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    Currently stationed overseas, born in NYC, live in Cali
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    Cigars of course, my family, home improvement
  1. bvilchez


    I make them all the time at home. I usually put deli mustard as well vice regular mustard. I've heard 2 origins for the MediaNoche naming...both from 2 different Cubans. 1. Called a MediaNoche because when you leave a night club all you have to eat that's readily available was a Cuban sandwich. 2. Was also told that they leave out, or exchange 1 of the ingredients. But for the life of me I can not recall which one he stated. Either way they are delicious!!!
  2. bvilchez

    Master Cases

    RASS SLB cab - 14 boxes of 50
  3. bvilchez

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    01 QDO Corona to finish off the night
  4. I wouldn't mind owning my own business.....
  5. I keep it to a Party Short and some rum.
  6. bvilchez

    Plastic Smell is Back

    I guess great minds must think alike. I did this exact same process except I ran the fan before the first and in between each washing. No problems whatsoever. I've got two 28 bottle vino FWIW and no plastic smell in either.
  7. bvilchez

    The Fifty best

    I guess I must have the palate of a goat then. When I first started I tried some of the 'Top 50' and couldn't even finish
  8. bvilchez

    Recent purchases from Andorra.

    Nice purchases by all. Definitely need to get out there one day. Been to Barcelona before but was unaware of Andorra and a noob to cigars at the time
  9. bvilchez

    Recent purchases from Andorra.

    Nice pick ups gentlemen. I've been wanting to go to Europe for a while now and stop by Andorra myself.
  10. bvilchez

    Hello from all over

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone
  11. bvilchez

    Hello from all over

    Hey everyone. Been lurking on here for quite sometime and never posted. Thought I should partake more instead of just soaking up knowledge from everyone. My name is Bolivar (really, it is) but everyone calls me Jay. I'm active duty military so I'm currently overseas, but I'm born and raised in NYC, and live in California with my wife and 3 beautiful children. I've been smoking for about 8 years now and have been more strictly CC for almost the last 4-5 now. I'm here to share with everyone and gain useful info as well but most importantly submerse myself more in this camaraderie we have by a common bond.

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