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  1. I'm burning through AUM and RAE 15 boxes. Both very good!
  2. To your question absolutely not. I thought they were overpriced at $350/box. Now for folks who can light their cigars with $100 bills, no worries. These cigars do become very good if you can tuck them away for 5 years. But not for me at the current overinflated prices.
  3. Box B. I have smoked many boxes of RASS, and dark wrappers tend to make the distinctive flavor of the blend more muted. Some of the best boxes had matte colorado-claro wrappers. It's what made them one of my favorite cigars.
  4. What do you all like so much about the Cazzies? I found no complexity with them and to me they were just meh. Now the Ex #4 is a very nice cigar with much more finesse and complexity. i
  5. I would tend to think if you used a double edged guillotine cutter and straight cut a good 1/4 inch off that taper that your flavors from that cigar would have been much more enjoyable. I have an LUB14 box and they are a fine stick, albeit larger than my preferred format. Still one of the best #2
  6. Perhaps if more folks bought them while they were in production, they would not have been axed. The consensus here seems to be that the Regalias, Coronas Major and minor are made with inferior leaf and just don't measure up. I have several LUB 14 boxes and they are beyond fantastic. Need to savor them in moderation!
  7. Without sounding cold hearted, as an American I really think the majority of the population here really doesn't think about Cuba nor care what goes on there. Cuba, nor it's government is rarely ever in the mainstream news here. The most Cuba news was when former Pres Obama "loosened" things up between the two countries. Anyway, all that is moot now. One has to wonder how many of the younger generation Cuban Americans in Miami are concerned or care what happens on the island anymore. 60+ years of the status quo.
  8. I love the PC and still have a few boxes, but will not try the Regalias for fear of disappointment. I really enjoy the Connie 1 as a rotation cigar to make my PC boxes last for a few years.
  9. Cheers! No joke. Some here have said a different blend, but obviously just a tad bit more length with the #3 eh?
  10. Just curious in your opinion what the difference is in blend between the Monte #3 and Monte #4? I have boxes of #4, but have not pulled the trigger on a box of #3 due to the much higher price. Is the #3 worth the extra coin?
  11. Roger Moore was already 46 in his first Bond film in 1973. For what it's worth
  12. Moore is smoking a huge cigar in Live and Let Die. Definitely not a Monte3

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