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  1. A life well lived. I always thought Keith would go first.
  2. An early 80’s Datson B210 wagon. I bought this POS new, my first new car. The engine would die unpredictably while driving on the highway. They were never able to figure out the issue. I dumped it and moved on.
  3. We have one employee out of 10 that hasn’t been vaccinated. I own a retail pet supply store. Once the vaccine is fully approved we will ask the hold out to be vaccinated. We pay 100% health insurance for full timers. If she chooses not to she will be asked to shoulder a chunk of her own health insurance. Our customers have to have confidence that shopping with us is as safe as it can be.
  4. Agree 1000%, avoid going through Customs in Miami if you can.
  5. A bunch! Check out the Visiting Cuba thread, lots of good info there.
  6. I just finished a box, can't keep my hands off of them. First and last were about two months apart. The last was amazing. I'm going deep when they are available. I suck at describing flavors but even fresh the Galanes seems to have more in common with an aged PLPC than is does with an aged Picadores. It is lighter and smoother than the Picadores with undertones of pronounced caramel already shining.....less of a mongrel.
  7. We lost my 12 year old sole-mate Labrador unexpectedly, last Friday morning. We are heartbroken. He the best pup I've ever had. He always, and I mean always joined me on the deck for a cigar, every evening. He was my velcro dog.
  8. I like the Picadores but the Galanes seem much closer to the rest of the Marca in flavor.
  9. I think it's a winner. I'm terrible at describing flavors but it definitely has the traditional PL DNA/flavors. I love the size. It's young and needs some time but I couldn't wait and fired one up. I'm going deep on these when I can find them as I believe this will age really well. To me it is more refined that the Picadore was when it first came out....not as much of a mongrel, when young. I'm excited about this cigar.
  10. url=https://postimg.cc/PPHV1fLc][/url]
  11. I got my first Moderna vaccine today. I'm grateful and relieved. My wife gets hers tomorrow.

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