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  1. US is doing this now. Boarder wide open, masks on kids, pressing mandates on just about everyone except illegal border invaders, not tested, not vaxed imported into the heartland on midnight flights and busses. Politics first, same as always. want a litmus test? No welfare check unless you are vaxed. When the government mandates that I will finally believe vax mandates are about public safety! If ones income is dependent on vax status, how come not the taxpayer supported?? Any guess why not?
  2. This is sound advice. I never really went to the doctor unless I broke something. Now I have pretty much a revolving door. Medicine has prolonged my life. I near checked out in ‘08 so maintenance for me is a must. My cardiologist likes to talk cigars with me and other things. He keeps the pump going and as long as the joints last, I can continue to come here annoy the rest of you… Bagging on doctors, healthcare and pharma is pretty easy. No system is perfect. Without ‘em, and this little Piggy went to heaven. Without this system, and the dedicated people who work long hours to bring
  3. Along with proper rH and temperature, sometimes good taste demands you poke the bear!!! 🐷
  4. I don't have enough life left in me to prove a theory like this. Let me know when the Cubans are barcoding tobacco earmarked to be stored 'wetter' and tracing them back to specific brands and boxes! You guys do come up with the damnedest things... -LOL How many cigars do you need to store and smoke and for what period do you have to store them at that level to be sure of your findings to come to a conclusion like this? I am curious! I fully agree that water content changes the taste of a cigar... but on a brand basis...! Really!!! Does alcohol consumption have anything to do wi
  5. Yes. While not really consistent, I have smoked through maybe 4 boxes of them. They had a really good price point some time ago.
  6. Don't own a lot of newer cigars, but still scrap around for the PCs, PRs and sub-PC species to pretend I really know something about Cuban cigars. Alas... the Tabacuba has largely turned away from this customer! Hope your are well my friend! -R
  7. 2015 RASSC... And then the usual characters from decades past! -Piggy
  8. I have a handful of Cohibas in cardboard. The last time I bought any cigars like this was 2007. These are certainly older than that. I will consider a review and take one for the team. Why I have left these cigars this way is way beyond my memory. I just looked to see if they were still where I thought they were and there they are! -Piggy
  9. I love these cigars... but on that note, reading your review would not get me to buy them... -LOL When I read mastic, I don't think of the tree, I am thinking about an oil based tile adhesive!!! You don't want it on your hands, and certainly not on your cigars!!! Cheers! -R
  10. Glad to see you brother! Hope things are well with you. Been reading some of your tribulations with the 'police power' over there and I have been a bit concerned. Crazy world! Love ya' mate! -R
  11. Can’t judge a good cigar by the wrapper! I am just wondering what happened to a bunch of the old members? -🐷
  12. Maybe I might be convinced to sell a box of Siglo 6 for 1k less. Then again… it might not! Lol- the 🐷

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