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  1. I would just like to see some boxes of Sancho beli's for sale...anywhere. They are like hen's teeth. Glad I did a trade for a box of them. I will enjoy sparingly.
  2. All the #2 piramides I have had are round, head to foot. Even the box of Sancho beli's I have. I like both styles, box press parejo cigars in dress boxes and round cigars in SLB and other wood boxes. That image in the OP is obviously from an old, old box and I don't see that hard box press in any #2 cigars currently.
  3. Truly a great cigar. I have no interest in the #2. Can smoke the #4 any day of the week. And I have never had a bad box. Luck?
  4. A lot can happen to the world economy in 2-3 years. As for Cuba and it's economic situation? Nobody has a crystal ball.
  5. Wouldn't this mean good things for all the online vendors? Such as plenty of stock and discounts coming back? Or no.
  6. I quite enjoy the Padron 1926 and 1964 series, but prices have also shot sky high. They were never cheap to begin with, but box prices are getting up there.
  7. Sensible pricing is likely done. Those willing to pay $280usd for a box of RASS, PSD4, BRC etc will likely never see $200/box again. In fact 280 will likely rise to $300 soon.
  8. Many of the old USA made Craftsman tools were contracted by Snap-On and Mac. I have a ton of them from my father and his father. The new stuff is junk, no surprise.
  9. I think the QC department was eliminated a long time ago! Needed to shrink the budget.😁
  10. Was the Trini T a bad seller? Didn't last long in production at all.
  11. Strange to see such white ash. Normally grey and black.
  12. I like to alternate between petit coronas and robustos. And have a #2 on occasion. As for the big ring jawbreakers, no thanks.
  13. Watches are even more in demand for thieves in this current environment. I'm not going to London, just wanted to let the OP be cognizant of the reality. Cheers.

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