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  1. I was at a theme park the other day with the wife and kids for a family outing and out of the blue I ran into the man himself, Hamlet. I couldn't believe it. It was one of those moments where you say to yourself... of all the gin joints in the world (and him of all people)! Our run-in was a great opportunity to catch up, shoot the breeze, and meet each others' families. It was truly a great moment and a highlight to an already great day. Here's a pic of us and our boys. Cheers.
  2. Keith, thanks for bringing this up and thanks to Trevor for suggesting a workaround. I lost this function some time ago and it was driving me crazy not to have as I find it a very useful feature.
  3. I still long for Chanel Egoiste. Not platinum, the original. Its not sold at retailers anymore and I often think about sourcing one from ebay or the like. Maybe I'll pull the trigger today...
  4. Wow, a great experience there all around. Austin has been on my to do list for a bit and an F1 race would be a great way to do it. Thanks for the write up.
  5. Happy birthday Jose! I hope you have a great day my friend.
  6. I'm easily convinced, however I'm not familiar with their products. What do you recommend?
  7. Exactly, mate! There are lots of good resources out there that just take time to go through. The ones you mention above, I watched as well. I also found reading the forum to be very helpful and a lot like FOH in culture. Steve's post about his Astra blades motivated me to order a sample pack of blades and it arrived in the mail today. I'll give these a test drive over the next number of weeks and maybe I'll find one that works best for me.
  8. Good to hear, Warren. You won't look back. A few tips that have helped me along the way and hopefully they'll help you as well. - Get to know your face and what direction your hair grows. The direction of your facial hair will typically change from section to section and is important to know for determining the type of pass (With the grain "WTG", Across "XTG", Against "ATG"). Mine for example, grows normally on my face, however my neck hairs sort of fan to each respective side. Let your growth determine what direction to take. - Pressure. Unlike cartridge shaving, pressure is not the answ
  9. I agree. He's a great cook with very good technique. Unfortunately his skills are overshadowed by his tv persona.
  10. For those who are drooling like I am, but the cooler weather is a deterrent for making mk's recipe, I've used the following Ramsay recipe with scrumptious results: Video: Text: Its dead easy to make and tastes unbelievably good. I hope you enjoy.
  11. That looks spectacular!
  12. Not a bad idea, however I think a sub-form which encompasses other Gentlemanly topics, such as clothing and accessories, grooming, pipes, lifestyle, timepieces, etc, which don't necessarily fit in the watering hole discussions could appeal to a wider audience. Colt, always a single pass with cartridges and always with the grain. It wasn't until DE shaving that I even attempted a pass that wasn't with the grain. My morning shave is two passes: 1) with; 2) across, and my results are so good that I don't even bother poking the bear with an against the grain pass. If you haven't already conver

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