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  1. Try putting it in the refrigerator for an hour or two, works wonders on tight cigars.
  2. This is fantastic! Rob and team continue to innovate.
  3. Did the discussions give any indication on when we could expect to start seeing the return of some of the missing stalwarts (i.e. sir winnie, siglo VI, etc.)?
  4. If you're in a restaurant in the states and see anything but Heinz (i.e. Hunts) on the table, make a turn for the exits!
  5. +1, nice to have your knowledge working for us. I would have been buying the glitter.
  6. Congratulations! Being able to spend your time however you see fit is as good as it gets. Enjoy it!
  7. Hi - going to be in Dublin for a bit, would appreciate any feedback on a good place to enjoy a cigar. Plan on stopping in at James Fox, but doesn't appear to have a lounge.
  8. Primarily in the garage with the door open, blocks the wind while also providing ventilation. I don't like being in open air space that wreaks havoc on the burn and I can't enjoy the aromas as much.
  9. 60 - 90 minutes in the refrigerator will do wonders!
  10. Takes me about an hour and fifteen minutes. I always seem to be behind guys I smoke with, but seems about normal from the poll results.
  11. The Bud Bowl was classic, it saved a number of terrible Superbowls.
  12. I play the Titleist 913 D2 and had a solid year driving the ball. I was apprehensive at first with Titleist, thinking it's more for low handicappers. With the adjustability I found the setting that worked for me and it's super forgiving. I would recommend putting it on your list to try.
  13. Interesting piece of cigar history, gone are the days of cigar smoking in the open at the white house.
  14. Early football game with friends then dinner with the family (football on the television all day). It's my favorite holiday on the calendar!
  15. Could be, my other two theories are my sinuses clear upon standing or my taste buds are on my arse!
  16. I sit the majority of the time while enjoying a cigar. However, I've noticed when I stand up from sitting I seem to get more flavor and stronger aromas? Could just be me, but has anyone noticed this as well?
  17. Siglo VI are king of the hill in my book based on any age. I haven't found a cigar that combines taste and aroma as well for me. Like others have said, it's all a matter of taste. For my part I wish there wasn't a premium or that the premium was on another marques, then I could enjoy the Cohiba's and ask why everyone is spending so much on those overly expensive fill in the blank.

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