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  1. A word of advice based on my experience...give yourself enough time to wait in line if you are exchanging CUC's on your way out. When I arrived there were 20 people in line at the one window that was open. I ended up having to save my CUC's for next time. There was a 'VIP' window open with no line but they wouldn't let me use it.
  2. I use cigar tubes inside the Peter James case. 6 will fit.
  3. A cab of PLPC and 2 boxes of RAAS for me.
  4. Nope, not on coffee. I’m sure it’s amazing but the value isn’t there for me. I’ll stick to my home roasts.
  5. Nope. It's a big change. I went on a P to P visa this spring.
  6. It's an outlier in the box, the rest have been perfect. It's 3 years old, stored at 65/65. Must be construction.....
  7. Regarding facturas, I bought a box at LCHD at the Hotel Nacional. The clerk at the register told me they couldn’t write a factura for one box. I called her on it and told her to keep the box. A manger approached and chastised at the clerk in Spanish. She apologized to me and filled out my factura.
  8. We own a pet store. You'd be amazed at how many have pet rats. They tell us they are smart and affectionate.

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