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  1. I’m into a box of D2s that have the flavors of the Shorts, but milder at the beginning. From 1/3 on they are even more similar, but lots more smoke
  2. Ceramic here. Unfortunately if I post a picture of my favorite it will get deleted
  3. Agree about the extremists, but the most common estimate of extremism is appx 1% of the Moslem population. Not many folks realize how many 1% of TWO BILLION actually is ! I, for one, didn’t realize until today that the Moslem population is approaching 25% of the entire population on earth...scary thought.
  4. The answer is yes. The tobacco “stores” H2O...higher RH=more h2O.
  5. In another thread you offered the Cabinetta as the best cigar ever. I’d add the Yquem to a very short list of my “Best Ever Made”.
  6. Nothing currently produced is even vaguely reminiscent of the old Dunhills, OR Davidoffs. They aren’t using the same tobacco, and the blends are not nearly as strong. JMO tho
  7. Would have picked the HUSW or Esplendido if not for the age restriction. Fresh, the Lusis have been incredible.
  8. My first cigar in the morning, with a cup of coffee, is often my favorite cigar of the day.
  9. Not unlike cigar magazines’ top whatever cigars. I’ve read 3 of these recently and they’ve been all over the board. Might be a guideline for new folks’ “to try list”, but all just opinion, influenced by who knows what.
  10. I think it’s the larger % of Seco leaves. Even though I do taste a very nice finish to most Hoyos, I know what the OP means.
  11. With very few exceptions, my personal preference is for lighter wrappers...especially on Trinidad, Cohiba, Por Larranaga & Hoyos.
  12. I have several challenge coins that I use as card covers when playing poker in the 1 or 10 seat.

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