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  1. url=https://postimg.cc/PPHV1fLc][/url]
  2. I got my first Moderna vaccine today. I'm grateful and relieved. My wife gets hers tomorrow.
  3. The ‘Buckingham Nicks’ album is hard to find but is well worth the hunt.
  4. free image uploaders I learned a lot for next time but it was delicious.
  5. I get 'twang" in most RA's, especially RASS and RAAS.
  6. I just saw this... so sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers sent to you both and your family's.
  7. I thought I saw that the PL Panetella was discontinued?
  8. We visited Cienfuegos via cruise ship for a 2 day stop before heading to Havana. We really enjoyed it. It was so different than Havana. Our first stop there was the LCDH and it was magnificent and well stocked. It had a colonial feeling, two stories, lots of dark wood with an open atrium. They had amazing stock... lots of HTF cigars; Talisman's and BHK's, cigars with age. As discovered a few days later none of those were available in Havana. They did not have a roller. They were very glad to see us and very accommodating. They sent us to a Paladar for an excellent and really inexpe
  9. Sell our business, pack up the dogs and hit the road in our motorhome, hopefully for a year.

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