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  1. Hey I just wanted to drop back by here after being "disappeared" for a few years, after I got a few PMs. My offer to put folks in touch with him was a few years ago, and sadly I haven't the slightest clue how to reach him now... It does seem that some other members here are still getting his wonderful product, so you'll probably have better luck asking them Cheers folks.
  2. So for those who haven't given these a try for fear of strength... yes, they are full bodied cigars, and have a bit of strength, but compared to the full bodied Nicaraguan cigars that are so popular in America right now. If you give the Opus a few years of down time they become even less potent nicotine wise.
  3. Fuente makes some of the only NC cigars still holding my interest as well. In fact, most of the cigars Fuente makes are worthwhile IMO. The Opus X, as well as a few other high end Fuentes are certainly among my favorite cigars. The PerfecXion X is a great size, and certainly a long smoke. The PerfecXion No. 4, the 5 3/16x43 is my personal favorite though, and one that I enjoy regularly. As good as they are young, they get infinitely better between 3 and 5 years later. Nothing compares to the Don Carlos Edicion de Anniversario for me though.
  4. Anyone interested in more info about J-O can PM me... I won't bite, or get mad. Just don't PM me asking for sources for commercially available brands, because that is why we have our hosts.
  5. Yeah, Ralfy is the man. I've learned more about Whisky from Ralfy than anywhere else probably.
  6. You know, it's a really good thing we can't get these here. As much time as I spend at the B&M (literally across the street from my job), I would be dropping 40 bucks a DAY or whatever on Behikes. Sure, I'd be happy... but my savings wouldn't actually last very long.
  7. I've gotten bundles and mixed samplers of cigars from John on several occasions, and for the price, they really are great. I've had the pleasure of smoking some examples with several years of age on them, and these were consistently the best examples I've smoked. Like with any "custom" or "farm rolled" sticks, it all comes down to the tobacco the roller has access to, which in my experience with J-O, ranges from extremely high quality, to just good enough. I've never had a total bust from him, but I've had some examples that were either too tight, or too light. It happens, but for the price yo
  8. One of my all time favorites. Super complex profile. I've gotten everything from white chocolate and orange zest to cream coffee and leather from Reyes. Most of the time though, when I get down to then end, I wish it was as long as an 'A'.
  9. Panetelas are a size that has interested me lately, but it just seems like there aren't any around!
  10. Font is wrong. Aside from the fact that the only Cohiba Piramides with that style band have been either from one of the special humidors, or the Seleccion Piramides.
  11. Behemoth... Someone posted their entire Evangelia Heretika DVD on youtube, and I've been watching this evening.
  12. Looks like mold, but unless there is some massive amount somewhere else in the box, I wouldn't worry about it for a second. Just wipe it off, and make sure they are stored in proper conditions from now on.
  13. Welcome! What part of Virginia you in?

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