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  1. Love the Opus X... Mind u I've only had one but would rank it as the top 3 I've ever smoked. EVER ! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. The Davidoff Millennium Piramides... Not the limited edition
  3. I completely agree with you about how CC it is... I don't think I could tell them apart. Have you ever had any other NCs like the Davidoff Millinium?
  4. This was an exceptional cigar ! Not sure who else has had one... For those that have, have there ben any similar cigars you have had... But without the matching price tag?
  5. Thanks mate... Jeez this is a Cracker Jack !burnt my damn fingers
  6. I'm halfway through a damn ugly PLPC... but what flavour, sitting here with a grin on my face and thinking I don't want the damn thing to end. My question is this, how do you typically describe the PLPC flavours? Some time ago I said I like that warm hay / barnyardy flavour. That I how if would describe this.. But I'm thinking what I describe as warm hay / barnyardy is described by others as something else on this forum... So just wanting to re calibrate my words to describe flavours.
  7. Thank you for all the replies. On an aside, found it interesting how many of those that responded that typically hav CCs, spoke highly of the Hemingway ama Don Carlos... Me to !
  8. I'm interested in getting a sampler pack of Padron cigars. Although I mostly have cuban cigars, I've been partial to some Arturo a Fuente cigars... So am keen to try a Padron sampler as an alternative... Any opinions on Maduro vs natural? ... May not be able to get both.
  9. My favourite pairing with a cigar sometimes even more than a single malt is a Christmas tea that I have. It's a flavored black tea with clove, orange peal and dome other bits. Absolutely phenomenal
  10. Thanks for all the responses. I must say I do find myself sitting here tetying to classify what flavours I'm picking up... and do struggle to pinpoint it sometimes. It's not that I can't puckup taste...just can't really accurately label them. I like the suggestion of the R&J, have been hearing good things recently.
  11. Don't judge me, but one of my favourite tastes that I get, one of the main ones that I can actually pick up, is that grassy warm summer hay taste. To memory I have got it in SLR Regios and I'm pretty sure I got it in the PLPC. Can those with a more educated palate the mine let me know which marcaes / vitolas have that profile as a main profile?
  12. Update... She's a beast...I'm enjoying ti but head is spinning a little !
  13. Westg... Pretty sure you did send me a link, I got quite a few replies, which is why I love this forum. FYI, I actually did buy some Anejos that are arriving next week. Seeing those pictures you attached doesn't help much with the waiting ! Backslide... That sounds suitably rebellious to me. Happy New Years everyone, hope you all enjoy your favourite stick. Just lit up my first Partagas 898 ever. I've been putting it off for some time, as I was a bit nervous following everyone saying how strong it was, hopefully doesn't make me green !

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