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  1. I’m reasonably intrigued after watching the trailer - always keeping in mind that they usually show the best scenes in them already...
  2. Appears to be working - thanks!
  3. Punch La Isla. Definitely too young. Great construction and it did have some moments but it’s infanticide with a July 2019 BD.
  4. One of my last three LGC Imnesos - shame they discontinued this LCDH release. AFAIK that’s the only one of the post-2008 LCDH releases they stopped making after a few years.
  5. I couldn’t finish it last night... I kept thinking “it MUST be over soon” - only to find that I still had 2 hours to go. What a snoozefest retread of his previous movies.
  6. Yes, pics and emojis are flaky for me - some show, most don’t.
  7. 4, I think 8 if you’re comparing with Esplendidos
  8. 49 RG is NOT a smaller RG cigar... so no Sir Winston, Esplendidos, .... I would recommend Fundies and PLMC.
  9. They were dirt cheap when available - I would have called them yard gars. Had some from 1998 not too long ago and they haven’t improved with age - rough smokes. Not worth the crazy premium they command now in the secondary (seen them go for $150).
  10. A DC is too big for your first Punch. I love the marca and I still get bored half the time I’m smoking one. My recommendation is Punch Punch - if you like that, try the other few remaining in the lineup. Petit Coronations are actually my favorite of those. Punch 48 is very good but watch out for underfilled sticks. Haven’t tried the new small one yet - I refuse to pay $13 for this size regular production cigars.
  11. It’s working for me! Thanks
  12. I just double-checked - I already opened it last year LOL - fair game now
  13. Yeah, I suppose they only counted the ultra-rare bottles for the collection. $1k+ bottles can be found easily - $10k+, not so much. I guess my most valuable bottle would be a 1971 Macallan that I was saving for my 50th, but at this point, I'll probably sell it. I just couldn't bring myself to open a $1k bottle.
  14. The mites/lice are totally harmless to the cigars - are you seriously suggesting that he should throw away perfectly good sticks?? To the OP - follow Rob's suggestion.
  15. 20 years and he only has 500ish bottles - that must be a joke.
  16. My guess would be so that with all the various health warning sticker requirements they want to maximize the chance of the stamp not being covered.
  17. Welcome to the board from the far South Bay where the speed is a bit more relaxed
  18. Picked Chinese because of the incredible diversity of food. Picked Italian because I am a carb-whore
  19. Thanks. Also, I get a cloudflare notification when I access the forum on browser (Safari on a Mac) before it opens the site. Not the store, the forum.
  20. FOH won't load on Tapatalk since this morning US time. I'm on iPhone 11pro with iOS 13.2
  21. Well - who in their right mind would keep buying if the sticks rarely met their expectations?
  22. So this whole thing was about flipping a lighter? I’d be surprised if you get more than $100 - $125 for it.

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