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  1. Defiantly like the A’s more. Although my A’ have more age. Sample size not equal either. Have only had a handful of the B’s
  2. Go the extra $50 and a box of Partigas Lusitania . A nice 2 hour smoke and can’t beat the price to quality ratio If we have to stay at the $300 price point, Monte 2
  3. Nice review. My favorite smoke. Great size, great flavor.
  4. My goto 2019 Monte PE My goto 2018 Monte PE My goto 2017 Monte PE you get the picture
  5. The question is, is the tobaco the same crop as the 2017’s. The answer, I assume, would be NO. So now imo it’s a regular production cigar. I will be very interested to see the box date also.
  6. One of the best LE’s I’ve had in a long time. Defiantly worth buying a box for sure.
  7. I don’t know about the paprika, but aging the Luci’s are definitely worth it. The 2014 are smoking the house down.
  8. Does the Bovida Butler have a monthly charge ?
  9. Good review. I have never had one but have always wanted to try. Seems like love um or hate um.
  10. Depends on the weather. I don't like being cold when I smoke. But all things being equal, indoors.
  11. I agree with John. 15 minutes between cigars. As for lighter to stronger, it's a good idea but I rarely think like that. I never plan a smoke by strength, only length and flavor profile. I will say that I am not a morning smoker. If I was I would probally re-evaluate that.
  12. I think no matter what, the minimum he gets is one year suspention. Can not have any contact with team at all. The fine is inconsequential. Even if they fine him a million dollars, it a drop in the bucket to him. The Commish is going to have to come down hard on him. He hammers the players so if he goes easy on Kraft there will be a lot of backlash. Let's see if the NFL can get this one right.
  13. Was just going to post that. Very interesting. If this years crop was poor, will it affect the cigars for 2020
  14. I just talked to Bob Staebell from Aristocrat Humidor and he will no longer be making humidors. I am gutted. In my opinion the bets of the best, and a great person to boot. He told me he is finishing up on the last of his orders and will be closing. He will continue selling the humidification units. Congrads to Bob on retirement.

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