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  1. Living in a somewhat warm, subtropical climate, I've got a few. Mint julep Same as a regular mint julep, but mixed with Pierre Ferrand 1840 cognac instead of whiskey. I got the idea after having an "1840 Sazerac" at the Roosevelt hotel in New Orleans that did the same substitution. Magnificent and worlds better than the classic julep. Mojito Mixed with a dry Haitian rhum I adore (Barbancourt 8 year) with a substitution of Peychaud's bitters in place of the simple syrup. Finally, the Death in the Afternoon. In Hemingway's own words: "Pour one jigger absinthe into a Champagne glass. Add iced Champagne until it attains the proper opalescent milkiness. Drink three to five of these slowly"
  2. I had these Upmann Mag 50 that were 2008 vintage that were magic. The first few puffs were mild, a little sweet and a little salty. Then, oh Lord, then they would build and build and build to a mind-blowing crescendo of full-flavored, full-bodied masterpieces. When I checked back in around 2013, they appeared to have a different blend that was more fruity and lacking the mustiness that captivated me. I can still remember them and would love to find a vintage 10-box of them.
  3. Johnny O SMBF. A year old and ready to rock already!
  4. I'm a bit of a cheapskate and tend to do this once in a while. Oddly enough, the second half of a PLMC a day or 2 later actually ends up being as good OR BETTER than the first half. Yes, the first couple of drags are ashy, but a purge later and I'm off and running. Waste not, want not. I've never kept them in the humidor, however.
  5. Guantanemara and then just stare her square in the eye while you smoke one and explain the general consensus of the brand.
  6. I'd stock up on PLMC. After going through and trying most things I (happily) prefer more affordable smokes. Go for quantity so you can watch them age! I have trouble with my high dollar boxes - I buy them and then watch them longingly until they're ready.
  7. A fistful of PLMC, a couple HUPC and a fistful of assorted Fuentes.
  8. I was gifted a few of the Gurkha cellar reserve line and they were definitely not my thing. I will say they just released the "Master Select Original Vintage Blend" and they're pretty danged good smokes. I'm eating crow over that one.
  9. Best of luck to you both! Let them recover for a month or 2 is your best bet.
  10. Experience. It makes for a consistent draw and is typically indicative of overall expertise of the buncher and roller.
  11. Shame on the price - wish they came in dress boxes. May have to get one if I see a good price to start aging for when these HUPC go away.
  12. Uh oh. I wont apply with you. I assume someone who presses it more than once is willing to commit to QA/QC in ensuring that the traffic control box got the signal!
  13. This entire shxt box of MOE OCT 14 Fonseca no1. I got it right around the time they were put on the discontinuation list, but before they tweaked the blend. All but one has had a flameproof wrapper. The construction is excellent (many having that dimple present when you cut the cap), but the ash is very black, even now, leading me to assume the wrapper was grown without the proper nutrients that ensure a good burn (I believe I read magnesium was the culprit). I couldn't in good conscience trade or sell them off and I don't believe in wasting cigars, so I try one every few months. The first third is usually tolerable, but when the troubles start, I toss it and grab something different.
  14. But what is going to replace my dearly departed HUPC once I burn through these last 6 boxes??? I'm hoping they up their game on the Coronas senior to fill this pending empty space.
  15. Same here. Several years of religiously putting everything in the freezer, customs, reg production, Dominicans, and then out to room temp. The whole works - Ziploc bag, box and (assumedly) cigars take on condensation. When I'm confident it has evaporated (couple hours to day or more for stretches with high RH), into the cooler it goes.

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