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  1. I've had a similarly great experience. The first third was abundant with smooth nutty notes, I was excited about the absence of any unpleasant bite or spice. All in all well constructed with an even draw and burn. The charcoal gray ash held on strong even after a good inch and a half before I mistakenly attempted to preemptively roll it in the tray. Moving into the second third it enjoyably began to build in flavor. Those same nutty notes became stronger and sweeter with an extremely pleasant earthy tone forming on the back pallet and a rich cedar aftertaste. The draw remaining consistent with no plugs or touch-ups I was looking forward to smoking this bad boy down to the nub. The last third continues with the rich experience as the first and second third with a well placed spice without a bitter bite. Very enjoyable stick without any relights or malfunctions. Looking forward to the rest in my humidor, perhaps with a little more age I'll find something new to rave about.
  2. South Eastern North Carolina, in a quaint downtown district nestled in an historical port city, lays a two story brick building surrounded by many others from the same WWI industrial architectural era. As one peers through a door, past a sea of patrons and a dimly lit bar, it is obvious that a vault door is propped open and uniformly dressed men and women are walking casually to and fro. A common looking bronze plaque catches the eye and it informs that the building which stands at this location was once a community bank circa 1922. The staff are friendly and if one were like myself they receive a courteous greeting in return and are disregarded as the move is made for a seat at the rich mahogany wood bar. I know that this is a 'tobacco state' but, believe it or not, smoking has been banned in bars and restaurants. So apart from not being able to fire up a wonderful cigar before or after having a bite to eat this place is superb none the less. The menu is riddled with seasonal fresh catch seafood and a pleasant assortment of appetizers and tapas. Tapas being my favorite assortment of treats, they just so happen to be discounted for happy hour, one can enjoy everything from grape leaves to fine cheeses and duck pastrami. I invite you to this Southern hospitality state and join me in a smokey treat and bourbon.
  3. After some careful deliberation I decided to have a soak in the hot tub on this chilly December evening. I must note that I was not alone, while my girlfriend is hard at work I invited my beautiful friends over, joined by a wonderful Partagas Serie D No. 4 and a gorgeous glass of Wild Turkey Rare Breed, who could have known that a Cuban and a wholesome Southern from Tennessee would get along so well. I relished every moment of it on the back porch, basked upon by the Carolina moonlight, and it was great to the last drop.
  4. It makes me want to tear into the humidor this instant and light one up. I appreciate your insight on the differences, or lack there of, in allowing one to age for multiple years versus smoking it right off the truck. I myself have been saving one for nearly 3 or 4 years, and although I may not smoke it on any given day, I now know what to expect from it and will not feel as though my time was wasted in vain. I just wish that my most recent shipment were reconditioned already.
  5. I've finally created an account after six months of occasional use and browsing the FoH forum. I suppose my friend DocG can be thanked for going out of town and taking his laptop with him.

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