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  1. Interesting read
  2. Bring it on I say. My skis are tuned up and ready just waiting for heaps of snow to shred it up on.
  3. You channeling your inner Ken smoking a cigar in your undies Rob?
  4. Sounds like an eventful start to the trip. The airport scam is likely the same that they try often enough where the cash person insists that you gave them $1200 and not the actual $1500.
  5. excellent list Ken. I have actually had the opportunity in my travels to try quite a few of them.
  6. Wow. What the heck is that and where do I get one?
  7. Clearly a group that is not accustomed to traveling in bear territory. At least they still had the Marmite.
  8. Looks a bit over capacity. Cigar refugees forced to international waters to smoke.
  9. In addition to some of those mentioned above you can go for Upmann Mag 50's, Hoya du San Juan, or any number of Pyramide or Belisicos,
  10. My thoughts exactly... Rob getting all melancholy and reminiscing after a **** load of wine. LOL
  11. Could be a PC. I like the ERDM marca quite a bit. Have some tainos left along with a few PC's and quite a few Demi Tasse.
  12. Not at all I normally finish in about 4 hours but I smoke pretty fast as a DC will only last about 1.25 hours. If there is no wind then the cigars will last a bit longer. If the course is open in front then will finish the round in 3 and 1 less cigar will be smoked.
  13. With a 12 index you are better than likely 60% of all golfers out there as the average is around 15. As for cigars for me it all depends on the weather. A cold rainy day I will not often be smoking a cigar on the course but will bring one or two robustos in case the rain lets up. On a pleasant day with not too much wind I will normally go through at least 3 cigars and sometimes 4. Start off with a DC Followed by a Pyramide or a Robusto and finish the round off with a PC or Minuto.
  14. Great News!! I was at a couple of the 1992 and 1993 playoff games. crazy atmosphere.
  15. depends on how much meat you re cooking and mustard you use. I basically use a 3-1 ratio. 3 parts mustard to 1 part oil.
  16. Thanks for the info. I assumed that you were talking about your regular run of the mill yellow hot dog mustard, As i mentioned previously I use something similar. Something I do a bit different is I mix into the mustard a bit of oil. Mustard is a great emulsifier and blends well with the oil and retains the rub better.

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