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  1. earthson

    Kind of a noob question

    As Piggy stated, you have to know your storage conditions are appropriate and have them in place for a long period of time (several years minimum). Then and only then can you know whether it's what your doing vs construction. To me, the above looks like poor construction/leaf processing or else, yes, high humidity or improper aging.
  2. earthson

    Baby names help

    Reina (actually already know one who just turned 18).
  3. earthson

    Let's talk Mezcals

    I have heard of this from a friend who lives in Minneapolis. Here in the southeast, we're usually last to get anything. With the storied history of bourbon, I cannot imagine anything powering the hype machine to the same degree, wine excluded.
  4. earthson

    New Habanos releases pics

    Bah, Regionals. Knew it was too good to be true. Appreciate the info, though!
  5. earthson

    New Habanos releases pics

    Stop the presses! What? Are they resurrecting one of my unicorns, or are you just toying with my emotions?
  6. El Producto Perfecto from the 1930s
  7. earthson

    2018 Partagas C&C's

    I'll get a little variation across a cab, with a few outliers being of the stronger, more earthy Partagas similar to the Presidentes while the other outlying phenotype seems to be very creamy, almost like a Series D no 4 with some Cohiba. Most, however, are that delectable journey of a high-quality Partagas blend.
  8. earthson

    Stone Fruit

    I should have added La Gloria Cubana to the list. I'm only really familiar with the MdO line. Immaculate once aged and definitely fruit, though I haven't smoked enough recently to remember which fruit or how often it appears. I must fix this immediately!
  9. Ouch! That one's pretty nasty looking. Looks like a "Nicaraguan factory second" made with "Cuban seed tobacco" and offering notes of "earth and pepper." And that is some shiny pectin... unless that's from you drooling over that piece of deliciousness?
  10. earthson

    Stone Fruit

    Apricot - ERdM Demitasse and better examples of the Hoyo Especial line Cherry - RyJ Ex no 4 and Cazadores
  11. It was Goods n Services, but it had been so long, I could not do a charge back via PayPal. As a last ditch effort, I told dude I was going to handle it through my credit card and go full nuclear - admit that the transaction was for cigars ("Gee, sorry, Mr. PayPal - I didn't know that was against the T&C" routine). It worked rather well. Unless something has changed in the last few years, credit card companies still don't GAF - if you dispute and it sounds legit, they pull back the funding and credit your account. They still earn the fees for the transaction (I believe), but don't have to pay anyone on my behalf. As I said, I typically just buy boxes myself from trusted vendors. It helps that a) I've been flirting with full capacity for several years, b) I age most of my stuff myself and c) I've tried just about everything I wanted to try.
  12. I've had better luck finding tea notes in Dominican cigars. The La Aurora Preferidos Emerald tubos reliably produced them.
  13. The secondary cigar market is full of profiteers and buffoons (and great people, too!). I've unfortunately also seen people get scammed out of significant amounts of money. The closest I came was from some fool that took my money, never sent me my rare cigars, never responded to messages and then started another for-sale thread. "Credit card charge-back" were the magic words that turned that situation around. I'm much more leery now.
  14. earthson

    What's in your glass today?

    I do miss Elmer. That and the Weller 12 disappearing are when I had my first inkling something was amiss. When I saw Blanton's disappear from the shelves as a regularly available tipple, that is when I threw my hands up and started drinking more vodka and rhum. It is hard to beat Barbancourt 8 yr as a cigar accompaniment.
  15. earthson

    Sancho Cristo

    Huh. I thought Sancho Panza when I looked at the sticks. Agreed - smoke one and let us know which it were! I would assume the box is not worth any more than any other box - it wouldn't be hard for an unscrupulous individual to put 25 Monte no 4 in a Non Plus box.
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