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  1. It is not humid all year around there is it? I would imagine the winter months are dry air?
  2. NYgarman


    Have a great time! It is snowing heavily here in northern most tip of Virginia. Ugh!
  3. NYgarman

    Left or Right?

    Left, Left, Left! Always! I prefer milk chocolate over dark chocolate, just like my women!
  4. NYgarman

    Sleep hygiene hypocrisy

    I was born and raised in upstate NY, but moved out years ago. Reside in tobacco friendly Virginia now. I loathe everything about New York state and my political views aren't welcome there!
  5. NYgarman

    Sleep hygiene hypocrisy

    On a lighter note, keep in mind some in our "land of the free" want to ban cows altogether, due to the flatulence destroying our clean air and atmosphere! LOL Talk about an agenda. I am a proud member of P.E.T.A. = PEOPLE EATING TASTY ANIMALS Your voice is the voice of reason and rational conversation! If I ever get a chance to visit Texas, would love to have a nice steak, libation and a cigar with you!
  6. NYgarman

    Sleep hygiene hypocrisy

    You obviously think you know much about sleep apnea, and that those who have it live "unhealthy lifestyles". Your ignorance offends me. I am 52 years old and healthy. I have worn the same 38inch waist jeans/shorts/dress pants for probably 20 years and maintain my physique. I have never been a "tall, lanky'" build like a college basketball player. Family members in my family are not tall and skinny. I cannot change my body style/shape, nor can many others. Yes, at 5ft8 and 220 which I have maintained for over 20 years, I consider myself an average build. Considering 3 out of 5 adults are now considered overweight or obese I am doing well. I have never been 160lbs, like the illogical BMI charts and never will be. Oh well. Just be grateful YOU are healthy, thin and tall and live in the healthiest place in the country. I am happy for you. Just remember the healthiest, most in shape person who lives the healthiest lifestyle can contract cancer, die of a heart attack or die from a myriad of other reasons.
  7. NYgarman

    Sleep hygiene hypocrisy

    Before having a machine I once fell back asleep sitting on the couch in the morning with a hot cup of coffee in my hand. I awoke quickly when the hot coffee spilled all over my lap! I knew then there was an issue with my sleep that needed to be addressed. Ouch! And BTW, I am not a big fat guy like some of the sleep apnea stereotypes hint. I am 5ft8, 220 with an average build. 52 yrs old
  8. NYgarman

    Sleep hygiene hypocrisy

    Yup! Been on a cpap machine for over 10 years now. It is a life saver, when they did the sleep test on me apparently I stopped breathing a disturbing amount of times throughout the night. No more snoring, sleep for a solid 8 hours, much more energy etc. All folks who are heavy snorers should get a sleep apnea test.
  9. Below 60% you are playing Russian Roulette. I myself would not go lower than 62% humidity, but tend to be conservative.
  10. I spent 25K+ on this, and nowadays all you need is your smartphone to tell the time.
  11. Yes, but my avatar is more about my love for the Upmann marca than a Connie A. My preferred Upmann is the discontinued petit corona.
  12. They WERE cheap (affordable) when you consider the time and expense invested into building one. And the different veneer finishes are works of art. What is 3-5 thousand dollars when it will last beyond a lifetime and safely store 20K+ worth of cigars?
  13. I am sure this scenario would only be covered under your homeowners or renters insurance. I don't think there is a policy specific for a cigar collection. I do belong to a Rolex watch forum where some members have multi-million dollar watch collections. And you can bet they are insured. My watch is insured for replacement value under a special jewelry policy, but I can't say if you could do this for a 30K cigar collection. Best to call your insurance agent and pose the hypothetical question to him.
  14. I haven't the time nor patience for a 2 hour cigar. A PSD4 is plenty big enough.

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