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  1. Anyone who has sprayed a clear finish will likely recognize this as a pollutant in the finish, likely water out of a gun. This potentially can be fixed, but if the water comes from the wood below, you may be wasting your time. Personally, unless I did the finish in the first place I would leave it be. Professional wood finish products (not crap from big box stores) vary by state, and county within a state in the US, and some states are friendly to wood finishers and some are not. Many finishes today are AQMD controlled and the only 'non' polluting thinner allowed is acetone. Acetone is so fast and volatile, that it often traps water in the finish. A higher VOC retarder is often used to limit this, but in some parts of the country these retarders are illegal. The last time I finished cabinet doors, I simply "located" what I needed elsewhere, but I don't do this for a living. The finish (polish) you can get again if you have a hard enough product, can color sand and polish. Me, I would leave it alone. One mistake and you have done more damage and made more work for yourself in the process. Cheers! -the Pig
  2. I will jump in with @Fugu. I find myself using fewer and fewer accessories these days beyond a lighter, my fingernails and what I make myself. That does not mean that I cannot wish well and support those who support the custom and make the creative tools for those in need. Cheers mate! Best to you and your endeavors. Hopefully the Peoples' Republik of Kalifornia has not yet found a way to tax out of existence cigar tools! -the Pig
  3. Nice review, thanks for sharing. GdE is one of my favorite cigars. I too might have to smoke one this weekend. -the Pig
  4. ... this little package works every time! Sorry. Carry on! -Piggy
  5. Work at home construction management. Woohoo! -LOL
  6. ... just lit up a hoyo short robusto. Original release... Congratulations amigo.
  7. What a great share... thanks man! This goes back to a day when cigars had magic. I cannot explain it. I can only say competition brings out the most choices and options for the consumer, not to mention real brands, real differences, real ranges of smoking experiences... Cheers! -tP
  8. Cuban flavor profiles strikes again! -LOL Well, I guessed right. I took the number of people who gave a guess, then the numbers that got it right and bingo... 20% I had as good of chance at nailing it as an Upmann and I did not ever try one. Lisa dear, can I guess next time around? I have as gooda chance as the rest of them... ! -LOL The contest needs placebo comparison group. -Piggy
  9. ... anyone having an account should have an address! I will say no more. -the Pig
  10. ... what they need is a nicotine gum shell, and we would really be in business! -LOL
  11. ... just do me a favor. Instead of cartons of a dozen eggs, use 898 format cigars. It might rub off on those putting only 10 in a box!!! I think they might need a little special ed...! -the Pig
  12. I can buy into the point this is not Tabacuba... No one buys or sells Cuban tobacco without their blessing, but I understand that they allow distributors to do their own thing, now and again. Point taken! I hold Tabacuba responsible for not servicing me as a client... We have argued this time and time again, and frankly I am pretty much over it. I get it... They can get people to pay too much for crap, so why sell good cigars at a fair price with the market clamoring for crappy cigars at higher price points? I understand that the broader market, the larger cigar consuming populace that drives this... I proffer they have little taste, and less sense (MHO). Where we differ is in the form of acquiescence and desperation. I am not willing to surrender my wisdom and good sense, nor my money for a 'thank God, hail Mary... they made a Dalia, hooray... mindset.' I also get I am not typical here. I am not going to say you are wrong about your analysis either. We just think differently about it. I frankly don't care if they sell them or not. I have no vested interest. Let me just add a note about the analysis of a body of data as I see it. If they sell, or they don't sell, the entirety of the process of marketing this cigar needs consideration. I think it is pretty common knowledge that the people most attracted to this cigar are not as gullible regarding 'market gimmicks' as customers clamoring for trend cigar models. Frankly, these cigars are aimed at people like me. The vitola defines me and my coterie. They are counter-culture cigars. However, they come with an asinine attempt to market them as something other, an attempt to pander to the trendy cigar client. I believe you recognize this. If they don't sell, it could be due to pricing a counter culture cigar at a trend cigar level. We just don't know yet. I believe that you think that if not packaged a certain way, they won't sell. So the question is then, why try to sell cabbage patch kids to beanie baby collectors? We can debate that another time. If you fairly price and package this cigar to attract those wanting a Dalias to smoke it, it will sell. It will sell in bundles, 898 format, or in a cardboard box. The people who want the vitola, and the tobacco contained within will purchase it if you make it appealing to that market segment. The mistake in my mind is that this is already aimed at the incorrect market segment. I don't know yet... It will depend on the price. The savvy cigar smoker won't overpay for this cigar. They trendy cigar smoker... well I don't pretend to represent that segment. Price this at $200.00 and you will find out! My placement in the market segment is a savvy smoker. I realize that this is just another cigar. It is not truly anything special. It is still tobacco, destined to become ash. It is unproven from a taste perspective. It is worth no more, and no less than any competitive cigar containing the same amount of tobacco. It is frankly no more a luxury item than pickled pigs feet! There is likely more actual cost associated with a jar of "Napa Valley Olives with Peppers and Garlic" than there is in this box of cigars! The broader market supports selling fewer, larger, crapy cigars to my peers. I am outvoted with dollars (or other currencies). I understand that too. There is no need to pander to the counter-culture critic such that I am, when there are so many eager suckers waiting to gobble up any crap that a maker, or distributor can put into a shiny box! So, to bring this full circle; the cigar is made for people like me. However the cigar is marketed (the box and potential price) to capture people that really don't want it... As a result, I am afraid that I cannot jump for joy over the effort. Price it right and I will strongly agree with the marketing effort and applaud those bringing it to market. Price it to support the trend in cigars and I will reject it. Putting it in a 10x box is an omen of a bad start. We shall see! Always stimulating... Cheers! -R
  13. This is a cigar I should want to buy. 898 10x box...! I don't think Tabacuba could do more to turn me off.... if they tried. Wait a sec! ... then someone will tell me they will cost $200.00 a box!!! Okay, I am checking the negative vibes. $120 or less and I buy some! I will likely be dead before I smoke one anyway...!

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