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  1. C.B. I know you posted a little while back how you were enjoying Yellow. Spot Irish Whisky. I just noticed it on the LCBO website. I know it does not come to Ontario very often so I thought I would let you know.
  2. J P Wisers Last barrels. I am really enjoying it right know. More like a Bourbon then a typical Canadian Whisky. It aged 14 years. The mash used 80% corn, 11% Rye and 9% Barley. Apparently it was going to be used in a blend but they found it was excellent on its own. I believe it is bottled at 43% APV. If you can find it give it a try.
  3. Glad to here you enjoying life Lisa. And I am with you in regards to Yellow Spot. My Son brought me a bottle from California a few months back and I loved it. Of Course I have a soft spot for all whiskies. If only I could convince the LCBO to love whiskies as much as I do then maybe they would carry a better variety. Or maybe I will keep bugging the Politicians ( in Ontario ) to privatized the LCBO's and at least IO could get what I want. Okay my little rant is over. Enjoy your Holidays Lisa.
  4. I whole heatedly agree with you Rob. It seems high humidity and the freshness of the cigars leads to a not so enjoyable experience.
  5. I voted No for the simple reason that I have not had a bad skinny yet. My first skinny was a Cohiba Siglo V Tubo 2009. It got me hooked on skinnies. One of the best cigars i have ever had. I wish I had more but Cohiba's have all but disappeared at the moment.
  6. Happy Birthday Di. You are still looking Fabulous. Enjoy your special weekend.
  7. Makes me proud to be a Canadian. Riazp , even though we have never met I glad to here that things turned out good for you. I tune in to the forum ( not as often as I should) and I get to know members through reading posts and comments from others. You are well liked and respected on the forum and seem like a stand up guy. Good Luck in all your endeavors To all my Canadian Brothers (As Well as Rob , an honorary Canadian) I commend you for the beautiful jester . Your kindness and sincerity to another is what makes this forum special.
  8. Congratulations. A fine looking couple if I do say so. Cheers to many more years of happiness.
  9. I feel your pain Shlomo. I am just as Frustrated dealing with the LCBO in Ontario. My only salvation is that Detroit is just across the border. Also spend a few weekends a year in Chicago and make at trip to Binny's . A least they have a variety of whiskies for me to purchase. My only complaint is the US exchange rate at the moment.

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