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  1. Happy birthday Rob, and thanks for adding the 12:12 phenomenon to my life
  2. This morning I read the news that CC's are now allowed in the USA. People are allowed up to import $100 woth of cigars. I am trying to speculate what this means for the Cuban Cigar. Any ideas?
  3. The most relevant aspect when buying CC is the quality. Things like age, underfilled or not, being plugged or not, quality wrapper, smell, fermentation all matter. My first impresssion always determine whether I will age the box or not. So your quality checks to me is the main reason why I get my cigars from the other side of the globe
  4. I have experienced that CC are responsing much more to bad storage conditions than NC's. In fact, CC seem to be quite unforgiving when the condition is not optimal. NC's on the other hand will still have an OK falvour in the same non optimal conditions. So I believe that the ppl who badmouth CC's, have smoked not smoked many CC's and chancea are that they have also smoked them in suboptimal conditions.
  5. They somehow have a Partagas D4 now from 2008 that has been branded as an "aged" cigar. So it comes with an extra band that says 2008 and costs lots more. So the term "aged" has become a marketing term. Whats next, real tabacco?
  6. I thought about releasing and branding the lewinsky-cigar where ideal humidification depends on the state of your partner..
  7. Petit Edmundo every time! I consider it actually one of my favourite's, if not my favourite cigar. PE has much more flavor and is a full body cigar wheras the Edmindo is too medium for me and has let me down too many times.
  8. Happy birthday from the other side of the globe.
  9. Congratulations with Felix! Hope all are doing well. Regards, Thomas
  10. Been smoking cigars for around 15 years now. Started with crappy cigars and then moved to better Dutch cigars. Discovered the Cubans 4 years ago and since then I am loving them. Found a post of FOH on youtube and since then ( i think about 2 years now) i've been a member. Gotta say that here in The Netherlands we just love u guys. So, the only thing now that remains is just enhancing my budget.
  11. Have fun in Amsterdam. Make sure you visit the Hajenius Store. Got lots of cigars (also nc's) but the store itself is nice to visit. Cheers Tom
  12. Happy birthday Rob! Wish u many good years to come.
  13. That looks so cool! If that isn't a great pick up story for woman I don't know what is. If you manage to deliver a fake spanish accent you might even get away with being Georges from Cuba
  14. Congratulations Lisa from everyone here in The Netherlands. The baby looks great and of course so do you! Regards, Thomas
  15. Hey all, Everyone ready to gain 200 pounds with Christmas? Anyways, I am wondering who has smoked the ERDM Tainos before? Its discontinued but seems to be a great cigar when well aged. Some text that I found about this cigar "this is a great "churchill". quite unknown and allways underestimated. Strength 2/5. increased to 3/5 at 5 years old" "when well aged, that is no less than 20 to 25 years, can be of the same league as a davidoff Dom Pérignon, might even be better. the fact that this model is always packed in a beautiful ceder slide lif box and never in a semi plain box suggest that this cigar gets special respect, and off course, the best raw materials. production is always small, but well worth the effort to look for." So, anyone experienced this? Regards!
  16. First cuban cigar: a cohiba siglo nr 4. Great cigar that I smoked in Turkey chilling on the beach with a bit too tight speedo. First girlfriend: her name is Lotte. Great girl that somehow had problems with me wearing clothes First car: opel Corsa. With that car I should be in Discovery's program 'I shouldn't be alive' , but....am still here yeay
  17. If you smoke about one a day on average, you'll need 15 boxes and then ur not stashing anything. So you gotta buy about 25 a year to seriously stock
  18. Because aging cigars for me is virtually impossible due to my limited stash, I started to wonder how many longfillers ppl smoke on average per week.
  19. Maybe I missed it, but can anyone explain why you would freeze cigars in the first place? Thanks.
  20. life isn't a pancake

  21. Ok I gotta give some explanation about this pic since some are asking how I got the ash this way. When I look back at this picture the first thing that comes in my mind is: where is my hair? Anyways that is a more personal and emotional question. But about the ash, when I had like 5 cm of ash I started to keep the cigar vertically after every draw and I made sure I rotated the cigar in my hand. But even though I did this with previous cigars, it never worked as well as this one. Now the whole mysterious thing is that when the ash-rocket fell off I never found it back, not even a trace. And that's weird since that was enough ash to fill the family urn. I suggest we have a "flash your ash" contest.
  22. Thanks all for the warm welcome!

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