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  1. I roast my own green beans from Sweet Marias. I did it old school for 10 years with a cast iron pot and hotplate on my back porch. I recently upgraded to a drum roaster, a Behmore Plus. It's awesome and pretty easy. For my wife and I no coffee tastes as good as our home roasts.
  2. I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from Alejandro and Reynoldo. Alejandro’s lanceros and churchills are some of the best cigars I’ve ever smoked.
  3. Sounds interesting conceptually but for my money, it's hard to compete with Cuba in regards to, nuance, taste and value.
  4. Over the years I’ve found that scissors get dull and cannot be sharpened. I’ve tried all price points. The more expensive scissors stay sharp longer but they still get dull over time. I got 2 years out of a pair of Davidoff’s, the best results I had.
  5. Fantastic. Thanks for sharing Nino. It's the most enjoyable rolling I've seen, on video or in person.
  6. My son's can figure it out. It's up to them....smoke, sell, gift.
  7. I smoked cigarettes in college. Walking through my college town one day I walked past a cigar store and thought...one doesn’t inhale, must be healthier. I bought a macanudo and couldn’t taste a thing. That was my first. The years passed, got married, bought a house and quit smoking, preparing to start a family. We had the kids and I consciously stayed away from cigars, thinking I’d pick up cigarettes again. The kids grew up and moved on and we bought a weekend house in the mountains. At our fire pit one night my neighbor fired up a Rocky Patel something and I was tempted. Smoking cigarettes was 25 years behind me at this point. My friend offered me one and I decided to try it. That was it, I was hooked. I was not good at sitting still and relaxing. Smoking a cigar made me do both of those things, and... I fell down the rabbit hole. I started with 100% NC. I tried a bunch and was really never satisfied. I did lots of research, found a website and started experimenting with CC. I totally preferred the nuance of these cigars over the one note flavors my palette found with NC cigars. I bought a desktop humidor and filled it. Bigger coolers and wine coolers followed, all eventually filled. I found FOH and Bob Staebel and ordered a big cooled humidor. I’ve made the pilgrimage to Cuba twice so far. i now smoke 100% Cc’s and FOH gets a big chunk of my cigar dollars
  8. I recently received a box of PE2 seconds (cracked feet) from our host. Great price, can’t find the cracks. The feet burn first anyway, I wouldn’t worry about it.

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