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  1. A beautiful, if not still young, PSP graded Upmann No. 2 from 2015. The wrapper is special. It’s like touching silk.
  2. I’d say sex, but we all know that isn’t true ? Well done good sir! In all my years and purchases I never took the GR leap. So I guess you could say I’m still a cigar virgin of sorts! Cheers
  3. I knew I was smart moving my humidors to my office. They are now secure behind key card access front entry, elevator, key card access office entrance and dead bolt locked office door. My wife’s a ninja, so they still aren’t safe . . .
  4. 2015 RA EL paired perfectly with this amazing whisky from Taiwan. The cigar has come a long way since release. Initially I did not care for these at all. I think I’ve smoked 5 cigars out of the 4 boxes I have. They were always too brash and unrefined. It’s been about a year and a half since I smoked one and I can say for certain that, this single at least, is everything you’d want out of a fine RA. The sherry oak aged whisky is bring out the stewed fruit, leather and espresso in the cigar. A lovely pairing.
  5. Aged CC are very different than their younger versions. I’ve been smoking Cuban cigars for over 10 years. Loaded up between 2010 and 2013 (really loaded up). Between 2014-15 my buying tailed off to almost nothing. I currently hold 20 years worth of cigars based on my smoking habits. I have to say, I do miss some of the younger cigars with their youthful vigor. Some, like the PSD4 have mellowed significantly over the years and I prefer them young (1-3 yrs of age). Others have aged into masterpieces and I much prefer the aged version. What I have learned over the years is that if you buy a box new and it’s too strong or the flavors are “closed down” let them rest for 12-18 months. You will be rewarded, then enjoy them! My 2 cents. Cheers
  6. A 2015 La Fuerza to start my weekend. Paired with a nice Sancere. Cheers boys and girls!
  7. 2013 HQ box from Rob. If you don’t smoke these you’re missing out. Possibly the most balanced cigar Habanos makes. The size and rg is perfect. It’s my new favorite.
  8. I’ll vote Phoenix as well for the lounges. The ones I frequent have full bars. Churchill’s in Phoenix is a 2 minute walk to Steak 44 and a 7 minute Uber to a Mastro’s. The owner doesn’t care if you bring your own cigars if you drink. I make it a habit to buy a few cigars out of respect. The Royal Palms resort, which is a 5 minute Uber from Churchill’s, is a cigar friendly resort. There are stone ashtrays, with sand bottoms, everywhere and the most amazing outdoor patio where we go to have coffee and smoke regularly later at night. Cheers Rob.
  9. Li’l Miss BBQ in Arizona is Central Texas style and as good as any out there. My BBQ brothers from NC, TX and all over the country who have visited and gone begrudgingly admit its “on par” with their favorite joints back home. If you’re ever in Phoenix make the trip. The line forms an hour or more before opening on the weekend.
  10. A wonderful day for my last 2012 RA RE England Petit Belicoso. I have treasured these cigars for years. This was my last, and very banged up, one left. A beautiful smoke.
  11. No Ken, I didn’t take it that way at all, so no apologies necessary! I was referring to another post where he brought the workers food and was wished well. My cousins husband works for the FBI. Through his work he has indirectly come into contact with these operations. What these girl go through is beyond comprehension. If Kraft was indirectly supporting this activity he should suffer the harshest penalty. Criminally his penalty will be a slap on the wrist. Most likely a plea and a fine.
  12. If the details come out and the girls who were “working” in that place were found to be victims of humans trafficking he should be expelled from the league. I do t care how nice he may or may not be. If he was supporting a human trafficking operation he should resign or be banned for life. Let it play out. I have a suspicion this is going to get really bad very quick.
  13. Mastros does a great job. If you like them try Steak 44 in Phoenix and Steak 48 in Houston. Owned by the son of the Mastros founder. Get the steaks Oscar style.
  14. Celebrating being blessed in so many ways. My annual SCDLH O’Reilly from the 2010 Book release.
  15. As I type I’m smoking a Montecristo Grand Edmundo from 2010. I loved them young and I love them with 8 years too. My tastes have skewed to enjoy cigars really fresh or at the 5+ year mark. However, because I bought so many cigars from 2008-2015 I have not bought many recently due to storage constraints (I smoke far fewer per year than most). A byproduct of this is that most of my cigars are 5-10 years old.
  16. Can I have an AMEN!? I originally bought these to commemorate by Son’s birth year and I am so happy I bought 5 boxes. Luscious dark chocolate, espresso, cedar and cream. These aren’t slowing down one bit. If anything they are growing more intense with age. Now my job is to not smoke them all so we have plenty to smoke together when he’s older. Bravissimo!
  17. Habanos goes the Apple route and produces products under the HABANOS brand because of long term brand recognition and loyalty. Produce all popular cigars under that one brand. Have a second line of special releases under old marcas at a huge markup.

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