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  1. Buy them yourself and age them for 5 years. Once you have a large enough inventory it is not difficult and more rewarding. I have plenty of nice full boxes from 2014.
  2. Agreed! Those LUB14 HUPC's are just magical, sublime cigars.
  3. How do you enforce they were purchased from FOH? How do you enforce someone passing on their fakes for receiving the real deal? I agree fraud can/will happen. There is always one bad apple in the basket to stink up the good fruit. Food for thought!
  4. You certainly sound like someone that has no children. Many ill-informed statements here. But you are entitled to your opinion.
  5. Vaping has become an epidemic amongst our young generation even teenagers. Millions are addicted to nicotine now at a very young age and think this is the cool thing to do. Lord knows the irreparable damage they are doing to their lungs and respiratory system. Very sad and concerning.
  6. Don't forget steak, coffee, booze, gas/charcoal grills! They certainly won't call it quits with cigars. Remember, they think they know what is better for us than we do. That is their methodology of mindset.
  7. What a darn shame. If the American voters elect a socialist next year, expect the same doom for cigar lounges here in the USA. Wake up folks!!!
  8. A PSD4 with some years of age is a creamy smooth mouthfeel cigar.
  9. The only way to fly if you want to go all in for this hobby!
  10. Isn't the power grid circa 1950's? I hear it already does.
  11. There is a big difference between the west coast "humidity" and east coast "humidity". I lived in Santa Barbara county for a year and never experienced east coast humidity out there. When you have a dewpoint of 70% in the summer months here in the mid-Atlantic and it is oppressive and tropical in nature, cigars here (at least in my experience) tend to absorb this humidity and make for an unenjoyable smoking experience. Has nothing to do with construction issues. Sorry to see another mediocre cigar experience. I am glad I was not into smoking Cuban cigars in the notorious 00-01 years. Some say cigars during these years were as good as any, but I see no evidence to substantiate that claim. Not only construction issues, but seemed to be quality of leaf issues also.
  12. Cuban cigars hate summertime high humidity/dewpoint levels. The cigar will actually absorb the moisture as you smoke it. This causes me to puff harder on the cigar, relight it several times and not be able to smoke it down as far due to it gaining moisture. It really is a pain. Dry air with a low dewpoint is best for cigars, hence my favorite times. Fall, winter and early spring here on the east coast/ mid Atlantic are best.
  13. Regardless of whether there is or isn't, he has a point. There are far better destinations in the world that are "family" friendly i.e. (Kids) to fly to. After seeing your vacation pics you are either childless or an empty nester. Many of us are not. I wouldn't even consider taking my 13 year old to Cuba. Heck, even Mexico has become a dangerous place to Americans to vacation.
  14. Solitude is fantastic! No modern music comes close to the old stuff. 👍

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