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  1. OCD can turn what is supposed to be a fun hobby into mental torture or torment. You should see some of the reactions on the Rolex watch forums when guys notice a scratch or ding on their 10-100K watch. Some of them curl up into fetal position in a corner of their house! 😂
  2. They used to be $350usd/box offered here not too many years ago. And I thought that was a ridiculous price for a box of cigars. I was buying RASS for $189/box. RASS and other robustos hitting the $300 ceiling? SMH
  3. The rum is nothing special, at least in my experience. But taste is subjective. Plenty of great rum from other sugar cane producing countries also.
  4. It is a made up fallacy. Perhaps true decades ago when older varieties of tobacco needed years of rest in the box before they were smokeable. I got into Cubans around 2008 with the TEB 08 boxes of RASS and BRC and even then cigars were fantastic even with less than a year of box age on them. The poster with the bad tasting D4's needs to just suck it up and accept that once in awhile you will get a crap box. If you cannot accept this I will say it again. Go the Fuente or Padron route or another NC well reviewed brand. We all have at one time or another have received a box that is sub-par. If you expect perfection in every box, you will be surely disappointed.
  5. Rob doesn't taste test every box he sells, nor should he. The OP needs to suck it up, the cigars arrived intact and they are legit. Flavor is a subjective matter and no vendor should accept responsibility for the aforementioned reason. Perhaps he should consider Fuente or Padron.
  6. Agreed. BTW, isn't tennis a sport where there are two players that have always been "socially distanced"?
  7. It will never be gone. It will be with us forever just like the flu and other viruses. It has even been found in white tailed deer according to a report also.
  8. They forgot the decimal point between the 2 and the 5.
  9. Well they say there is a shortage of glass bottles for liquor in the USA among dozens of other items. Could be the reason for the metal "paint thinner" style can. Definitely unorthodox.
  10. Then you are deviating from a cigar forum to a political forum. Then it all becomes a huge train wreck from there. No thanks!
  11. He likely had too much sauce. Alcohol makes some people stupid unfortunately.
  12. The title of the thread is a loaded question. I'm not sure how you avoid it being political because as we all know well those 3 words correlate directly to politics. So as an American that is all I will say. Over and out.
  13. I love reading the "email of the week"!! Perhaps one of the best threads on the forum. Absolutely hilarious.

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