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  1. Mojito with Barbancourt 4 year and assorted mints from the garden (spearmint, Tulsi basil and lemon balm).
  2. The only NC that hold a candle to CC for me are Fuentes (and the odd Avo XO). I find the Fuentes to age just as well as Havanas and the Don Carlos (especially no 3) for some reason has always reminded me of the Punch Punch. The flavors are different because of terroir, of course, but the complexity and flavor development over the course of the cigar are there. There is no need to chase the hype of Fuente Angels Share, Don Arturo and Opus, although the 4 year old Don Arturo I'm smoking now is aging magnificently! Fuente Sungrown, Hemingway, Don Carlos and 858 are utterly fantastic cigars.
  3. If it's not a Havana, it'll be a Fuente. They age just as well as the finest Cubans. Served alongside a mojito made with mints from the garden: spearmint, lemon balm and Tulsi basil. Barbancourt 4 year for the octane. Happy weekend, friends!
  4. Crud - just saw thia. I believe it is Quality Importers who bought (and ruined) Palio. Those used to be fantastic cutters, but I had trouble getting QI to honor the lifetime warranty for a broken Palio. As a matter of fact, it is only when I mentioned I would refer the matter to the state attorney general that they changed their tune and replaced the cutter with a quickness. I propose they either drop the word "Quality" from their name, or else add the word "Poor" at the front.
  5. I dislike Cohiba the most as the price increases make the least amount of sense. It's fantastic tobacco, but not my favorite blend and the price makes it rare to nonexistent for me. I almost chose Bolivar because I just don't like the flavors at all. There's something off-putting about them. Maybe it's the heavy malt I taste? I like variety in cigars, but after a couple exploratory purchases, I'm done with them. To avoid being a negative nancy, Por Larrañaga is my favorite because I simply love the blend.
  6. Not in my opinion, but I'm still sitting on a stack of HUPC boxes. The cheaper offerings, much like the various PC found under the RyJ and Partagas marcas are a pale imitation of the premier vitolas available under the same brand. This isn't to say they're no good, but after having a RyJ Churchill or Partagas Lusitania, there is no comparison to a Romeos no 1 or Partagas Artistocrat. In contrast, the HUPC, to me, was the best in the marca, even more enjoyable than the Sir Winston, if much, much shorter. My opinion may change as my stock of PC dwindle and I'm finally forced to find an alternative for the same/similar flavors. Right now, I would take a Connie 1 or Upmann no 2 as the closest to my preciouses.
  7. I put off buying some due to size as I vastly prefer a skinny RG most of the time. Definitely feel like I missed out.
  8. I find cigars that have not been aged adequately to require it more often than those that have had what I consider sufficient time based on the blend. I almost never have to purge a 2-year-old Partagas Short but I absolutely will find myself purging a 2-year-old RyJPC.
  9. Heard the first track - not bad, but not "Sober" or "Ænima" either. When those songs came out, it was literally groundbreaking ("See you down in Arizona Bay!") Even more than giving the album a listen, I hope to catch the tour following the release. I've never seen Tool and heard it is a *wild* ride!
  10. I'm getting to be an old stick-in-the-mud and assume there's still good stuff coming out, but I just don't hear about it. Then again, people I know and trust said "Oh my God: Greta van Fleet!" and I found that to be recycled trash at best (I'm a big Zep fan and found these young upstarts to have half the talent of a good Zeppelin cover band). Maybe everything as far as rock n roll has been done?
  11. Partagas President usually has the pepper and leather.
  12. "Solitude" with a well-aged long and skinny? Valhalla!
  13. Too dark for a pic, but '17 ERDM Demi Tasse. Whoa! SO much flavor and character for such a small cigar! Nuts, citrus, cocoa, mustiness, sweet marshmallow, cedar and gentle earth all continuously evolving and morphing. Gawd, what I wouldn't give for a long skinny of these to be brought back into regular production! I missed the haydays of Tainos and Grandes de España. Edit: still got an inch and a half left and getting some sort of rich candy note. It may be caramel cream. 10/10! Edit 2: Hell's bells, I'm going to smoke another one! Edit 3: The second one was undefilled and was little more than citrusy earth. I'm finding the best of these are packed firm and the loose ones are garbage. Unacceptable given the pricetag. I'm going to have to revisit the Choix Supreme next time I need to re-up in a robusto size.
  14. So are Fuente Angel's Share and Don Arturo. I see a future akin to the film "Idiocracy": every Habanos offering is an EL, RE or LCDH exclusive.

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