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  1. NYgarman

    Going through the grades

    I am 52 years of age this Sunday. No way in Hell I am aging a box of RASS for 10+ years. Time is not on my side!
  2. NYgarman

    Going through the grades

    Call me crazy but I would prefer any of those boxes except the very dark PSP one. I would gladly take a Colorado, Claro or Rosado wrapper over the Maduro shade ones regardless of "sheen". Maybe it is psychological, but dark wrappers just don't taste as good as lighter, and I have had the spectrum over several boxes of RASS over the years. Smoking through an AUM15 box currently with Rosado wrappers, and they are fantastic.
  3. NYgarman


    Ever had a client request to buy a whole mastercase?
  4. Nope. Even Rolex watches, Birkin handbags, Italian supercars NEVER decrease in price, even in an recession. Prices on luxury goods only increase. If you cannot afford them, you don't buy them. Some other affluent chap most likely will!
  5. Send Rob a PM and ask him directly! He is happy to answer questions.
  6. NYgarman

    Cohiba! I don't get it...

    Time will not improve a bland tasteless cigar. At least not in my experience.
  7. Disney Springs formerly called Downtown Disney. It is where the movie theatre, restaurants, souvenir shops are. This is not in one of the four actual parks. It is it's own entity. Another place to spend tons of money! LOL
  8. I bought some decent cheap custom rolls in there. Also had a guy at the counter tell me I would be sentenced to 2 years in prison for buying boxes of Cuban cigars online!! Ha, that one was hilarious. Disney is pretty anti-smoking. When we stayed at one of their resorts, I would go into the parking lot where our mini-van was, set up a folding chair next to it, throw on some music and light up a Cuban and pour a glass of whiskey. Since in the parking lot at night, nobody bothered me. Now the resort we stayed at off Disney grounds had suites with a balcony off the living room and I would just smoke cigars on my balcony with a drink and my music boom box.
  9. NYgarman

    They just keep coming

    QC ??? Does that department really exist in Cuba? I think not, especially for $20/month salary.🙄
  10. All I know is it was written somewhere the Feds nailed a guy with a HUGE Cuban cigar collection. This was a few years ago. Who knows?
  11. Design yourself a nice walk- in humidor that can handle 500 boxes, then build yourself a house around it!😎
  12. NYgarman

    Rafael Gonzalez

    A nice hand picked box of PC's can be good. I wouldn't waste money on anything else in the current RG lineup.
  13. NYgarman

    Wrapper color

    Are you sure it isn't lighting? In my 30 years or so of cigar smoking, I have not encountered this issue.

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