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  1. I am looking for a copy of the Menu from the 1994 Dinner of the Century in Paris, sponsored by Marvin Shankin's Cigar Afficianado magazine.  If you have a copy or know anyone who has, please let me know.  Bob Slivka - [email protected] 

  2. Interesting read
  3. Bring it on I say. My skis are tuned up and ready just waiting for heaps of snow to shred it up on.
  4. You channeling your inner Ken smoking a cigar in your undies Rob?
  5. Sounds like an eventful start to the trip. The airport scam is likely the same that they try often enough where the cash person insists that you gave them $1200 and not the actual $1500.
  6. excellent list Ken. I have actually had the opportunity in my travels to try quite a few of them.
  7. Wow. What the heck is that and where do I get one?
  8. Clearly a group that is not accustomed to traveling in bear territory. At least they still had the Marmite.
  9. Looks a bit over capacity. Cigar refugees forced to international waters to smoke.

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