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  1. I voted PC's first and Robusto second. I'd love to see the reintroduction of the ERdM PC! When I average out my purchases I probably run at just over a box a month, but I binge purchase!
  2. Guys - I work for an airline. If I were to quote the international rules on lighters I would be wasting my time because security in various countries do as they please. Just go with the flow...
  3. Thanks for the write up, I'm now nicely jealous and wishing I was back on the Nacional terrace!
  4. Alternating seems to be the fairest solution. I'm in the UK so it's unlikely it will be perfect for me but I've managed to land more than enough boxes by getting in early as soon as I wake up...
  5. Reading this I'm both happy for you and happy for me that I have a couple of the fabled BTO 2012 boxes, 2 of the Siggy 6's and similarly untouched box of BHK 54's... I had a very fresh CoRo on Weds evening this week, one of the new Tubos version and thought it was very good indeed. Probably better at this early stage than my box of '09 CoRo's. I'd love to land an exceptional box of Siglo II's and Esplendidos!
  6. Who cares about the Cello on/off debate...??? All I'm seeing is a very impressive looking humidor! Very nice indeed...
  7. H.Upmann Connie 1 - Feb 2011 Trinidad Coloniales - May 2011 RA Superiores - 2012
  8. Would love to try a single of the Edmundo Dantes RE's Box wise, I'm dead keen to find a box of ERdM PC's
  9. Sneaky weekend in Cuba... if only such a thing were possible/realistic from here!
  10. Hope I might be able to make into town to join you...
  11. Nice review. The Connie 1 is one of my favourites, I actually prefer the size over the Royal Robusto. Added to that is that most of the boxes available from various vendors all appear to have a nice head start of age on them with ealy '13 or sometimes 2011/2012 boxes being available if you hunt around...
  12. Couldn't agree more. Very much the voice I remember as being Cricket! Have many fond memories of my Brother's poor impersonation of his most famous commentary lines... RIP Richie
  13. Enjoyed a very smooth HdM Regalos (HQ from my first Czar box purchase a good few years back).
  14. Temperature has just about got into double figures today. Took a Mag 48 out for a quick spin out after a busy Easter Sunday...

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