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  1. I went to costcos website and can't find that. Can you post a link?
  2. I've had all sorts, but there's something very alluring to me about a nice dark oily wrapper, though at the same time some of the best cigars I've had lately have had lighter wrappers... the BHK line is a perfect example.
  3. I had a box and was trying to figure out who I could give them to.
  4. 1. Cohiba BHK 54 2. RASS 3. Bolivar RC 1. Monte GE 2010
  5. That's hilarious! Is it a coincidence that this thread came up at the same time as the one where the guy is inquiring about escorts in cigar lounges?
  6. Most recently, Punch punch. Had some tubos that were pretty good. Decided to get a box (not from czar) because they're pretty cheap. Probably one of the worst boxes I've bought.
  7. Congrats on the new location! Looking good. I hope I can swing by and meet everyone on my next trip to Australia.
  8. I love both the Genios and Secretos. I would have more of them if they were a little cheaper.

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