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  1. I've never had a bad one. I find them amazing first thing in the morning sitting outside with a coffee, before breakfast.
  2. I think it's all done by design. Advertisers seem to be making these ads to intentionally trigger one group or another so their ads will go viral, because as they say, there is no such thing as bad publicity. They are taking advantage of the political climate while at the same time exacerbating it.
  3. clint

    Hey Cep,  you interested in trading for some Upmann, Monte, Dip 2?

  4. clint

    Thin ring gauge cigars

    PLMC with about a year and a half on them are bloody fantastic.
  5. Marathon Man (1976) starring Dustin Hoffman. Not bad, Hoffman was great as always.
  6. No idea about the box codes but if it were me I would pick the best looking cigars. For me that would be dark and oily. The dark is personal preference but the oily is a universal bellwether. Can't say that I've ever been let down by great looking #4s.
  7. They look good to me. Why...because they do. Welcome.
  8. Smoked one of these and was quite disappointed. Didn't find any RyJ dna in it at all. Tasted closer to a Cuaba than RyJ if you ask me.
  9. Have you tried the Aristocrats? Some similarities to the shorts in a longer stick imo. Not as refined but the dna seems to be there.
  10. The Letter (1940) starring Bette Davis. Terrific film. This is the earliest movie I've seen starring Bette Davis and apparently she was well into her career by this time. I've only ever seen her as an old lady so I was surprised at how beautiful she was in her younger years. I can now fully appreciate the song "Bette Davis Eyes". I will definitely be looking out for more of her earlier roles. It's funny, the more old movies I watch I'm really noticing that actresses back in the day seemed much more beautiful, classy, and glamorous than we're seeing today.
  11. clint

    Cheap and Cheerful Red Wines?

    x2 on the Apothic Red.
  12. I don't do any real shopping in b+ms so don't have any answers to your specific questions but if I were out shopping I would be looking for some nice Cohibas atm.
  13. clint

    Happy Birthday Diana.

    Happy Birthday Di, you're the best!
  14. I wasn't a big fan of the Mag 48 but to be fair I only smoked a couple. The #2 is my favourite torpedo after the PE. Would love to try the pc and 56.
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