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  1. Sounds like describing ash color is subjective like describing the taste of cigars. I find almost all my Cuban cigar ash tends to be gray/black while the majority of non-Cuban tobacco cigar ash tends to be whitish in color. Some Cuban cigar ash tends to be flaky and some tends to have a neat quarter stacking appearance that holds on until you tap the cigar.
  2. How bizarre is it that the Conn #2 is a 51 ring? Is there any other Habanos cigar with a 51 ring gauge? Normally even numbered. Kinda like Rolex upping the classic 40mm Submariner to 41mm after decades. These are obviously "odd times" we are living in! LOL
  3. For the bang for the buck the #1 is the obvious choice for myself. Considering the "A" and the #2 are in the similar vitola size as the #1 but box price is $400usd+ that is a no-go. I won't spend that kind of coin on a box even though they "may" be a bit more premium than the #1. Heck, compared to the prices just a few years ago the #1 is $280/box which is complete insanity. Just glad I have a nice stockpile to not have to buy at these inflated prices.
  4. I'd be walking out with those 5 or 6 boxes of Sancho Beli's. They seem to be non existent at the moment
  5. Or you could take some of your amassed fortune, buy a private island complete with a lavish beach house and a helipad for your private copter and not worry about nor see another person until desired. LOL
  6. I have a healthy 15 y.o. daughter and would no doubt home school her if she were to be forced to take the jab or not be allowed in school. But we live in South Carolina ( a totalitarian free state)!
  7. Yup, just another "wannabe" cigar complete with a band that "resembles" the real thing.
  8. Haven't been vaxxed. Haven't had the virus. Life is good.
  9. Not sure I understand the point of your post? Non-Cuban cigar companies have nothing to do with the Cuban government nor Cuban cigar manufacturing. Apples vs. Oranges
  10. Don't you think it's past time to give the team a proper name? WFT is a bit ridiculous unless Snyder has no intentions of adopting a "real" new name. Kind of like naming your first born son "John Doe", LOL
  11. Even Brady can be beat. My Giants did it to him in two Super bowls.
  12. Ask vendor to refund and return the sticks or else I would dispute the CC charge as a last resort. Bands clearly look "off" color and print wise. Micro printing numbers on gov't seal should always match bar code. I'm curious as to the seller. If you don't mind send me name in a pm.
  13. I have gone through plenty of boxes of Rafael G petit coronas, and construction and consistency has been as good as or better than the more well known marques.
  14. Try to make a box last 10 years or more. That last cigar out of the box will be absolutely sublime! Just smoked my last one a few months ago from a 2008 box.
  15. Rafael G petit coronas are very consistent and tend to be more obscure than your Monte, PL, Bolivar, RyJ and other PC's. But they are made with premium whole leaves and are a very good cigar. Usually the best PC value wise for the $$ also. The discontinued corona extra was also a good cigar. In fact the late Avo Uvezian preferred Rafael Gonzalez as one of his favorite Cuban marques.
  16. Padron anniversary series cigars have obviously been faked in the past. This is the reason for the 2 piece cigar band, one piece having it's own issued "serial number" on it to help combat counterfeits.
  17. Perfectly preventable outcome? That is your subjective opinion. Can you emphatically state nobody has not died from taking a covid vaccine? Can you state nobody can become infected or spread the virus after being vaxxed? You know, we are not all made the same. Some people for one reason or another cannot tolerate vaccines. They may be allergic and may die. This vaccine is not a one size fits all for everyone.
  18. I am not vaxxed, but not an anti-vaxxer. I believe in personal choice and responsibility. But I am anti-mandate. The whole mantra of "No jab-no more job" is a crock of shiatsu. My daughter who is 15 has also been vehemently opposed to this vaccine, and I as her father respect her decision and won't overrule her. This virus has brought out some of the best in humanity, but in more cases most of the worst hate, division and political power grabbing I have seen in my lifetime.
  19. Eliminates any chances for viable beetle eggs to hatch and devour your cigars. Some choose not to freeze. I prefer to be safe than sorry, so all new boxes get frozen for 48 hours at -10F
  20. You are in a small minority in this day and age. I have the time for large formats, but find them boring. My attention span is roughly 60 minutes for a cigar. 90-120 minutes, no way. The enjoyment is gone and the experience just becomes drawn out and boring.
  21. Nice wrappers. As far as that cigar goes, meh. Not for me.
  22. Believe it or not but I found a cigar store in the" Kulculcan"mall that had genuine cigars. This was around 20 years ago or so. Cohiba Robustos and Monte 2's were around $18 usd per cigar. I even bought some Bolivar royal coronas and Monte Edmundos. Not cheap back then, but a bargain in this day and age.
  23. What's playin' on the bluetooth speaker? Some classic Iron Maiden with Paul Di'Anno?

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