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  1. Rob should be producing a good cigar for consumption by real people on a regular basis full time by then. There is an ass for every seat I say!!! Creative destruction is a term used on both sides of the economic aisle. In this case I will lean Marxist... as we are dealing with a Marxist state. What they are doing is creating expensive 'shit' cigars to destroy the entire Cuban cigar industry. And it is working. Most are about a decade or more behind the curve here. Tabacuba has been on this path of destruction for 2 decades. Welcome to the fight! MHO... -Piggy
  2. ... ahhh someone who can afford Cohibas. Can I borrow some money...? (read with levity) Welcome to the forum mate. I have one box of these from about 20 years ago. I have had them for that long and have yet found a reason to smoke them. -LOL Maybe smoke one today and let you know that they are okay to smoke.!!!! Cheers! -Piggy
  3. Things to bring: BMW (non-M versions will need to be parked out back) Rolex Wad of cash- to buy the latest fat cigar with the most bands 64+1 Jet, smart lighter with unrefined fuel refining capability, BMI index reading, with testosterone dosing recommendations. a feigned ignorance and distain for Cuban cigars Smart phone to check your sports bets and to alleviate boredom. No, I am not jaded! I just go there to buy Dupont lighter fuel... 🤪 -The Pig Oh... by the way Mr. Sageman, welcome to the forum! Don't mind me, I am the forum curmudgeon.
  4. Because Tabacuba is a poorly run business. ... it has been apparent that they cannot keep tobacco, brooches, boxes and the people rolling them (paid for) and in the same room for a couple of decades now! -the Pig
  5. Being a pig... as my profile indicates... I will take any Cuban cigar you give me. Gladly. Does not mean that if it is shit, I won't drop it right in your golf bag...! As you might guess I would right from my profile!!! -the Pig
  6. Sounds like a good book. "A Night in Darwin..." -LOL ... first stop, a bite at the Zinjanthropus Inn on the way to Leakey Lounge!
  7. …. did not go so well. Somehow I ended up at a woman’s shoe store!
  8. Stef, 'magic' only goes so far. I too believe the Cuban cigar can be 'magical.' But putting romance aside, when the rubber meets the road, I make value judgements. Am I getting a great or mediocre smoking experience for my money? It is that simple. I don't need to smoke cigars. I enjoy cigar smoking. Take away some or much of the enjoyment, I stop. Magic... trying hard and failing has nothing to do with it. Pat you kindergartner on the fanny and tell her you love her even when she fails. This is business, and it is not the same. The real world does not give you a trophy for finishing last. I don't see the romance in people working at rolling cigars for pennies, turning out shit... so that a government can make millions off the shit... If it tugs at your heart strings, send them your money. I won't try to stop you. I just think it is foolish and bad for the cuban cigar and smoking as a custom. Cheers! -R
  9. If compared to your luxury sausage. Size, taste, consistency, filling... does the Cuban cigar stack up? No, it cannot even compare to a can of cola. A cheap garbage sugary drink, where 1 factory is likely more efficient than Cuba's whole economy. Handmade items should not be given a pass as garbage because they are made in Cuba. Non-Cuban cigars fit the mold of 'luxury' items to a far greater degree than their Cuban counterparts. That being said, cigars are not luxury items... This is a regressive mindset. If cigars are luxury items, Cuban cigars are cheap knockoffs (when viewed from a perspective of quality). More on the regressive mindset of luxury later, if I have the time! The tube amplifier and the turn-table are similar in regressive luxury folly! MHO... Cheers! -R
  10. Neither nicotine, nor inhaling cigar smoke is my thing, but I like the perspective piece, the simplicity and the fact that you shared the experience! Cheers! -Piggy
  11. ... about as useful and desirable as a toilet roll and toothbrush holder! I credit this to the guy who decided to mix clam juice, tomato juice and beer! -the Pig
  12. There were two factors that I found inspiring about Cuban cigars; their taste, albeit always inconsistent, and the fact that they were a bargain. Buying Coronas at sub $100 was a cigar (Coronas) smokers dream come true. I largely lost interest in 'the Cuban cigar' as a whole when they began to pursue cigars that I did not enjoy over those that I did. Tabacuba left me! While one could consider the next as a secondary factor, I believe it has driven the primary factor. This is the push to make the cigar a 'luxury' product. I detest the "luxury market" goal and attitude. The pursuit of 'luxury' has reduced the enjoyable custom for all, into a pursuit of collectables for a few. It is no longer about the smoking experience, but about the secondary market experience, the hunt, the pride of ownership... whatever one may want it to be, except smoking the best cigars. In the end it has made a simple pleasure for most people into an expensive pleasure for much fewer, wealthier people. While burning tobacco is a bit of a luxury when viewed from the 'basic level of survival,' cigars are not now, nor will they ever be luxury