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  1. ....still time to invest in ostrich farming...! -tP
  2. PigFish

    HSA's New Product Lineup: Línea Retro

    This is being held up by the Central Committee as a counter-revolutionary plot against the mother land. The counter-revolutionary study is being conducted by that 91yo 'guerrilla' party official that has his hands full with the managing of the ostrich farms...! You don't get to be 91 in Cuba by taking on more than your share of the community workload. If you produce too much you must go back for 'retraining and reeducation.' TIC! -tP
  3. Yes, nice review... thanks for sharing!
  4. Great review and share Stef... Cheers! -R
  5. All you need to know about communism and why it does not work in a sentence! Over and over again I am told that the plight of the condition of the Cuban cigar stems from capitalism. The island's economy is in shambles. Yet the reason why the Cuban cigar is not innovative is because of capitalism... I used to think that when you did the same thing over and over again with no success, that defined stupidity. Not really. It defines communism. God help those people. -the Pig
  6. PigFish

    2001 Ramon Allones 898 (RAWR)

    Great review mate... thanks for sharing! Cheers! -R
  7. PigFish

    The Harley Davidson Decline

    We just need a new generation of helicopter kids to hit middle age that don't believe the internal combustion engine will be the end of the world! The new H-D
  8. PigFish


    If I bid on my own EL's and RE's as PorkSushi, do you think anyone will find me out??? -R
  9. PigFish


    Just in case I missed some email here or there... I don't want to sell my stuff!!! 😀 -the Pig
  10. It may very well be your choices and how you store them. I don't think I can find a finer cigar than a '00 Party Seleccion Privada #1. Difficult to smoke, yes, but the Upmann Lonsdale from '01 was a masterpiece. People now rave about the QdO Coronas... Ever have an '01? Cannot be touched by today's cigar! '99 Monte Esp... a dream! '01 RAPC, to die for!!! I could go on and on... but I was smoking mid and small ring cigars mostly and not hunting for CoRo's, which IMHO are still second rate cigars! Yeah, I had some losers too... Matter of taste and opinion only! -Cheers! -tP
  11. Speaking of units... somehow being born with our without 'a unit' should be something we can all agree on! The world has just gone out of its collective mind!!! With that being said, and knowing that C is a lower resolution unit of measure when compared to F, until most consumer instruments start reading 1/100's, you guys are being cheated on the precision side...! Just sayin'... Carryon... -tP
  12. Thanks for sharing. Me, I love '01 cigars... -tP
  13. PigFish

    1960's Punch Air France (PQRW)

    Thanks for sharing mate. Great review!!! -R
  14. First... CNN is not a source of news, MHO. Second, this is where all this double banded shiny box crap is aimed. If the more common view of cigars is based around it as a luxury product (verses my view as a basic food group) this is where the pandering is aimed. I just saw a thread about a rise in price of Habanos. Who is that aimed at? The BigHillbilly series! Who is that aimed at? The Els, the RE, the collector crap... who is it aimed at? Certainly not the red beans and rice crowd! Certainly not me! I might say the next time one suggest that cigars are a luxury product and promotes that mindset, they spend some time on this video watching what they are promoting. Yes indeedee baby, cigars are right up there with diamond cluster, faux Super Bowl rings! One does not go without the other! What is gonna' attract these guys? A delicate bandless, mid or slender ring cigar in a dull cab, or 1/3 cigar length embossed bold, gold band around a 55+ RG in a 'pretty' 10x box? This is who HSA wants! They certainly don't pander to me!!! -the Pig
  15. This is a guru question. I appreciate the intent of the question, and the peer respect I often get here. As @Corylax18 replies later in the thread, what is your opinion? You see, if I saw obvious fault 70F and 50rH for example, where I would say that you have likely transgressed the point of potential damage to fines, I would comment in kind. That being said, your settings are perfect (for me). However, I am reading what you have recorded for your given situation, not accounting for error. If one of your instruments has error, depending on that error, you may have a problem. This is why you need to learn to read the cigar, and not the prognosticating guru(s). Reading the cigar entails the look, feel, the taste of your stock, so that you can adjust based on what the cigar tells you, not what the guru tells you! I cannot emphasize this enough. I am an expert on producing specific equipment and controls for that equipment. I make humidors... good ones! I am not an expert smoker. I have no more or less a valid opinion than anyone else you might ask. My advice. Smoke, test, enjoy, become your own expert... Most internet experts motivations are to sell you something, not to have you make the best of what you have! Cheers! -tP
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