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  1. Was in high school early 80's. Definitely one of the best decades ever. Heavy metal rock and roll! Giants super bowl champs! No social media! Yup!
  2. Jeez, 7 years of age and they are not ready for smoking? Any box in my humidor from 2012 is smoking just fine, although I don't have any DD
  3. They say Craig is balding badly which jeopardizes his future as 007. Perhaps a woman's wig?
  4. How many here buy multiple cabs of PLPC just to bury them away and age for the long haul due to the reasonable price point?
  5. Fear has kept the Castro's in power. Cuba has over 11 million people. Are you telling me that isn't enough to stage a coup d'état and over throw one dictator and a small military? Of course it is. But if you keep the citizens in fear and poverty, it is not possible for government change.
  6. Inhumane? Do you really know what defines that word? It is the communist dictatorship oppressive government that rules Cuba. The exact dictatorship that prohibits and suppresses small independent business in Cuba. Just to be clear my country (USA) did not place Castro and his ideology into power 60 odd years ago.
  7. To blame the US President and his policy for Cuba's failed socialist economy is ridiculous IMO. In order for a communist govt to survive, it needs total control and domination over it's people. A free market economy filled with private entrepreneurs is a conflict of interest. Please refrain from blaming our country for the situation in Cuba and it's government policies.
  8. As they say once these people get one foot in the door crack, they bust it wide open. Cigars, whiskey, beer, steaks, potato chips, soda, coffee, they will eventually find an excuse to go after all these things in the name of "saving you from yourself". The Nanny state government at work.
  9. Agree. I truly hope this is a joke. I would never pay money to ever see a 007 movie again. This would certainly drive the final nail in the coffin
  10. Welcome to the world of Cuban cigars. The word inconsistency is perhaps at the top of the dictionary list. Either you accept them as they are with their quirks or you smoke Non- Cubans.
  11. With most non Cuban cigars the box count is 20 compared to 25 in most Cubans. Plus buying from a B&M usually a good markup plus any excise and state sales tax pertaining to the state you are buying them in. Of course from online retailers you will definitely save money. The fact we can buy many good CC boxes with 25 ct. well under 200 USD is an absolute bargain as far as I'm concerned. I practically never buy NC's from a B&M retailer anymore. Prefer to point and click on my laptop and see that beautiful Habanos box in my mailbox.
  12. Your picture of cigar and coffee look like it should be framed and displayed on a wall! Looks fantastic.

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