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  1. Thank you for the tip. Will be looking into those stones for sure
  2. It's a very nice blade. Been using for at least 4 months every day and still very sharp. I know it's hard steel so not looking forward to sharpening. The thing for me is the weight for the size knife. I can't stand something heavy in my pocket and this is perfect. I shopped hard for this, and for the quality they can be had reasonably!
  3. Agree there is an eerie feeling out there and my spidery senses are tingling. However, I don't think what has happened over last few years can be compared to other business cycles or events in our lifetimes. I think Puros Y Vino has some good points. I think governments, especially the USA has pumped so much money into the economy that if I were to guess what is coming, I would say a mild to moderate slowdown which is hopefully not a bad thing. This may allow the supply chain to somewhat recover and hopefully ease pricing and greed. Although I am a capitalist, I know I have become quite tired of the inflation, some of which I feel is profiteering looking at large corporations record profits, so maybe a slowdown is not a bad thing.
  4. I find a pocketknife incredibly handy and feel naked without one. I only carry a lock back knife for my own safety when using. Here is my most recent one a Benchmark Bugout 535BK. Incredibly light for the size at 2.5oz. and 3.5 inch blade. Mostly used for convenience such as opening boxes or cutting cord. but have been known to cut a steak with this one.
  5. Wow, I enjoyed reading that. I had never heard this before and what a story! Thanks for posting
  6. That is sad news. I've been around this forum for a long time and remember "Colt45" well. Always on point and very levelheaded and wise for someone that I now know was relatively young when he started his moderator duties. Very sorry to hear of his passing. Thoughts and prayers to Christine and family for the loss of this fine man. John
  7. Classic hunting position. Pity the small furry creature or lizard that happened to run under the wood board he was posting on.
  8. Nice review and detailed analysis of same cigar from different years. I have always heard these need some time, but I don't think time would have helped an unequal quality of roll. John
  9. https://www.friendsofhabanos.com/forum/profile/36371-nevrknow/ Chas, I hear you on dumpsters and I also would offer my "services" in desperation. Problem is my company will not even answer phone anymore. You have to leave a message and hope in a week or so they do a switch. No telling who would hear my "offer of service". 😯 NeverKnow and Greenhorn2, I don't know what the answer is on getting people to learn a trade, or for that matter just wanting to work period. Maybe there is so much easy money in our economy right now they can get by? If so, I think they are in for a rude awakening at some point. As I know you guys are, I am learning to cope, do the best I can, and just move forward a day at a time. John
  10. Construction here, and in order of being a major problem #1 is lack of help. I will take people that lack skills and teach them as long as they have a pulse and show up. Along with that it seems no young people are interested in learning a trade. #2 overall cost increase of doing business. We are throwing money at #1 just to have people show up, and the cost of everything from overhead to materials has gone up 30 to 40%. #3 supply chain issues which makes you happy to pay whatever it takes just to move forward. Most people I know are not back in the office. A few are back maybe one or two days in office, and they rotate. Most people I know seem to really like the fewer office hours and seem to be maintaining production barring 1-3 above. It will be interesting to see what happens with office space demand over next few years, but I think it will somewhat permanently alter how people work. Covid is raging here. Mostly, from what I have seen, it shows as a mild to severe cold with mild or severe sore throat and some still losing taste. I have seen in my family and others, that those vaccinated, and especially if they have the boaster, the symptoms are mild and don't last as long. John
  11. Great insights and information for anyone lucky enough to make a trip there. Thank you to Andy and Rob for taking the time to do this. John
  12. A national treasure here in the states. She hosted SNL at the age of 88 and appeared in every skit. More than all she appeared to be a genuinely nice person. Rest in Peace Ms. White
  13. I watched it and enjoyed (yes it's a slow evening). Very nostalgic. I had not thought of Cuban leaf being used in America but there it is, on film. Looking at the rolled cigars and bundles looked like very high quality put forth by the rollers. Neat film. John
  14. I agree with all the various marinades mentioned or any combination. I much prefer the flank steak to skirt. I also like a nice char/crust on the meat. To achieve this I have a hot coal fire with wood mixed in for a good smoke flavor, and put on grill shortly after coming out of fridge so meat is cold. This allows the outside to sear without over cooking the interior as it's a pretty thin cut. For sure cut across grain. It's seems expensive now in USA, so if you find a deal grab it. John
  15. Ken, I have read Heart of Darkness. I also have read several books about the very early days of big game hunting in Africa. I don't hunt, but those books are a way to have a slight sense of the county in early times that is long gone. They can be very politically incorrect but hard to judge them by modern morality... I have never tried Muscat, but will start hunting a nice version to give a whirl. John
  16. I do. I have several boxes left that when I opened them the aroma was like a tobacco curing barn. They are wonderful cigars and due to your post I will smoke one today! Thanks for reminding me. John
  17. Enjoyed the read. What an adventure. Would love to read a book about your whole trip. Thanks, John
  18. Nice pour. I've been contracting for quite awhile and I love when we pour concrete as it means we have the 1st major step done and a dry place to stage from. It is very gratifying, yet can be terrifying when something goes wrong and many yards at risk. Sounds like you did the right thing breaking out a cigar and powering through. Good luck with project. John
  19. Happy New Year everyone. Here is to a great and healthy 2021 to follow for all.... John
  20. Fruit Pectin is what I use also. Never notice any issues using it. You can purchase various places, such as grocery store, but I purchase the dry version and just mix up a small amount at a time. John
  21. Condolences to Enzo's family and friends. To have been married and to have a beautiful family, he was a very successful and fortunate man. John

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