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  1. that's MONTECRISTO. sorry for the spelling error
  2. has anyone tried the motnecristo puritos? are they as high quality as other montecristo cigars, just smaller?? or are they lower quality tobacco???
  3. i have had a few of them and they didnt seem bad. they were ok, but not amazing. if they were ok, what are the chances that they are dangerous (assuming they are indeed fake).
  4. if they are fakes, are they safe to smoke? (if they taste okay of course)
  5. hte person that gave me the cigars, i had done some fundraising for his organization.
  6. someone gave me a box of siglo vi, but the box had no seals or date and code stamps. the person (who i know) gave me a reason why it was like this, he said he took them out of the box to put them in his humidor and when he decided to give them to me, he put them in some other old unstamped siglo vi box he had lying around. under normal circumstances i would believe him but there is also another few issues. one, all the bands are loose and move freely. two, i've heard these are supposed to be great cigars, however the few that i've had were good, but deffinately not amazing. i was wondering if
  7. every time i enjoy a nice cigar, i end up having to deal with the problems of, my stinking breath, my stinking clothing, my stinking hair, and often a horrible aftertaste that can linger for quite some time. any suggestions?
  8. i guess i should be offended but there's some truth to what you're saying. plus i don't really follow hockey
  9. I wanted to know if anyone could give me some advice on storing cigars. if i do not have a humidor but would like to store cigars is there anything else i could store them in. also, what would i use to keep the humidity at the right level without a proper humidifier, and what would the effects of aging be on a cigar stored in various places other than a "real" humidor.
  10. when i was younger, i was in the car with my parents and we drove into a parking lot where someone was smoking a cigar. couldn't see who it was but we could smell it . my mother started complaining about the smell, and i remember looking at her like she was crazy. from that day onward i've loved the aroma of cigars. i think that was the first time i ever smelled cigar smoke.
  11. hello. new member from toronto. joined a few weeks ago, now finally getting around to posting something in the introductions category. not really sure what to do, just getting used to the site.
  12. i'm from toronto as well. not a very good place for cigar smokers due to the outrageous prices.

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