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  1. Bingo, 2000 Limited Edition
  2. Bijan, close it should say NO 2 not #2, but there’s more. A big one
  3. How many f-up can you spot on this horrible fake. I will start with, since you can’t tell from pic that the Habanos sa HECHO EN CUBA on the bottom of the box is stamped, not burned in.
  4. Telling myself I don’t have enough cigars and going at 24:24 like a hobo on a ham sandwich
  5. As a Giants fan, I want to puke. It’s been written that the Giants were told Baker was a problem. But all that being said, it is crazy. The guy signed a 4 year 10.5 million dollar rookie contract and he’s robbing people at gunpoint. There has to be more to this story.
  6. Connie A and Connie 1. I do like Sir Winnie’s but you have a better chance of sighting a leprechaun than a box of them.
  7. Defiantly like the A’s more. Although my A’ have more age. Sample size not equal either. Have only had a handful of the B’s

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