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  1. Dealing with 1st world problems. Installing a new control for my air handler. My wife seems to have destroyed our HVAC system while I was out of town last week! Back to work on my CNC so that one day I can make humidor parts again! I have a new controls box I want to build. Otherwise do my chores. Get my horses hay, listen to my wife complain about her terrible life...! Yada, yada... yada! -Piggy
  2. concur... Water present in a cigar is largely a matter of temperature. Tobacco bonds to water at certain temperatures, an envelope. We maintain that envelope in typical room situations and in our humidors. Shrink wrap or no, wild temperature changes and high or low temperatures outside the 'normal' envelope will allow water break bonds and become free and then bond again. Free water condensates when temperatures drop. You can take a perfectly seasoned cigar. Move it rapidly between spaces and acquire a moldy cigar from the process, using only the water originating in the seasoned cigar! -Piggy
  3. ... wait until they discover the artichoke. Game over! -the Pig
  4. Reduction and homogenization of water content. -Piggy
  5. How can a gadget designed to measure water content in a solid, register in rH, a unit specific to water in space? I have not looked at mine in a couple of years. I am going out of town for 3 days, and if you remind me with a PM I will scrap around and find it. As I recall, you match the moisture number to the tested substrate to get a PMC. You see there must be an empirical part where readings are tested against a sample that will be dehydrated and tested for absolute water content in order for the measurements to be worthwhile. At least that is what mine does... Cheers! -R
  6. I have one. Not one for cigars but lumber, drywall... construction item testing. It does not work well on cigars as cigars are not solid and homogenous. I use mine for construction purposes, if wall framing is dry enough for drywall, etc. Don't waste your money! -Piggy
  7. ... funny! Nicotine actually makes me sick. Maybe I am used to the lower dose in cigars having never smoked a cigarette. Cigars are nothing about nicotine for me. I don't think I would know a nicotine craving if it dropped on my foot. I don't crave cigars. I have to consciously think of wanting to smoke. I then have to decide if it is the right time and place, rule it out, or select the right size cigar. I have to gauge if I will have enough interest to see the cigar through. The fact is, I get bored easily. That is one reason I smoke smaller cigars so often. What I really like to do is smoke and drive. I also like to smoke and gamble, play cards. Cheers! -Piggy
  8. I have never been in a cigar retailer in the US that did not claim to have CCs. All you need do at a cigar shop is say, "no thanks, I only smoke Cuban cigars..." and boxes of fakes will be thrown at you! Try it sometime. -the Pig
  9. Great job guys... I get a lot of grief for bagging on Tabacuba... this is why I do it. When one could buy the best cigar tastes from Cuba for about 5 buck, and now a second rate smoke costs you $15, I think the bagging is well justified!!! A Coronas is a perfect cigar. Every line of Cuban cigar should have a representative Coronas. -Piggy
  10. Cigar smoking is a custom, it is not a habit. If it became a habit, I would feel a slave to it and consider it a weakness. I would likely give it up! I go through binges and breaks... Smoking for me is like that. There can be too much of it, and I get sick of it. It has happened before. In moderation I always enjoy it. I will likely smoke (moderately) until I become ash myself...! Sometimes I will binge and there will be breaks. I roll with it. -Piggy
  11. Try an SVT and ablation! Roughly the equivalency of a root canal, except on your heart. After hours of it, I finally told the doc to take this shit out of my arteries before yank them out myself... Thank God and some skillful people it worked! -Piggy
  12. Great videos John. I just finished up the PLMC video. I am sitting in the shade smoking a QdO Coronas while Lady Piggy does some wine tasting while watching your videos. Kinda felt like we were sitting here smoking together. Keep up the good work. Cheers, Ray
  13. Do you like them? How much? If I liked them, I would buy them. The last box I bought was in 2004, and I still have half the box. After a couple of decades of giving them a fair chance to impress me, I have found them to be over produced and underwhelming. Not one has impressed me as much as the QdO Coronas that I am smoking as type this. As far as how many Tabacuba sells. Well that just tells me a lot about the tastes of others. I am sure McDonalds sells more hamburgers. Perhaps that might put the numbers argument in perspective. Cheers, Piggy

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