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  1. ... you acclimatized at a faster rate. You dried your cigars faster. MHO... I have been telling people to consider 'hot boxing' over dry boxing for years. Very few people understand the dynamics of hygroscopic materials, and fewer that smoke cigars want to see anything past the 'mythical' norm! Cheers! -Piggy
  2. ... sending that pic to Gavin Newsom... and you are in a boatload of trouble my friend!!! -LOL Looks beautiful. -Piggy
  3. Appetizer... dinner... ...dessert! (reluctant) ... whatever is left over!
  4. Thanks mate. if I have not told you lately. I am glad you are my friend. Love to Lisa and Di for me, all my Ozbourne brothers and sisters and Friend of Habanos! -Ray
  5. Opened a brand new (2001) box of HdM du Roi. Damn these are great cigars. If I join up on the Zoom call today, I will smoke another! Was out with the sun on my face, got a little hot and a buzz...! Wow... Nice cigar!!! Happy turkey day my friend! -R
  6. Looking forward to it. I am going to try and take a couple weeks off. If I can swing it, I will try to pop on the zoom scheduled today.
  7. Thank you. I miss him everyday. Believer, renowned physicist, brilliant, fine father. I will see him again! Smoked cheap cigars and would admonish me for buying cigars from Cuba! cheers piggy
  8. I have to say.... if this was the only cigar(s) that I had left in my possession, I would be perfectly happy. Cigar for cigar these are the best cigars I own. you people should think twice before deriding 2001 cigars.
  9. Was about to go outside and smoke a HdM du Roi. I'll be damned if I can find where i set it down... -LOL Perhaps if I make my coffee it will present itself!!! -the Pig
  10. Thanks my friend. Getting crippled, getting fatter, need some good old fashioned titanium, ceramic and polyethylene parts to get my gate back. Tentatively scheduled for Jan 4. I can hardly wait!!! -R
  11. Dude! They are Chicos. Take the whole box. They come in a travel container! -the Pig

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