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  1. Mesquite, we meet up at Elite in Addison every month or so.
  2. SO when is the next one, Been super baby busy.
  3. Confirmed! WooHoo, I missed the last one, time to represent
  4. having the chance to take that would be amazing!
  5. Rob, Been MIA and did not see this signup. If any open spots please let me know.
  6. I went with something I had not smoked because that was the poorest excuse for a Cuban cigar I ever had. From the review that never was.... First intial puffs, just strong tobacco. Man, this smoke is starting out just plain sucking. It never really got any better for me.
  7. yep, looks good. Now if they only tasted the same. the torps and the smaller rg don't do much for me.
  8. too funny, I did the same thing. It was a great day.

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