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  1. Not all cuban cigar online vendors will show up on Habanos website, including mine. Doesn't mean they are not legit. It merely means they are not "official " and likely source their boxes from multiple distributors. Every box i have purchased has been legitimate. Some have warning stickers, some have a UPC code, some have neither. This is akin to purchasing a grey market Rolex watch. The watch is genuine, but sourced from a distributor selling outside his territory and not to an " official Rolex jeweler ". The grey market has it's useful place for all sorts of commodities.
  2. Cigar Inspector. Then go to "shops". Take some reviews with a grain of sand. Read through several through the years to get a good impression whether they are good or bad.
  3. Very unique profile. Takes a few and they eventually grow on you. The saltiness, combined with the woody notes is like none other. I found the belicoso to be a bit more of a flavor bomb than the non plus. The beli was a less tight roll perhaps due to the nature of the vitola and produced huge plumes of wonderful aroma smoke. Did not like them at first, but love them now.
  4. One of the most under rated PC's and still a price bargain compared to it's cousins. Great stick!
  5. They can be rough around the edges and harsh when young. But 5+ years of age and they are a completely different cigar. I have a 2011 box from FOH and they are so rounded and smooth, just very good!
  6. Disagree, at least from my perspective. I have been burning through AUM and RAE 15 boxes and all have been spot on. Very good.
  7. Way back when several decades ago, I used to enjoy a Macanudo. But they were Dominican I believe, after being made in Jamaica.
  8. If you are insinuating that Padron cigars are trash, that would be a very inaccurate statement. Padron has earned top honors as among the world's best cigars, there is no disputing this fact. Whether you like the cigars, well that is subjective like anything else in life.
  9. Even if they could they would likely prefer weed over a cigar.
  10. What an effing shame. Discouraging a nice cigar while encouraging cannabis use. Does the weed come in nicer packaging in Canada?
  11. That is simply too long for a cigar to become "enjoyable", IMO. Heck, I will be 55 this year, perhaps I will be dead before the caramel arrives, LOL. In my opinion there are simply too many other petit coronas that are very enjoyable WAY before the 7 year mark at a similar price point. I hypothesize that the PLPC is likely made with lower grade leaf as compare to others such as Monte4, RGPC, Upmann PC and others.
  12. In my experience so far with this cigar the "caramel" flavor is a fallacy. I have a 2017 cab, and there has been NO evolution of flavors. Just straight forward toasted tobacco and very one dimensional. I am not impressed and this will be likely my last purchase of these cigars. There are just too many other Marevas for the same coin that yield superior flavors.
  13. This is also fact. Cuban-Americans in south Florida carry a BIG voice. Even the younger generation who are voting now.
  14. It is not going to happen. The US senate is a 50/50 party split. My country (USA) obviously has bigger issues than Cuban policy. I'm sure your news channels have showed you what has gone on here in the last few months. With COVID, the economy and vaccine issues, most Americans don't have foreign policy on their minds.
  15. The embargo is the "biggie", and does indeed hinge on an act of congress. And with a 50/50 split, it likely ain't going nowhere.

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