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  1. Funny, I'm Armenian and I can't stand the stuff. Then again I'm a Scotch guy. I have sat down with some serious brandy drinkers and served them some Armenian stuff and they like it. From what I understand they've employed a lot of French people that worked in the same industry in France. I'm not a huge fan of brandy but the best Armenian brandy I've had is Nairi. It goes for about $70 a bottle in stores near me. Here's a link, I suggest you try it out. Nairi Brandy
  2. +1 Breitling. Sorry to say but Rolex to me is a default watch purchase these days. However in saying that a Rolex was my first high end watch that purchased.
  3. When I'm in a foul mood the one thing that helps me cool off is a cigar. But I just need a cigar that will wake me up or slap me out of it. Punch Punch works well so does a Bolivar Belicosos Fino.
  4. What brand/cigar do you reach for when you're pissed and you're about to let off some steam? Just because of the name I go for a Punch Punch...
  5. Funny, I was talking about this to my house keeper who used to put it the wrong way...
  6. A-MEN! If you like it, keep doing what you're doing. You need to create a baseline. Once you have the room/funds save 50% of what you buy. Soon you'll have so many that you'll notice you're buying boxes and you can't get to smoking them because you have some aged ones waiting for you.
  7. I've never had dud cigars, but there are boxes that I don't quite like. I save those as give aways when people come over to the house. Just hand them out when they get drunk. They're not regular cigar smokers, just the fact that they're smoking cubans is a big deal to them, what do they care. To them it's all in the mind. however if they're real smokers I'll pass out the good stuff, I just hate wasting the good stuff on people who don't know anything about cigars ya know...
  8. Behike 56 While I'm at it can I make all fluids taste like Johnnie Walker Blue Label?
  9. Sorry but this is a bunk issue. If you don't like your neighbor move out or protect yourself. People need to stop crying. Now if this guy is renting, that's another story, but that should be between the owner of the home and the renter, not the freakn' neighbor. If one persons relaxation is your poison you need to move immediately rather than sue in a drawn out court battle. This to me sounds like a way to chase money. As for the Indian food, sorry man but no everyone eats what you do, how do you know what you eat doesn't disappoint him? As long as it's done in their home and it's not illegal
  10. I have a friend that keeps bringing me fakes. He's done so for a long time. Recently he came to my house and we smoked some real Cohibas, and he was taken back. He asked me why the ones that we were smoking were so much better. I told him the truth about the ones that he was bringing in and we laughed about it. He now knows the difference.
  11. Is there a way where we can have some fun better on the F1 season? NO MONEY is to be exchanged, only cigars.... Can we set up a system where you can place a bet and if you loose you need to send the winner a cigar via Cigar-Czar? I'm just putting this out there. Thread on hold until reviewed by Rob
  12. Took the words right out of my mouth... Once you pay for something from your hard earned money and another person gets it for free your eyes will start opening up. As for the image, it's a GREAT shot, but it may as well be bobo the clown. The angle, the look, it's all spot on, could be one of the most recognizable photos of our time hands down. But in the end we must all remember, one persons freedom fighter is another persons terrorist. The problem here is that there is no correct or true definition of "freedom". If ive offended some of you im sorry it's 5am and I've been up since 2am

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