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  1. Hey guys sorry to not get back til now. Thanks for all the opinions. 1.They are absoulutely from a solid sorce. So that is not an issue. 2. Ive only had the box for a month. Therefore I havent stored them that long here. I have a 250 count humidor. Well maintained. Also a coolidor which I had lined and shelved with spanish cedar. I have not had any real issues with storage ever. 3. My guess is when these sticks were being rolled maybe some of the leaf put into the most center bunch was way too moist. Then protected with the additional leaf in creating the complete stick. Is it possible that
  2. Hey botl's. Been working my way through a box of Diplo #2's.(2007) Have been enjoying them very much. However Ive hit a snag. The last three had been problematic. On appearance they are spot on. They do have a little bit of a swollen feel to them. Draw however is a bit tight. After giving up on each one Ive performed an autopsy. What I have found is quite strange. The innermost bunch is I dare say wet. There is no way to know this unless you open it up. I was amazed being that these are damn near 4 yrs. old. The wet would explain the smoldering type burn. My question is how can these possible
  3. My wife got this book for me for Christmas. It was on backorder through Amazon. Just got it Tuesday. Started it last night with a stick & beer. So far a very intersting read. Hope you get your copy Warren.
  4. I agree Rob. When you get that one stick,that is just dead on, where you want to eat it. I think it makes the chase well worth it. Even though sometimes I feel I'm just chasing my tail trying to reproduce those special moments which are hard to catch on a regular basis. It's the price we pay for loving the leaf.
  5. Tocconelli's in Philly makes the best period. Brick oven thin crust. You have to pre order due to they only make a certain number per day.Check it out!!
  6. Keeping the whole Czar team in my thoughts. Be safe and I agree with firstlady. Material things can be replaced, family & friends cannot.Be smart/safe and take care of each other.
  7. Just finished my first SLR Series "A". Wife gave me a "08" box for xmas. A very nice smoke I must say. Some familiar flavors in there but was surprised by a type of fruit flavor in there that I was unfamiliar with. Any suggestions to what fruit I may have been enjoying?
  8. Happy New Years to all. Glad I finally signed in instead of continually passing through. Best wishes for a great year to all members!!!
  9. Ive used a jar about 15 yrs ago. I found the humidity held fine but over time i found that the cigars standing on end would have ill effects on the integrity of the sticks. My advise is get a cooler. You cant go wrong. I have beautiful humidors but the coolidoor is where I keep anything I care about. Hope this helps.
  10. Since im a homebrewer/beer freak I generally always go with a beer. If I do Rum I love Ron Zacapa or La Flor Da Cana is good too. English Harbor(Antigua) is good too. As far as beer goes if the stick is what I would consider spicy then you have to pair it up with a good IPA. Hoppy + spicy= good. If your earthy, muddy in your stick then a good Russian Imperial Stoudt. IPA- Port Brewing, Dogfish Head, Stone Brewing Russian- Bell's Expedition Stoudt, North Coast "old rasputin", Alesmith Speedway Stoudt
  11. Just saying hello BOTL. Joined the forum a couple weeks back, but been a looong time surfer on the site and video reviews. 43 yrs. burning sticks for about twenty yrs. now. Nothing like coming home from work, heading to my lair and having a vacation for about a hour a night with a great beer and stick. Bliss!! p.s Im not the greatest with computers. Having a hard time getting a personal picture up(file too big) help??

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