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  1. ... if I am not smoking it today, it will live to age another day! Aging... bah! Smoke what is good when you want it. Anything left after bed time, gets to survive a day longer. -the Pig
  2. I am driven to pursue what works. What that means, is that I am interested in an unbiased conversation and exploration in what can be proven (to work). If you pour a slab of concrete, tests can be done to check the flatness. That is proof. "It looks flat to me..." is not proof. With that considered, I cannot tell anyone what works or does not work for them. There are all sorts of factors here, including personal opinion of what working means. Even I define working. But in the end, whatever definition one uses, there must be some proof. Proof is in part the cigars and the smoking experienc
  3. You say your humidor has electric cooling? I sincerely doubt that the rH swings are +-2%. Humidors with active cooling, something I know a lot about, require some very sophisticated design to perform within that range. It is not easy... Boveda products do not have the hysteresis required to compete (keep up with) active cooling humidors. Your spreads for cooling cycles, depending on the ambient conditions and the duration of cooling cycles may well have your humidor drying to the 30 or 40rH level (in areas/in toto). As a warning... Just because you don't see it, does not mean it
  4. ... what is the 'hot dog' lifestyle? I suppose that is what I have. I love a good hotdog, grilled cheese sandwich and a dill pickle. Maybe I chase it with a 20yo Lanceros. Cigars are a food group. They are a small portion of life that should be about personal enjoyment, however anyone sees it. Cigars are better when affordable. They are not precious, except in smoking, they are not art, except by the artist handcraft that made it, they are not valuable, except in the small glimpses of luxury (time spent purely for enjoyment) that, at least at one time in history, all could afford. Ci
  5. Jim... with all this booze and cigars, you won't miss a thing! Glad you are home. Cheers! -Ray
  6. Get well buddy. Team, please post pics of bourbon and cigars to pull for our mate Jim… -Ray
  7. Equally guilty on that front. Last week left the owner of one of the buildings I am building in Nor Cal a few of my every day favorites and got some glowing reviews. Cigar people are good people…. Generally. the Pig
  8. In settling some previous debate on what the topic really is about, I proffer... make the topic what you want it to be about!!! For me, I recently opened a 2015 box of RASCC. Really unique? If you consider they are packed firm, don't tunnel, taste great (all that I have currently smoked), then yes, they are unique in that they are consistently excellent cigars! Cheers! -Piggy
  9. A kiss to the head Miss Cigar and a handshake of Mr. Match was about all it took! -Piggy
  10. ... forget the gold fish. We need a PigFish early retirement fund!!! (Every thread could use a little (more) levity...! -Piggy
  11. Contemplating the life of my friend Ricky, June 20. @naga5 08 M2. Godspeed buddy!

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