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  1. A minor update of three new cigars today on my cigar photo site. - Hoyo de Monterrey Hoyo Coronas - Partagas Serie P No.1 - Romeo y Julieta Petit Princess
  2. Try a Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.1. It's one my favourite young smokes.
  3. Giving up is not the point. Some will feel themselves very important when cigars are banded like this. However, the army green colour is very nice IMO.
  4. Of those I have smoked it would be 10 cabinets of Partagas Lonsdales. Of those I have never even seen my choice would be 10 boxes of La Escepcion Cazadores Miramar. Original Bolivar Gold Medals wouldn't be a bad choice either..
  5. Thanks for all the nice reviews! You've been smoking some cigars today, haven't you. Cool!
  6. Montecristo No.5, 2006. Now, wait a minute! There's still one short cigar I almost forgot. The last M5 in my humidor, where it has been suffering for five and half years. This particular cigar was the most shiny and the most dark wrappered CC I have ever seen when I received it. The colour and the gloss have lightened a bit, but it's still quite an attractive little stick. I have thought to age it forever, but hey, cigars are here to be smoked! Music: Moody Blues / In Search Of The Lost Chord. Drink: Coke. Cigar weight 6.15g. Hard and solid construction. Maduro and oily wrapper with mild
  7. Trinidad Reyes, OUS DIC09. Just another short cigar. After this I have gone through every shorty from my humidor, except HUHC which has already been reviewed here. Music: Living Colour / Pride. Drink: Coke. Cigar weight 6.47g. Perfect construction. Colorado wrapper with clean tobacco scent on it. Used Palio for cutting. Medium draw. Cold draw gives tobacco flavour, stronger than usually. Fire. 1/3 Toasted tobacco, ginger and white pepper in perfect balance. Some hay. This is a tasty cigar! The mentioned flavours change their levels a little within the mixture on every puff. Otherwise th
  8. Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas, TEB JUN08. I have already reviewed four small quality cigars, so why not going through a fifth one. Cigars from this box, and also from another box of TEB08, have been very delicious. Why would this be an exception. Music: Frank Zappa's Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch. Drink: Coke. Cigar weight 8.48g. Colorado maduro wrapper. Firm elastic construction. Mild tobacco with a hint of chocolate as cold smell. Cutting with Palio. Pleasant firm draw. Cold draw gives flavours of sour tobacco and chili. Torching. 1/3 Rich tobacco with mild ginge
  9. Bolivar Coronas Junior, LAG DIC10. Thank God it's Friday! I smoked my previous one of these about 13 months ago. It was as strong and peppery as a cigar can be. How they have changed and to which direction? We'll see... Music: White Denim / Workout Holiday. Drink: Coke, again and again. Cigar weight 7.50g. Firm construction. Colorado wrapper with medium strong tobacco smell, maybe some tea also. Let the scissors do the cutting job. Easy open to medium draw, could be tighter. Spicy tobacco in cold draw. Showing some torch to the cigar. 1/3 Dry tobacco with some cream and woodiness. Stro
  10. I like much more of 3 & 4 & 5 than 2, but that's just an opinion...
  11. My experience is just vice a versa. My #4s (-09) are just good cigars, but nothing special. The best thing is that at least some cigars are wonderful.
  12. Diplomaticos No.5, EOA DIC07. Every cigar I have smoked from this box has been excellent. How it is today when I'm very tired and quite pi$$ed off because of rotten-egg-like spirit at work. I certainly hope the cigar gives me a good lift. Music: Weather Report / I Sing The Body Electric. Drink: Coke. Cigar weight 6.11g. Very good elastic construction. Colorado wrapper with mild tobacco smell on it. Cutting with Palio. Very good firm draw. Tobacco, ginger and chili in cold draw. Ignition. 1/3 Very nice medium spicy tobacco with few moments of nuttiness. I have difficulties to concentrate
  13. My vote to the opinion of SP and The Traveller. I would go for Super Partagas. Young Partagases are sometimes very peppery and will mellow when aged. However, Super Partagas is not the strongest Partagas out there. H.Upmanns are sometimes quite dull when young and will share flavours only after aging. These are just average comments, there sure are exceptions within each marque and even within each box. Have to add that one year is not aging, it's storing IMHO.
  14. Thanks for the review! That's a very nice cigar. What I have smoked, the 2012 production is even better than 2011.
  15. Thanks for the review! Been thinking of these but never pushed the button..
  16. Rafael Gonzalez Perlas, RUE AGO11 Once the train has started it's jolly hard to stop it. Today it's the time for another cigar I haven't smoked before. Music: Jazzanova Funkhaus Studio Sessions. Drink: Coke. Cigar weight 6.96g. Firm construction. Very smooth colorado maduro wrapper. The cold smell of the wrapper is some kind of a mixture of brass and clove, interesting. Cutting with scissors. Tight draw, yes! Weak and mild tobacco taste on the cold draw. Fire! 1/3 Fresh and clean tobacco flavour with a little white pepper on top of it. Some bright and sweet feminine flowers on the backg
  17. Partagas Shorts, LSM SEP08 This cigar is quite popular, but very rarely reviewed. One of my long time favourites, a cigar that doesn't let you down. How is it today? Music: Pink Floyd / The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. Drink: Coke, as usual. Cigar weight 6.63g. Firm construction. Medium shiny colorado wrapper with clove and leather smell on it. Punched the cap with 7mm blade. Quite open draw, a bit too easy for me personally - a gram more of tobacco wouldn't do bad. Clove flavoured cold draw. Now, let's go! 1/3 Heavily toasted and slightly nutty tobacco with some leather and black pepper
  18. Thank you Michel! If my dream ever comes true, we will smoke your aged LGCs at my house nearby Adam.
  19. Thank you. These are not discontinued, neither are number twos. Numbers 1 & 3 have gone. Inmensos are an LCDH release and I'm not sure about their continuity.
  20. Cabinet of Party Shorts, in millimeters: 165 x 126 x 117
  21. Thanks for the review! Why not adding a tag of "CIGAR COMP NOV 2012" to your review and take part to the on going competition...
  22. La Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or No.4, POL ENE11 Music: AC/DC Live At River Plate. Drink: Coke. Cigar weight 4.71g. Glossy claro wrapper. A bit loose/soft construction. Tobacco with powerful leather as wrapper scent. A bit young sound on the smell. Cutting with Palio. Medium draw. Toasted tobacco and ginger in cold draw. Showing some fire. 1/3 Herbal toasted tobacco. Something very bright, like etheric oils. Dark soil like earthiness. Excellent flavours! Medium body and flavour. 2/3 Some round sweetness under the toasted herbal tobacco. Some creaminess. Hints of clove and cinnamon. Mediu
  23. HU Half Coronas are wonderful little cigars! Well done HSA. (I don't say this too often) I would like to see a re-release of Partagas Half-A-Coronas.

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