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  1. NYgarman

    R&J Flavor Profile

    Cazzies are a very rustic and rough around the edges cigar. No complexity for me. A hard pass. Ex no.4 is very nice. Working on a 16 box of petit coronas now. Hints of cherry....yes.
  2. Have you tried any places in the Austin/Georgetown area?
  3. NYgarman

    Box of the Day

    Look at the wrappers going on all the Quai d'orsay 50 and 54s. They all look like Cohiba grade wrappers. Heck, they even look better!
  4. Young Partagas shorts. Lots of pepper, very Nicaraguan like. 5 years later a different cigar
  5. I'm curious as to the source of the wood and such for the boxes. I know bands are made over in Europe. Does Cuba import the wood for boxes and cedar dividers? Or is it all procured from the island?
  6. Is it possible with "food shortages" that they have decreased tobacco production in favor of increasing crops for food? People do have to eat to live. Cigars are not edible!
  7. NYgarman

    Heartfelt Beads in Aristocrat

    Personally I would go the Boveda route over beads if I desired passive humidification. These 320 gram ones are huge and they would work in a cabinet humidor.
  8. Is RGIII available??!!
  9. Before reading the initial post and just the header, I immediately thought a young box of Partagas shorts. First time I tried them, could not believe how much they resembled a peppery Nicaraguan bomb. Very rough around the edges. Give that same box 4 or 5 years of down time in the cabinet and you have a completely different cigar. More nuanced, smoother and just plain better.
  10. NYgarman

    Heartfelt Beads in Aristocrat

    I also ask? I have heard the set and forget humidifiers Bob sells work pretty much flawless. I have an end table style cabinet 60 box capacity and use the largest unit Cigar Oasis makes and it has worked very well for 11 years. I have somewhere between 40-50 boxes in there. For cabinet style humidors I tend to think active humidification is the better way to go versus beads which are passive.
  11. Cubans "elected" their dictator? Go back and read your history young man. 😂
  12. In most part yes. But I believe to also put a stranglehold on the Castro regime.
  13. You are free to do as you wish. Even break US law. Just be prepared to pay the price if you get caught. My2c.
  14. This is only the beginning of a more hardline stance to come. Much of this is due to Cuba's support of the Maduro regime in Venezuela. They are even contemplating placing Cuba back on the US list of state sponsors of terrorism. For those USA'ers who consider Havana their Disneyworld, the end is around the corner.
  15. I am currently burning through an AUM15 box, and they are as good as any RASS I have ever had. Sublime!

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