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  1. Posting again after 15 years. I guess I am getting nowhere fast. Poor me!!!
  2. ... try buying water or energy in California! Socialism has f’ed up everything in this state. It is a sanctuary for anyone but a taxpayer with a job....
  3. Near 20 years ago this was a favorite cigar. Later the fear of millennial cigars, writer bias and thin cigars meant you could buy these at a steep discount. Those were the days for this cigar lover. I smoked many a box of these. They became my favorite cigar of the time. Thanks for the review. Perhaps I will find one to smoke. Piggy
  4. I was thinking smoking 3 at once! Deciding which 3 might take me into next weekend however!!!
  5. Gonna' take this one out for a smoke now!
  6. Scoff! Like using a can of sterno and a piece fo tinfoil as a convention oven! Okay... you all go back wishful thinking and I will exit the thread now!!!😇 -the Pig
  7. Who cares? While skirting the political issue which dominates my mind about professional sports, as they disrespect the country and the economic system that made these damn fools rich, just to support a Marxist movement that would strip them of their wealth with everyone else, they feign to be concerned about people they spit on as they are rude to them in the drive through, I find pro sports filled with the morally null! MHO. Cheers!
  8. MUP... Dirt...! I use ME MUP on ME DIRT all the time! Carry on! -Piggy
  9. I own several Duponts, including one of the older French made jet lighters. That lighter is very nice, sleek and very functional. However if you want a cool jet lighter, don't want to spend a ton, get yourself a cool Zippo and get one of the Zippo dual flame inserts. They don't hold a ton of fuel, but enough to keep you smoking in an afternoon unless you are an arsonist. This is just one of mine. -Piggy
  10. ... hell I like it. Never took LSD, thus making the point that LSD users may be prone to dislike it. Far too well organized (and useful) to be a byproduct of LSD use! Kludgy, yes! Silly, yes, yes... but I think it is 'cool.' Cheers! -Piggy
  11. PigFish

    Temp vs Humidity.

    First-off mate... welcome to the forum. There is a lot of discussion about this here, and I can imagine just about every cigar forum. Most home built wine cooler humidors, and considering those that make them commercially don't make a consummate product in most cases; one that actually handles even near swings from a given set point, you are likely better off with the unit unplugged. Lets get back to basics. What do the cigars tell you? Forget for the moment the cliche comments. How do your cigars smoke? While like many I don't tend to like a lot of swings in the environment of my cigars, the settings themselves should provide for a decent smoking experience. (MHO) Each humidor, and each ambient will drive cigars to a certain equilibrium moisture content. That EMC will vary with cyclical nature of your ambient and how well your humidor protects your cigars from that ambient. Lets take a hypothetical position of a smoking optimum, mine in this case as 60rH and 70F. If you move the temp to 80, and use a factor of 3 to 1 for rH you get an equivalent (theoretically) EMC at 63rH and 80F. Again, while I am not crazy about the range, and I do prefer to store cooler myself, I find no reason why you cannot find a very good smoking experience from what you are experiencing. All MHO... -the Pig

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