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  1. I usually cut my nails pretty short, but after they start growing out, I like to use the circle-the-top-of-the-cap with your nails to make a punch-style hole. I imagine it is pretty close to what is being described here. Works really well, tbh. The biggest problem is with thin and/or fragile wrappers.
  2. A thing to note; as temperature is lowered, humidity in the air drops out. If you set your temp to 60 F, you will have more condensation build up than if you had it set for 65 F. If your ambient is a lot warmer than that, it will also be an issue with introduction of new humidity in large quantities. Make sure to leave the door closed as much as possible.
  3. If anyone is going down to Varadero on a trip, they had 2 boxes in the humidor at the shop on the resort Grand Memories Varadero 2 weeks ago. Not sure if anyone wants to spend the time or energy enough to go all the way out there, but if you are close, you can always swing in there and check. Not sure on the price though, as they had La Isla's as well, but marked up 35 CUC/ box more, so I imagine the SC's will most likely be the same.
  4. Aaahhhh, the obligatory snow-blower facial. Always fun.
  5. Thanks guys, love the discussion and not agruement. I would have assumed the custom rolls would never have been frozen, as it is all just leaves entering. Never doubted that. As far as newer freezing, this is a good sign. Hopefully it continues as I know everyone here likes not having to worry about it as much. I will still continue to freeze my stuff from when I go to the Island as a precaution, no matter box or bundle, for now. Cheers.
  6. I have seen the thread. My thoughts are; Cuba builds something once, then usually doesn't have the resources to maintain things properly that have parts and pieces from all parts of the world. Why has it been a question that was never proven until very recently, and how much do they actually use it ? I would lay down a sizable bet to say they MAY have a facility now, but it never gets used on cigars that are sold on-island. I have seen too many boxes of cigars (in stores, personally, and from boxes people brought home) that had beetles. This begs another question though; storage. If they are freezing everything, and beetle eggs are frozen, why is it more common in the boxes on the island ? Do they just store the cigars in way too warm a temp and thus increase gestation probability ? I have purchased from our host, like most of us, and a couple other places and have never seen beetles in those boxes, just to be clear. So does everything now get frozen leaving the island ?
  7. Heard it. Probably the same place I heard about Cuba freezing cigars before leaving. Still have never seen proof and I have more evidence to the contrary.
  8. Country: Canada. Packaging: 10 count SLB. No one could afford more, with taxes going up every day. Besides, with plain packaging, you could offer these in a milk carton and it wouldn't matter. Name: 49 North Size: Corona Grande 6.1 x 42 or Lonsdale 6.4 x 43
  9. With all their issues getting oil/gas for cheap enough now, maybe this is a band-aid solution for them ? They barely have enough electrical power for the infrastructure now, let alone 10 electric scooters charging at the same time just in Havana alone, heh.
  10. Comodoro for Alex's awesome customs. Habana Libre for singles/LE's in singles. Conde de Villenueva for the atmosphere. Melia Habana atmosphere is great too. Club Habana is a great place to see, but with the guards at the gate and the lack of friendliness, I wouldn't put this on "must visit". I was told I couldn't walk around and check out the grounds...."cigar shop and that's it" by the guards.
  11. I noticed a big change. It used to be a lot of NC's that had a TON of mouth coating smoke. I was never really one for strong, like My Father, Avion or stuff that was nicotine heavy, but was more of the regular stuff. About 4 years ago, I started smoking more and more CC's and found there was a distinct profile I was not enjoying with the majority of NC stuff. CC's were just "smoother" in general and I enjoyed that sweet/salty charcter I would get. Now I smoke mainly CC's and thus any NC stuff I did buy a bunch of sits in my humi, never really to be touched. I was thinking ahead, but it didn't work out there...but with cigars I feel like you can never really lose out.
  12. All custom rolls were in checked. They xray'd my carry on, which had a couple boxes. They asked for facturas. I produced them. Then was walking around the secure area of airport and was called back 10 mins later to open my checked bag.
  13. In November I had Cuban Customs take all but one bundle of my custom-rolls at the airport. You know what I did ? Nothing. I sat there and asked questions in a polite manor because I knew there was 0 chance I can change their minds, no matter how polite or mad I was. I really don't see what the point of yelling and demanding is going to get you, other than the person definitely won't be helpful. Once you are pulled aside to be checked, you are pretty much screwed. The only difference in my story was dealing with the Cuban side. No one here knows what rights we really have with their customs. I also don't want to fight with them and somehow end up in a super nice Cuban holding cell for any reason, heh. Your loss of cigars sucks, but how do you bring back 24 boxes in one trip and claim that as personal ?

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