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  1. Job postings? In a commie country? They'll just pull kids out of schools and train them to roll cigars. Who is going to really volunteer to learn to roll cigars for virtually no money?
  2. Then most will quit. Cigars are a want not a need. When a roof, food, water, and energy become unobtainable we are all screwed. My life will still go on with or without cigars.
  3. For myself totally worth keeping and smoking. But NOT buying anymore stock at these new prices.
  4. Plenty do, including myself. But I don't walk around defenseless neither.
  5. Yes, and with the high crime rate exploding against Rolex watch owners, I have read some wear their genuine watch at home and wear a fake out in the wild. Doesn't really make sense, as some criminals will still kill you or severely hurt you to take that watch. They won't realize it's fake until after they leave you for dead. Sad but this is the world we live in at the current moment.
  6. Myself neither. I will burn through all my inventory until it's gone and call it quits. I enjoy cigars but can easily do without them in my life. There are plenty of other great hobbies.
  7. I love my Monte 4 marevas, but pushing $300usd/box? Friggin' insanity.
  8. Easier said than done when the country is losing cigar rollers to other cigar making countries. These rollers will actually get paid a living wage in Nicaragua or Dominican and have food to eat to survive.
  9. I will be surprised if all the gray market vendors manage to make it through this and survive. One I use has barely anything for sale. But they do also sell NC's. Still, a dire situation overall.
  10. Interesting responses. Considering this is Rob's go to cigar amongst a handful of others, the consensus here seems to be a negative rating based on the comments. Seems the Bolivar royal corona and petit corona seem to be preferred over the belicoso fino. At today's "hyper inflated" prices, I'm not sure I would seek out a box of these. As far as the size itself I have a box of Sancho Panza belicosos and like the size, but not too far different that a robusto size. And it sounds like the Bolivar of years past was a much stronger cigar than the Bolivar of today. Heard that about the PSD4 also.
  11. Never had one! Ouch! My foray into Cubans was the BRC. Smoked many boxes of them. Also like the BPC in my PC rotation. Not sure at the current prices if I will ever pull trigger on a box of BBF.
  12. Yes but a deep economic recession in the US will have ripple effects in the rest of the world. Surely you are aware of that.
  13. Exactly why this nonsense will be non sustainable.
  14. Neither am I. Been into both 30+ years. Long before the hype train arrived at the station
  15. Same here. Burning down an RAE15 box of RASS and they are downright fantastic.
  16. FYI, the stainless steel Rolex Daytona has been hard to obtain for decades now, not just post pandemic. You may choose other watches for 50K, but the Daytona is a hype watch and plenty around the world won't settle for an alternative. They simply have to have it. Plenty of companies would like to be in the position Rolex is in.
  17. They will care when the rolling rooms are at 25% capacity because all the torcedors have left the country. What will be the answer then? Start pulling kids out of classrooms and sitting them at rolling tables! Can't sell $100 cigars without manpower/womanpower to physically make them.
  18. "Rich" people surely know about the other Swiss luxury watch brands. But all of them pale in worldwide brand recognition to the Rolex name. Jay Z and all the other rich ballers he travelled with to Havana a few years ago were smoking Cohibas. I may be wrong, but wasn't Trinidad a Fidel "thing"? Habanos is free to market any brand they wish as a "luxury" item only deserved for those who can light their cigars with $100 bills. Let them have their cake and eat it too. I'm not a player in their game.
  19. When a common box of Monte#4 hits $500usd, I will know for sure this is a hobby I'm done with. And box prices are continually rising by the week.
  20. Yup, Rolex prices are totally off the charts and no end to the bubble. My 18K Sub is worth 2X what I paid five years ago. I have a new BMW on my wrist now🤣
  21. Agreed. Cohiba is equal to Rolex in worldwide name recognition. Trinidad? Not even close IMO. Only thing Trini has in common with Cohiba is the "luxury" pricing.
  22. If the US hits a hard recession, the rest of the planet will also. Habanos will have a hard time getting $100 usd/large sticks for Cohiba too. What an oxymoron: communists being capitalists. Comical!
  23. That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Ever heard that?
  24. You will need to sell off the rest of your stock to pay the Canadian govt all the onerous taxes on your new yacht! Ouch!

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