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    Comedy, gardening/horticulture, loafing with my family, hiking, reading, writing, punk rock

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  1. RazorbackFan left Positive feedback   

    I made my first-ever trade on FOH with earthson recently and it went seamlessly. He was quick with the shipping, excellent with communication and also threw in some awesome extras. I hope I get the chance to trade with him again. You won't go wrong by trading with this member. Thank you, sir!

    earthson was Trading

  2. fabes left Positive feedback   

    Awesome trading partner. Great taste in smokes. Not our first trade and certainly not our last.

    earthson was Trading

  3. ChefBoyRG54 left Positive feedback   

    Ronnie is a bully. Plain and simple. Try to do something nice for people... ;)

    earthson was The Seller

  4. Hunter1974 left Positive feedback   

    Did a trade with Ronnie and he's first class all the way! Awesome cigars well pa

    earthson was Trading

  5. bresdogsr left Positive feedback   

    Great trader. Fast shipping and great communication.

    earthson was Trading

  6. fabes left Positive feedback   

    Split a box. Fast payment. First class all around!

    earthson was The Buyer

  7. tjohn7 left Positive feedback   

    Great guy to deal with here. Quick responses, fast payment.

    earthson was The Buyer

  8. 1LegLance left Positive feedback   

    Super quick to take care of his end and happy to split again anytime!

    earthson was Trading

  9. airtrade left Positive feedback   

    Good deal, quick pay and good communication!

    earthson was The Buyer

  10. Stanislaw left Positive feedback   

    Great communicator and doesn't drag his feet, trustworthy!

    earthson was The Buyer

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