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  1. I will finish getting rid of basically all my RE, LE, and HTF boxes (about 75 still to go) and refocusing my collection to regular production of mostly smaller vitolas. As such, I won’t be buying much at all. I’ll continue to try to get a single or two of every RE being released and I’ll take advantage of special sales here and there but that’s it. Honestly, it’s a huge relief not focusing on “the collection” anymore. Back to my roots. Most new releases are priced between ridiculous and ludicrous so I won’t be buying any of those.
  2. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em part who cares. The other one of the two LGC from the LCDH anniversary humidor. I actually like this one even better than the Robusto extra. Very nice stick.
  3. I’m quite happy to see so many Lanceros in the top 25.
  4. Another double-bander - ER Caribe. Tasty, quite strong.
  5. Slaying a unicorn today. PL Magnifico that I acquired as a single. It’s a really good cigar and the band is gorgeous - but it confirms that simply no cigar is worth $100+ or whatever these go for now. It’s not any better than the PL Robusto Superior from yesterday - in fact, it tastes quite similar. This experience reinforces my decision to stop collecting all those double-banded dollar gobblers.
  6. It's a repeat of the same discussion, accusations, and conspiracy theories every year. I'm just happy that there is a reasonably successful magazine supporting our hobby. The more cigar smokers out there, the better for us. Even better if these smokers also become members of the CRA to help maintain our right to smoke and hold off on draconian regulations.
  7. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em part VI - PL Robusto Superior. Never bought a box since I found that faux carbon fiber print just too gaudy but I finally picked up a couple of singles to cross this one off my list. I have to say, an excellent cigar - I enjoy it about 10x more than the famous Encantos which don’t do much for me
  8. Acquaintance of mine bought one for $2800 recently. I personally just want the empty jar for my collection and try a single stick.
  9. I much prefer the Escogidos over the DC. No downtime needed and more variation over the length. DCs bore me these days.
  10. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em part V or so - LGC Robusto Extra from the LCDH 25th anniversary humidor. Slightly cracked wrapper so this one was the first to get lit up. Very nice indeed with a lot of sweetness.
  11. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em part ?? Boli 681 - wow, they deserve their reputation of being one of the top RE out there.
  12. Not a pretty stick but nothing screams fake to me, especially if the seller is who I think it is.
  13. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em part 3. Never got the hype over these - found them quite rough and unruly. Harsh sometimes.
  14. If someone doesn’t want to read about it, they can just skip the thread... I for one find it quite interesting (until some Knucklehead feels he needs to bring up US politics but that is usually dealt with swiftly).
  15. Most people here know of my obsession with CoSho so I couldn’t resist when these came out in Germany. Just gorgeous presentation.
  16. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em part 2. Nothing further really needs to be said about the quality of these cigars.
  17. Member for 2 years and you STILL haven’t understood the (few) rules that govern this place?
  18. You won’t find it so lovely once you hear the price... they are out in Germany already.
  19. A new cooktop after dropping an olive oil bottle on the old one. Who thought that making the surface out of glass was a great idea?? As an encore a new water heater, since my current one just started leaking. FML Luckily I already had a friend reserve this for me in Taiwan and my ever loving wife will pick it up next week

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