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  1. Even if they could they would likely prefer weed over a cigar.
  2. What an effing shame. Discouraging a nice cigar while encouraging cannabis use. Does the weed come in nicer packaging in Canada?
  3. That is simply too long for a cigar to become "enjoyable", IMO. Heck, I will be 55 this year, perhaps I will be dead before the caramel arrives, LOL. In my opinion there are simply too many other petit coronas that are very enjoyable WAY before the 7 year mark at a similar price point. I hypothesize that the PLPC is likely made with lower grade leaf as compare to others such as Monte4, RGPC, Upmann PC and others.
  4. In my experience so far with this cigar the "caramel" flavor is a fallacy. I have a 2017 cab, and there has been NO evolution of flavors. Just straight forward toasted tobacco and very one dimensional. I am not impressed and this will be likely my last purchase of these cigars. There are just too many other Marevas for the same coin that yield superior flavors.
  5. This is also fact. Cuban-Americans in south Florida carry a BIG voice. Even the younger generation who are voting now.
  6. It is not going to happen. The US senate is a 50/50 party split. My country (USA) obviously has bigger issues than Cuban policy. I'm sure your news channels have showed you what has gone on here in the last few months. With COVID, the economy and vaccine issues, most Americans don't have foreign policy on their minds.
  7. The embargo is the "biggie", and does indeed hinge on an act of congress. And with a 50/50 split, it likely ain't going nowhere.
  8. In your instance it is more the will of both houses of congress than the white house. Stay tuned. I believe there is going to be another revolutionary war in the US. It is a pressure cooker ready to blow.
  9. Do you really think anything is going to change for the better? A 78 yr old senile man in the white house? LOL
  10. I was gifted a Dip #3 from a member here and it was certainly a unique flavor profile. Oriental or Indian spices was the impression that came to mind.
  11. What made these better than any of the other Marevas? And what was the flavor profile? Is there any cigar that has a similar flavor?
  12. Connoisseur #1 is perfect size for me at 48 ring X 5 in. 54 is definitely a jawbreaker.
  13. The question remains is what will happen if too many of the population refuse to get the vaccine? They say at least 70% must receive it for herd immunity to be effective. Will governments, employers, and schools start mandating the vaccine if too many refuse? What if airlines, cruise ships, trains and such require proof of the vaccine in order to "ride"? What are you going to do?

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