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  1. ... keeps Ozbourns on their toes. Its a plot!!! -LOL -R
  2. What is the 'common' good? It is like finding dehydrated water!!! It does not exist. Phil posted up a few posts ago that the plague killed say 100 million people. He finds that outrageous I guess. The CCP has killed that much 'preaching the common good.' Ever think of that one folks? And where did this plague come from? The CCP! You think they are caring about the common good? You folks want to virtue signal, have at it. Want to do something about it, then do what is best for you. Doing what has been best for you, almost miraculously finds a way to be the best for most peop
  3. ... for a second there, I though I was working on the wrong computer!!! -Piggy
  4. Have enjoyed many a POS 06 Bolivar. Some of these cigars were just stellar. Smoked a POS 06 RC last month for the robusto contest, just never posted a review. Great cigar! Thanks for sharing Wilkey! -tP
  5. What happened to individual responsibility and individualism? It went out the door with freedom when 'justice' got attached to every Marxist thinktank task list issue! I cannot say I wanted to get vaxed. I cannot say that I wanted to get the 'flu.' Measured my life, my odds and my goals. As usual, I don't give a rat-fxxx what my neighbor does. I did what I think was right for me and the people I care for. End of topic! If you do the same, what will happen will happen. Life is an at-risk endeavor. Always has been, always will. No amount of social engineering is gonna fix that.
  6. I suppose I have not been posting enough these days. Added this to my sigtag some time ago! -Piggy
  7. Happy Easter to you folks. Having being confused by this "in-house multiculturalism" in my home as a child I cannot say that I miss it, but today if it involved roasted meats and cigar (and a love of God) I would likely happily partake! Cheers to you! -Piggy
  8. ... the good news Wilkey... after smoking, or watching a NCC smoke, you have nowhere to go but up! Cheers! -R
  9. You should become familiar with the word charlatan. While it was fitting for the patent drug salesman from a bygone era, he (it) is represented mostly by mainstream media, those that own mainstream media, network marketing media, and host of those wish to sell things, including information, products and political policy based on anything but the facts! It certainly exists the cigar community in general. If facts were requisite for a cigar industry sale, nothing would be sold! MHO...! I have spent years debunking cigar myth, mainly storage practices. It is like trying to cool a volcan
  10. Never really gave it too much thought, a rarity for me. Of course one could use an 'environmentally inert' stand! One seen posing for the weekly contest "Robusto" review that I never wrote!! (POS Sep 06) Of course knowing that the foot of your cigar can get 1000F, somehow makes me care less about a little high ambient rH on the wrapper. -Piggy
  11. Why thank you! Suggested the other day that a guys cigars might not be ruined and got hate mail! Lol. Thanks for mentioning it. Cheers! -Piggy
  12. ... really needed today. Purging my mind of everything not cigars, food and loved ones. I think that is right order anyway. Oh... got a little Bowie on the juke box!
  13. ... smoking more than one thing at a time today...
  14. I think I said welcome back already. Don’t overdue it... 😎 -R

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