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  1. Agree with the Regios , the most reliable stick for daily smoke. The Boli RC also tends to have better blends with ugly box pressed wrappers then those in tubos. Just finished a box of RC tubo without a single hit .Dress box is the way to go.
  2. Toss it. I've tried pocking them but tightly rolled stick tend to crack since I keep a dryer RH, plus found out that badly rolled sticks tend to have a bad blend. I've also tried unrolling tight sticks to smoke the separated leaves in pipes after humidifying them just for fun . Some secos and wrappers are surprisingly delicious.
  3. Congrats Lisa Frank and the little Capricorn ! Beautiful news to start the year !
  4. What a religious clip! The Sumidero valley is a place to visit. Talking about beautiful woman, this one has more than beauty to accompany a lazy new year start. Happy New Year to you all cigar/music geeks !
  5. Occasionally smoke NCs but never look for complexities from them but rather a flavor variation from Cubans, always prefer Puros and the only regions that made me stock up till now are Brazil and Panama, but will keep looking for good sticks from Colombia Venezuela Ecuador etc. Sticks made for the US market simply never worked in my case. Its easy to point out a single Cuban that I disliked, but its just impossible to even count out the NCs that I disliked. But again, never judge without trying.
  6. Moderator , can you delete this topic? I guess I posted a repeated question here .
  7. I need help with a RASCC box . I got this box last July and decided to enjoy them yesterday with friends , after I pulled some cigars out , I noticed the cedar sheet had a straight cut in the corner which I never have seen in the past . The cut has a rough edge to it as if broken by hand . Have you guys had cedar sheets cut in this matter?
  8. Never had a 09 but had a 08 dress box without a single enjoyable stick, just plain mild creamy sticks. I suspect they lacked any ligero in them. Aged them for some time but without any success, so currently keeping far away from any thing Punch Punch. There were rumors somewhere that PP and SLR Serie A were the same sticks , but IMHO a totally different animal. In the other hand the DC is pure bliss, weird how they can produce diamonds and turds the same time.
  9. They might end up producing Cahibos Suspendidos Cojone Selecion copied from a Cahibos Sorprendidos with Chinese Java wrapper rolled some were in Hong Kong. Poetic justice If a tiny percent of the Chinese population end up being a BOTL ,,,, I would end up with out any CCs for sure Pump those fakes to China LOL
  10. Never without SLR DC , Regios Punch DC Cazadores VR Famosos CoRo and CE Party Lucy , 898 , Shorts Non-Plus And off course SW That's my at-least to be happy
  11. Holy ****, what a guitar player , also found "Granadinas" piece and had to go back and forth a few times and on each replay I had to relight my cigar cause every thing freezes . Atleast it says Arabe but Greek? Turkish? Indian? inbetween every thing , loved this piece Mazol I have always wondered what class of brain structure do classic guitar players have ,,, it seems they have at least four separate brains each playing there strings at once . Since i brought up Jimi Hendrix . I always get amazed by his drummer Mitch Mitchell too, would be hard to follow the craziness. Happy smokes
  12. What a crazy wedding now a days Congrats!!
  13. Thanks guys for your opinions Would be interesting how they would turn out in a few more years. Considering not being a power house , would start puffing the heck out in a few years

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