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  1. Sell me your mastercase of HUPC's!!!
  2. The Redskins in the last month have made my NY Giants look good!! 😂
  3. NYgarman

    durian. yes? no?

    So what are its taste characteristics, since I will most likely never get a chance to try it?
  4. NYgarman

    durian. yes? no?

    Is it even available in the USA? I have never seen it sold anywhere.
  5. NYgarman

    Paying the Tax man.

    A reality check! Puts things in perspective.
  6. Never had this happen in 30 years of cigars. But I only use a double edge guillotine cutter.
  7. NYgarman

    Sancho Panza

    Box just showed up today. Nice construction. Firmly packed, hopefully not plugged. They have a very different aroma, like sea salt. Not typical barnyard.
  8. NYgarman

    Hamlet Liberation

    Currently he is travelling all over the US promoting his 3 different cigar lines and rolling cigars in demonstrations. He posted a pic of himself at In N Out Burger yesterday so he was somewhere out west
  9. NYgarman

    Hamlet Liberation

    Have heard good things about it. Give us your review when you can!
  10. NYgarman

    Sancho Panza

    I have a box of Non Plus on the way. Never tried them. A crapshoot, but the box was relatively cheap. Fingers crossed. Shame my Upmann PC's are history. Ugh
  11. NYgarman

    RASS 2015 12DCRC

    I am burning a box of AUM 15, and they are wonderful so far.
  12. NYgarman

    Sancho Panza

    Thoughts on this marca and opinions on the two vitolas available. Good or bad. Let's hear it!
  13. NYgarman

    RASS 2015 12DCRC

    Do you know the box code? I have many boxes dated '15

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