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  1. Absolutely incredible collection, but cigars are still ment to be smoked...(imho)
  2. I wanted to smoke something older that for sure is relaxing and smooth, so I took lonsdale from my last box of Clasicos(fortunately I have some cigars still left). Last time I smoked those was last fall and they were very smooth and reliable to deliver full smoking enjoyment for 1,5 - 2 hours. Nice oily wrapper, firm to touch, small veins but still very nice appearance. Aroma at cold was sweet aged tobacco, cedar and black tee. Draw was ideal/firm - just the way I like it 1/3: Started with quality sweet earthy cuban aromatic tobacco. Dark chocolate, hints of pepper and leather at backgr
  3. Yesterday I smoked one of my favourite robustos VR Famosos from box MUE NOV 09. My first Famosos were from original release and after that I bought some in 2002 or 2003. I have noticed that this vitola benefits much from ageing and I was a little concerned opening this box just after 1,5 year. This individual cigar had good weight and it was firm to touch with quite rough and thick wrapper. I took some beverage; port wine and water and it was time to test this hermoso no. 4. Aroma at cold was quite strong tobacco, cocos and chocolate. Draw was at this point ideal. 1/3: Started with qu
  4. Ashtray is Finnish porcelain from year 1928 and it was made by Arabia(Classic Finnish brand). This ashtray was designed for Finnish industrial director - commercial counsellor Julius Tallberg. Ashtreys were made small quantity and I´m not sure how meny are still left. I bought it secondhand and I´m very pleased with it
  5. Yesterday I smoked Trinidad Robusto T, that I got from my friend. I dont know boxcode, but it´s from early 2010, so quite young still. Robusto was very nice; oily and firm to touch. A bit bumpy and veining but still good quality cuban. Smell at cold was quality cuban tobacco with tea and hint of chocolate. 1/3: Started with wooden notes; cedar with some exotic woods and burned sugar. Start was quite bitter and dusty. Fortunately cigar find itself quite fast. After the first half inch all coffee and cream with milkchocolate. Very smooth. Mediumlight. 2/3: Still very smooth, cre
  6. Sad, very sad Have I uderstand correct that few years ago Habanos started to freez all export cigars in Cuba, and that means we dont have to do it again?
  7. I agree with VR Clasico. I have had 2 box from year 2001(ECA, Sep 01) and the have aged well. Still left half box and they are stunnig. All harshness and edges has smoothed and precious taste has left. All chocolate, cocoa, honey and leather - united with strong earth taste. Still defenetly medium bodied. I havent had any draw problems with clasico even though other lonsdale have been quite inconsistency. Strongly recommed.
  8. Terve! Yes it´s my biggest flyfishing salmon so far. I catched it at north finnmark in Norway. I still remember like it was yesterday; after I had landed the fish I poured big glass of portvine and smoked Monte 2 and just looked at the fish and river - the time kind of stopped...
  9. Allmost impossible to choose, cause every brand has it´s best and worst and years aren´t the same and quality varies. If have to choose Monte, VR and Hoya de monterrey just because they have the best robusto epicure 2.
  10. Thanks, but I cant take credit for that filosofic poetry cause it´s from a finnish cigar book 101 sikaria(101 cigars) written by Olli Alho and Jari Ehrnrooth.
  11. Hoya de Monterrey Epicure 2 - allways in my humidor. Close second VR Famosos.
  12. Bolivar, h.upmann and Monte. Monte 4 is my favourite when it´s on, but too often it´s not. Benefit from ageing +5 years.
  13. I found this great site about year ago, when I watched some cigar review videos from youtube. Professional reviews with laughter and good spirit like this site is all about. I have read FOH over year now and thought that it´s time to register and introduce myself. I´m more reader than writer, but here are good conversations to take part with so I want to come along I have smoked cigars from late 90´s and Cubans and Nicaraguans are the ones I that mainly smoke. My first good cuban cigar was RyJ Churchill and I bought it late 90´s when I served in Lebanon(UN). After that I have smoked mainly C

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