items. Own a fine watch, or fine automobile, home or a host of other things and you will understand that 'luxury' means not only above the basic... but the best of many things. It should mean, the best in quality. And Cuban cigars are not that! Cigars are more akin to a hotdog than a Swiss watch. There is good beer and bad beer... good tobacco and bad tobacco. I think there is no 'luxury' tobacco... there are no 'luxury' beers or hotdogs either! MHO. After about 2008 I began to shift my intense interest in cigars, to storing them. CigarClimatology has kept me in the cigar game. I wonder if my precision storage devises makes them a luxury....? -LOL I don't recognize what most of you smoke today. Those one season, one box wonders, they do not define luxury. The tobacco has not change. The girth has changed, the cheap box has become a little better, but not much. What ever happened to smoking them? Making them smokable stopped when making them collectable started. I am thankful that I have been able to take a niche interest and keep my broader cigar interests going. When the Tabacuba path dead ended (as I see it) I busted the brush and made it interesting again on my own level. I hope some of you will be able to do the same. I will openly say that I hope they crash and burn at the 'luxury cigar' game! -the Pig
  13. Hanging bad decisions on the word 'brother' is one of the dumber things I have read on here lately... MHO. -Piggy
  14. I will argue the point about my pleasant demeanor!!! 🙃 About the mold. I too would smoke the cigars. You think that because you cannot see what is inside your cigars you have not smoked worse? Of course you have…. And so have I. Dose anyone really think that mold knows the inside of the cigar vs the outside of it? I think not. While ones day might be ruined, I would argue that the cigars are far from it. The damage at the foot, well that is another issue and I cannot see that the binder damage will allow a proper draw there. Best clip it call it a Robusto! One last question. Did you not ‘feel’ (taste) something wrong with your cigars? That, to me is a major question. With this much water, one would expect draw and rank taste issues with CCs. There are so many tells with damp cigars, I have a hard time believing that some will let there cigars get this way based on taste, weight, ear and smell (the tells of wet cigars). Best of luck on your humidor and your choices. Cheers! -tP 🐷
  15. I am about to step out of my hotel and get to work so I cannot spend too much time here. I am going to be to the point, probably to the point of ostensible rudeness! Most people have no idea how to store cigars. Asking people who don’t know more than you do will likely net poor answers. No offense people! Is humidor net positive or negative for climate? What is your ambient? Do you data log… I know you don’t, get some! Why do you attempt to store at the conditions you store? Probable answer, because you follow others that have no idea how to store cigars either. Answer anyway! Does that room have a ceiling fan? Then get one. If not get multiple fans that create a form of convection current in the room. Air/water mix must be turned over and over and over… Stratification is part of your problem. Low temp is part of your problem. High rH is part of your problem. Crap instruments (are likely) part of your problem. Homework: Search my many posts on the relationship of temp/rH on this forum. You don’t need more proof than your own humidor in this case. Forget the crap advice and understand you have created the environment for mold by following poor advice (plus your own notions about how to store) in the first place. Get the temp up (frees up the water, allows water to break bonds with tobacco). Get the rH down. Get the air moving. Get at least 4 data loggers. One top, middle, bottom, outside. Determine what the humidors needs are. Like all humidors, if they are not fully automated, then they will be driven by the dominant ambient. If you don’t have an automation solution that can meet the demands of wide ranging dominant ambient, then design to the one you have. If you cannot control the humidor, try harder on controlling the dominant ambient. You walk into your humidor. You are not going to stop mold! What you want to do is deny it the ability to grow. Cheers! -The Pig
  16. Yes… Use a variable speed die grinder and Cratex abrasive wheels/points. Done in minutes, done many a time. Been meaning to make a video of it… just never got around to it.
  17. Used to smoke them and many flavors of PCs in their heyday. But when one of your mates says it is his favorite cigar…. You get them to him and don’t look back.
  18. It depends on how important it is to you to identify cigars and still have room. I see this as a practical housekeeping question. If other, you should be more specific. I may dump cigars like these, sub-PCs into the singles area by the full box. But again, this is housekeeping cigars 101, knowing their ‘code’ identification is meaningless to me, compared to the value of grab and go!
  19. ... tell him he is absolutely forbidden to smoke! Works every time! Cheer! -Piggy
  20. Don't find me at too many midnight concrete pours these days but I found myself here on cigar 3 at about 3am...

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