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  1. I recently had spinal fusion. My surgeon told me that nicotine inhibits bone growth through reduced blood flow.
  2. I miss it. I didn’t have a trip planned but I will after this madness is over.
  3. Still on lockdown recovering from spinal fusion. I'm almost 6 weeks post surgery.
  4. Mitchell was the only guy they could find to interview? 😇
  5. Jerry Richardson was forced to sell The Panthers for harassment and racist comments to staff.
  6. Best: Lexus GS300. Gas, oil, filters and wipe blade, tires and that's it over 5 years of ownership. Worst: Datson (I'm old) B210. First new car after college. It left me on the side of the road often.
  7. The Navaho Nation today suggested 'The Washington Code Talkers'.
  8. My first PC was an Epson 8088. I waited for my wife to go out of town and went shopping with a friend that loved to spend my money. I can still hear the sound of that dot matrix printer. It used 5 1/4 floppies. Lotus 123, Word Perfect and DOS. I added a modem later on the you planted the handset in. Cell phone, I was pretty early, 80's . It was mounted in my car, big handset with the curly cord mounted between the seats, hardware in the truck, curly antennae on the back window. It was $1.00 a minute for service, and the phone was $2000. My first bill was $1,000.00 just for service. That was big money then. My first 8 or 10 calls were all the same: "Guess where I am"?!. I did make the mobile and computer pay. I was in sales and these tools put me on the cutting edge, and started my climb up the career ladder. I always tried to stay one step ahead of everyone.

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