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  1. There is a total public indoor smoking ban in place. Your only chance would be at an Indian casino nearby (I’m in Seattle a few times a year but I never ventured to a casino).
  2. You can lay these down for a hundred years and that won’t fix the fireproof wrappers.
  3. You assume people bought most of their stock from here. It’s maybe 5% for me...
  4. Haven’t posted in this thread in ages... 2013 SCDLH Torreón from the jar. I’m on a major mission to refocus my smoking and collection on regular production but that doesn’t mean I won’t smoke these beauties
  5. It doesn’t work on an iPad - at least not for me. On a regular Mac, only Chrome works, not Safari.
  6. Cool. I quite enjoy the odd favoritos so having a tubo version for on the road is good for me. I also smoke the tubulares a couple of times a month. The Petit Quintero never did anything for me.
  7. Oh man, I just started looking at their website and now I’m drooling/dreaming...
  8. Does anyone know of a good secondary marketplace for Whiskey in the US? I have a couple of hundred bottles of various stuff that is just too much. Trying to downsize to a more reasonable number of things I will actually drink in my lifetime. Nothing super-rare but a lot of single cask bottlings.
  9. Question 3 is a no brainer - the Cohiba has performed best in the secondary market. The Boli the worst - I had the hardest time selling my box for $600.
  10. Boveda must love this customer In my coolers I prefer beads.
  11. At least you paid only ~$50 on a box of tent pegs and not $300, like it sometimes happens. cough SP Sanchos 99-01 cough
  12. Sorry, but you can immediately tell it's a fake by the serial number - way too perfectly aligned (real ones have each number stamped individually).
  13. Why hurry - you will still be able to pick some up in 2021
  14. CoSho for me - though that’s more of a 10-15 minute smoke.
  15. Really, the only word that comes to mind to me is “Geschmacksverirrung “ Nino will know
  16. I have - it was very good indeed. Not worth $30/stick, of course. Similar to Robo XXL but wouldn’t say they are the same cigar.
  17. I for one am excited about the 2021 regulations - cars look good (especially finally going away from those outdated 13" wheels) and I hope this finally fixes the issues with following cars closely and passing.
  18. I have the Xikar 5, 10, and 15 and a couple of Pelican cases for larger amounts plus one of the Harbor Freight Knock-Offs. All work just fine. I usually have a 65% Boveda inside. Most of the time I bring my Xikar 10.
  19. Sadly, I cannot. This box has already moved on to someone that wanted it way more than me...
  20. I don't. Boveda do a pretty good job when you don't open the jars constantly.

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