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  1. Wow thank you i have never tried the regular Hoyo DC so this should be interesting review will defiantly be forthcoming in the spring when weather permits. ?
  2. A tale of two cigars h upmann half corona poor burn and very bad draw. This stick has made my mind up and I'm getting a perfect draw. On a better note rg perlas perfect draw nice burn for the age perfect getting more
  3. H upmann majestics cream vanilla milk coffee everything an upmann should be and a corona to boot so a nice size rsther than a baseball bat what's not to love.
  4. H upmann majestic wonderful upmann corona going to get some boxes of theese. ?
  5. Bpc first one with student style improvised Ash tray until my new one arrives?
  6. Agreed I would say that although g it was made nearly forty years ago the TV sereis Yes Minister and yes prime minister shows exactly what politicians are. They are puppets who curry or court or fear the press and in a way that is most beneficial to them and they will only resign if they have no other choice.
  7. what is your worst habit when it comes to Cigars? Thought this would be a bit of fun considering there are stories about cutting cigars in half? Mine is to take an urgent phone call forget about the cigar and have to relight when the call is finished.
  8. Conquistador maduro corona weirdest cap I have ever seen
  9. I'd go monte 13 4 5 if you want something in a bigger format along the same lines. These are definitely great though same with the upmann half corona for those time pressed moments.
  10. Matt Day

    Matt Day

  11. Hello all just wondering if i can pick your brains with some humidor tips and suggestions. I am not entirely new to all this but have come back to cigars after a long hiatus driven by being bored during the current lockdown. I currently own the below 100 cigar capacity humidor in the past this has been more than enough for my needs . For the medium term i intended to keep on using this as my primary humidor but in the longer term i am planning to use it for singles and the last couple of of cigars from boxes. The four humidifiers don't look to be in the best of shape they are around 10 years
  12. Good Move i wonder if there will be some new mixed location blends. might help to balance out some of the Nicaraguan powerhouse effect.
  13. for me its Bolivar Corona Extra as i like Corona and love Bolis so ive bee smoking Boli no 1's although sadly the blend of the No 1 is not as good as the BCE blend, If only the no1 had been deleted and the extra released in a tubo versoin. Although I think HSA have been right to cut duplicate cigars from lines the rationalisation has gone too far and a better consultation with customers and keeping some cigars on limited production aka made very three years could have been a better result.
  14. the future is full of hope after all it is going to get worse before it gets better. For one these puritans are tenacious in their aims. The more they peddle their morality the closer they come to their own undoing. One just has to look at what’s happening with a certain other green plant which is also burnt to see what the future holds. Also they are now starting on fast food and alcohol which are far more culturally engrained than tobacco this may just be the straw which breaks the camel’s back.

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