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  1. I think there are some good points made here. Don’t get sucked up in what a lot of old goats think about cigars. Or, old pigs!!! Singles are good and variation is good. If you are in cigars for the long haul, pace yourself and learn what you like. Don’t try to emulate those that are at a different stage in the game than you. Don’t load yourself up with cigars that may not be in it for your long haul (reinforcing a point made above). You are only going to get to know the cigars that you smoke. Don’t get all balled up about aging and stockpiling at this stage. Cheers! -Piggy
  2. Been here since the beginning and still here. Welcome to the forum. Advice... Be your own expert. Buy what you like and like what you buy! Post often and become known. Even if asked 1M times, someone will be happy to answer it again. New blood brings new life to the forum even if the question is an old one. Welcome aboard! -Piggy
  3. Rush Limbaugh dies at 70. https://www.cigaraficionado.com/article/i-owe-rush-so-much I come from a long line of conservatives (political) and many of you know that about me. When I was a kid, my dad was a regular guest on the Joe Pyne show in Los Angeles. Joe Pyne may well have been the pioneer in 'shock radio.' When it came to a dual of left and right wing politics, my dad was often the guest that defended the view on the right. I grew up on talk radio! Like him or not like him, know him or not, Limbaugh gave new life to the AM radio band. It is what it is today due to his infl
  4. The hotdog has already been invented. Go back to the drawing board.
  5. My cousin works in a factory.... boxes. How nice! If it is not on the restriction list of activities, you are good to sell them!
  6. Rob, please forward to Amazon, Twitter and Facebook... oh and go ahead and send it to Congress as well. With cancel culture in full swing, they might as well look forward to the next steps...! Cheers! -R
  7. I will move them if I can, but it only really matters if you have poor control over your humidor. In my early days (poor humidor control) I found that paper products would be the first to get any mildew odor. I then went scrubbing my storage for any cardboard. Storing cigars for me has come a long way. I now never worry about it. Frankly I like having some of the 3 packs to give away. I tend to find tradesmen on all my projects that love my cigars. Someone works really well for me, a three pack of HdM PR's might be found in his gang box! Cheers! Piggy
  8. ...people skills does not include using a knife and cutting board!
  9. It might be better to reward me for keeping my face off the site... Just sayin'! -Piggy
  10. Sir, we are here to remove a toe or your whole foot. Which would you prefer? I don't think 'happy' factors into it...! MHO...
  11. ... while discussing the market viability of EVs I appeared to have missed this one: https://kyma.com/cnn-business-consumer/2021/02/01/teslas-dirty-little-secret-its-net-profit-doesnt-come-from-selling-cars/ Direct wealth transfer payments from those making money to those that don't. But what is a little corporate socialism between friends??? Makes me wonder how companies that are suffering like the idea of writing checks to those that are not? Cheers! -Piggy
  12. ... and I was hoping to put this up on BR! Thanks a lot Nino!!! -LOL -Piggy
  13. You go first Mike... Let me know how it works out!

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