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  1. PigFish

    common misquotes...

    ... and I thought this was a thread about mosquitoes!!!! -the Pig
  2. Interesting read folks. Thanks for sharing!
  3. I said sibling mate!!! Digging up my yard should net one dog, one cat and 1000 squirrels, give or take a few hundred!!! -LOL But I have saved some key places! -R
  4. To answer your question my friend... Just about everything. Jesus, you can't even take out you GF and maul her anymore, even if she does maul you back! Life is becoming the lair of bloodless, gutless, nuttless, freaks! Glad to have lived when I lived. Cheers! -the Pig PS: imagine BB gun wars today! You cannot even bicycle without body armor.
  5. ... and I thought your avatar was some dude with batwings! Now I come to find out it is porn-junkie sibling with a trench coat...! -the Pig
  6. PigFish

    Humidity Levels!

    Hmmm... Where to start? Debugging a humidor is not really the easiest process. Huge assumptions need to be made. Size, seal, circulation, engineering, controls... the ambient... etc. There are many, many factors. Assuming the unit is sealed well and is not unduly influenced from outside factors (a reasonable delta to the world outside) then the humidor only need overcome realistic variables. Anyone who knows of what I do, knows I toss my projects into the realm of the elements to prove they work. In a perfect world, no humidor is necessary at all. PigFish's First Law. Next... I have a pretty good idea what is going on here, but I cannot write a book about it here. Time is a problem and the theft of some of my original ideas another. While I have typically shared openly ideas and solutions, I have come to find that some 'folks' are attempting to knock off some of my designs. While that is the price of progress, frankly I am not going to do the research and give others a free pass on some of the best solutions. Many ideas I have published on my YouTube site. One problem you have is the use of isolated components and not using a consummate unified controls systems. Advanced humidor controls equipment and appliances need to know what each component in the system is doing otherwise you fall back to the earliest generation of humidor control systems which did not work so well. You are currently working on the most basic level of control (and engineering). This is one reason why you are facing 'early systems' failures. I work at an extremely high level here where many of you will (likely) not believe that the end result justifies the means, the cost and complexity. This is why I am a humidor 'nerd' and most cigar smokers are not. Separating 'functions' then, is a primary aspect of humidor engineering and control. When you buy a split AC system, designed for human comfort, whereas the human will simply reduce the set point to the level of comfort, you get systems designed to work for the human comfort mindset and not the humidor controls mindset. A humidor does not function in the realm of a 'human comfort' mindset. It must function on the level of a scientific instrument and control mindset. They are totally different. An air conditioner controls heat via a primary process and rH via a secondary "coincidental" process, not suitable for cigars. This will likely add up to failure, at least in a smaller environment where the AC unit will likely be far more powerful than is necessary to control the limited space necessary to condition cigars. The air conditioner maker was likely not involved in what was to be done with the system you purchased (humidor heat control). Someone knowledgeable about humidor systems is a different story. Frankly, if inquiries were made, someone should have told you that this ideas was at least potentially problematic. In many cases, the layman would not know what questions to ask and likely the salesman would not know the answers as the systems that are mostly sold are sold around the "human comfort" mindset. So, you have both an engineering and controls problem. You have systems as they stand that are likely incompatible. Empirically, you knew this with out all my pixels... I am sure. For your enlightenment I have included the video below. This video, will actually visually demonstrate all the real world (controls) solutions to your problems, not specifically fit to your system. Integrating your system may or may not be so easy. Likely easy for me, I don't mind cutting out whole controls and wiring my own. However, buying fixed, proprietary, integrated systems for humidor use is almost always a hurdle, even for me. Watch the video...! If you would like a more specific answers you need to contact me directly. Fair warning... I have tons of unanswered emails. I am simply too busy at my 'real' job to take on too much work. I have to process a lot of technical email for a living. I am almost always behind. Cheers! -Piggy
  7. ... but Senior, I ordered the chicken! In Kuba Senior, unlike your land where everything tastes like Chicken, everything tastes like pig! Might I add, even the Fish! Cheers! -tP
  8. PigFish

    Humidity Levels!

    Perhaps when I have some time this weekend! Using components that have unknown functions is a part of this problem (I will bet). You should read in detail any 'enhanced' functions of your fan coil. This is likely where the problem lies. Cheers! -Piggy
  9. PigFish

    LAX Monday 5th of November

    The 6th is my birthday. I will see if I can hook up. I have a lot going on as usual, so I am tenative. Put Mr. Pig down as one, or maybe 1-1/2... -LOL -Piggy
  10. PigFish

    Question to the board

    ... absolutely none! There, I said it! Cheers! -Piggy
  11. PigFish

    Question to the board

    As we are discussing buying products from a failed state, conceived on a failed system of government, based on failed ideology... I will give them a pass on the box if they get the cigars right. What I am pissed off about is that they often don't get the cigars right anymore either! I don't really give a squat about the box. I don't need anyone to tell me what a good cigar tastes like. Sell them to me at the right price, good quality, right size, good taste, wrap them in toilet paper and I will buy them. -the Pig
  12. PigFish

    Large ring gauge

    Big Hillbilly is what I call the Cohiba BHK. I have always said, there is a ass for every seat! One should enjoy what they want to smoke when they want to smoke it. Cheers! -tP
  13. PigFish

    Large ring gauge

    I think this really is the correct answer if there is one. I just don't believe they deliver in that department. I don't want to spin down a tangent here but I am a believer that certain things have efficiencies, optimal sizes, and the cigar is no exception to that generality. Fat cigar just don't hold up in the flavor department. MHO... -Piggy
  14. PigFish

    Weekend Photo Comp.........

    Great to still have one parents to enjoy time with. I hope you have many more with them! Soak it up while they are still around. Cheers! -tP
  15. PigFish

    Large ring gauge

    Marketing! NC cigar makers don't have much flavor to sell. So they prop up brands with gimmicky crap. US thing.... Maybe... Surely where (this round) started. But people around the world are buying the Big Hillbilly line... The Mag this and Mag that. Not me mates! Tabacuba has not the balls to lead a trend but follows a bunch of ex-pats, like my horses follow carrots, and their cigars are getting fatter and fatter as well. The sooner one realizes that 'good' taste is a rare commodity, cigars are no exception, one will realize that this is a worldwide epidemic, symptomatic of mankind as a whole. Cheers! -the Pig

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