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  1. I am sold on Xikar lighters. I just retired my second Element lighter after several years of use. Still works but one burner does not have the amount of flame that the other one has. Just purchased the newer version ELX off Ebay. Still about $50 USD after all these years. I know Xikar has been bought out by Quality Importers, but so far the new lighter is good. Very strong dual flame torches. I have always used Xikar brand butane in these lighters and never an issue. I kept the old one as a faithful backup as it never hurts to have a spare.
  2. Do you always make sure to purge the remnants of the tank before attempting to refill? If there is air in the tank, the butane won't fill properly.
  3. Don't forget to add the steering wheel of a Ferrari in the Insta pics. 😛
  4. We just moved from Virginia to Myrtle beach South Carolina. Currently in temporary living as we have to wait for the home builder to complete our brand new house in the fall. So ultimately my cigars are also in temporary living in a 105 quart Sterilite plastic container with 2 320 gram Bovedas. If I didn't have a nice wooden end table humidor cabinet in storage with the rest of our belongings the cigar boxes seem to be just fine in a storage container. Believe it or not the local news here said the dewpoint (measure of water vapor in the air) was a whopping 81 today! 70 is considered oppressiv
  5. Sounds about right, and the more full you keep your coolers/containers with boxes the easier to maintain a steady environment with the Bovedas. I actually recharged my two 320 gram 65 ones. They were bone dry and hardened up. Kept them for about a month on a little island inside a large plastic food storage container filled a quarter way up with distilled water. Of course Boveda frowns upon recharging them, not good for business when you can reuse instead of throw away and buy new!
  6. Are the smaller size vitolas still in decent supply? Example...Marevas, minutos, perlas etc. I know the medium/larger formats are drying up.
  7. May I also add to my post that I placed weather strip sealing on the top lip of the Sterilite container where the lid makes contact. I think you need to have a better seal than just the plastic lid sitting onto the plastic lip of the container. Airtight? No, but you also don't want too much air transfer either.
  8. We are currently waiting for a new house to be built so my humidor cabinet is in storage. I have my 50 or so boxes in a 105 quart Sterilite plastic container. Have 2 320 gram 65 Bovedas in there and humidity is rock solid.
  9. Also keep in mind if your cigars are stored in perfect conditions, high dew point (amount of moisture) summertime weather will cause your cigar to absorb that moisture and can and will cause the cigar to not burn properly, and change the flavor profile as the cigar burns down. I just moved to hot, humid Myrtle Beach, SC and smoking outdoors even during dusk causes some burn and taste issues. I would imagine Florida humidity in the summer months is even worse as it can be tropical rainforest humid there. Cuban cigars definitely like drier, less humid smoking conditions. Best thing is all that h
  10. To each their own. Good luck in the current Cuban cigar shortage finding certain vitolas in certain marcas. Only a small percentage of the Habanos catalog is currently being produced at the moment. BTW, go try and buy a Ferrari, Rolex stainless Daytona or Birkin handbag at the moment. Unless you are a "whale", read VVIP you won't find these items at retail either unless you don't mind paying a premium on the secondary market. I'm retired, personally I don't need the stress nor drama of buying/selling.
  11. Certainly not for me. I would rather have my aged stash of cigars than some quick financial gain. First of all, I am not destitute and don't need instant cash. Secondly, the Cuban cigar market supply is tight, prices are inflated and giving up stock that you have cared for and aged for years for newer vintage stock simply doesn't make any logical sense. Even if I were sitting on hundreds of boxes of cigars, I would not be looking to sell.
  12. Hamlet was telling me the advantage the non Cuban manufacturers have over the traditional Cuban method in Havana is team rolling. The rollers in Havana make each cigar in it's entirety. One roller makes the bunch, the binder, the wrapper. With the factory that makes Hamlet cigars rollers are in teams of two. One roller bunches and rolls the binder, then the cigar goes to another roller who strictly applies the wrapper. Apparently this duo can produce many more cigars. No right or wrong either way. Just different methods of production.
  13. The strange thing is after she boxes the "unbanded" cigars, then they go to another place where they are unboxed, bands glued on and then back into the box!
  14. I can't imagine any of those cigars being lit for very long or being lit at all. Especially when the champagne shower starts flying.
  15. Upmann 2's are a great stick. I have an LUB14 box which I enjoy sparingly as the price of these has skyrocketed in the past few years. They have the legs to age for many years.

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