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  1. Don’t smoke them but if you read Half Wheel they are about the only company not raising prices. Credit to them. I’m sure it will hurt their bottom line.
  2. Was not sure what to buy so I went with the 50/50 lancero.
  3. My buddy just sent me this. He wants to know of this is even a production cigar yet Should we assume suspect.
  4. Bingo, 2000 Limited Edition
  5. Bijan, close it should say NO 2 not #2, but there’s more. A big one
  6. How many f-up can you spot on this horrible fake. I will start with, since you can’t tell from pic that the Habanos sa HECHO EN CUBA on the bottom of the box is stamped, not burned in.
  7. Telling myself I don’t have enough cigars and going at 24:24 like a hobo on a ham sandwich
  8. As a Giants fan, I want to puke. It’s been written that the Giants were told Baker was a problem. But all that being said, it is crazy. The guy signed a 4 year 10.5 million dollar rookie contract and he’s robbing people at gunpoint. There has to be more to this story.

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