a very impressive Bolivar Shorts.
  21. No, I did not buy this... it’s very good. With a Siglo III a/t

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