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  1. It frustrates me to no end that it is difficult or impossible to get good info on the consistency of tobacco going into NC's. Pete Johnson's Tatuaje's (and everything else of his, I think) are manufactured under the care of Garcia's "My Father" factory in Nicaragua. Since I like some of the Tatuaje's, on occasion, I try other brands coming out of the same factory. I recently burnt through a set of "La Aroma de Cuba," produced by Garcia for another US company. They had hints of a good blend, but literally made me sick in the stomach. Some really foul tobacco was used. Maybe it would be ba
  2. x5 I recently had someone tell me the older Epernay (from Illusione) were much better than the current offerings . . . too bad they are not available anymore, b/c the Epernay line now is excellent. There is a lonsdale, "Le Grande," I believe, it would be worth picking up a cab of these.
  3. Bertrand Russell describes how being seated in the smoking section of an areoplane, because, he explained, "If I can't smoke, I shall die," saved his life. In addition, I came across Norman Mailer's description of Picasso's birth. The topic was raised earlier, here. However, I thought it would be worth quoting Mailer, from the first paragraph of the first chapter of his book on Picasso. Hope someone enjoys the Russell story, and Mailer's description.
  4. How'd Cohen do? Does everyone just play hold 'em in CA card rooms now, or can you still get good stud games? I don't get why it was bad for the guy, Goldstein, to "fake it." What he was doing was testing the magazine to find out how it actually operated, because he suspected its awards were given out for marketing and advertising reasons, not because of the quality (however defined) of the actual restaurant.
  5. As I understand it, Goldstein didn't set up the hoax because of anything to do with rating subjectivity. He set up the hoax because he believed that the the two hundred and some dollar submission fee was the thing the magazine wanted, and secondarily maybe more importantly, a chance to sell ad space to the restaurant. It's worth noting, Goldstein wasn't a candidate, who lied about his restaurant, though some restaurants may lie about their wine lists, he wanted to see if Wine Spectator would at least verify the physical existence of restaurants they give awards to. If one reads that WS says
  6. I searched for "wine spectator" in previous threads, but didn't find anything that addressed this issue. My apologies if I missed something obvious, since the actual incident took place some years ago. I listened to this Freakonomics podcast, which describes the prank and interviews the prankster, who has also written a book about wine tasting. The prankster, Goldstein, has a blog called "Blind Taste." According to Goldstein, he submitted a fake wine list to Wine Spectator from a fake restaurant, and won the magazine's excellence award. According to him, when Wine Spectator called to anno
  7. From a BBC article on a study done in Spain: "The Spanish research involving more than 15,500 men and 26,000 women found large quantities of alcohol could be even more beneficial for men. . . . And for those who drank anything from three shots to more than 11 shots each day, the risk worked out an average of 50% less." Obviously, many of us were happy to read about this study, no matter how dubious it might be. There may be physical benefits as well as mental.
  8. This is a cigar I like very much. Last night I had a chance to take a few pictures, so I figured I would post a short review. I also had a glass of Springbank 10, of the most recent bottling, I believe. This is a wonderful whisky that I normally drink without any water. I over did it, I suppose, but I was not too happy with the result of adding water. This cigar is marketed by Pete Johnson under his Tatuaje company. I don't know the exact story behind this release. Evidently, the blend was produced for a few years, but only given away to friends or to folks at Tatuaje events. This ciga
  9. That's a good question . . . I like topics with pictures. I had a picture of the garden on iPhoto, so I attached it. However, I see now that it is a little weird.
  10. It's been unseasonably warm in New York this winter. Last week while in garden I was examining my rose bushes (see picture from last summer), now starting to grow again with small buds appearing all over the branches. Figuring with the leaves gone, this would be a good time to prune . . . Things seemed to be going fine, until I withdrew my hand holding the scissors from the tangle of branches into which I had also stuck my face and cigar. I caught the back of my hand on the burning ember of the churchill, simultaneously shoving the stick through my teeth into the back of my mouth, tearing
  11. We've had similar polls about cigar smoking rates. I'm curious about drinking habits. I like to smoke early in the morning, preferably alone before everyone wakes up. So, I like to have water or coffee with my cigar. Sometimes when I get a chance to have a smoke in the evening, I'll have a drink, but I find that I prefer to either concentrate on a cigar or a whisky, it is rare that I can pair them successfully. I am sure most people drink and smoke at the same time. Does anyone else not like drinking when they smoke? I'm thinking of a "drink" as anything that has the equivalent amount o
  12. I like all spirits and whiskies straight or with a few drops of cold water. I must say, though, I'm not a fan of the Zacapa 23. It is overpriced, especially because there are rums I enjoy more for less, and several bourbons that I enjoy much more that are around the same price. Also, I felt a little taken when I realized that "23" means a mix of barrelings aged 23 years or less down to 7 or something. I believe the standard for whisky is that the age statement always refers to the youngest barrel. If it was a whisky it would have to be called Ron Zacapa 7. Obviously, age doesn't correlat
  13. There isn't a lot of coverage about this issue. I think one of the most important areas of law that relates to this is law governing foreign direct investment, often governed by bilateral investment treaties, BIT's. Most or all of the countries in Africa, for example, have BITs with nations in the EU. The standard BIT gives foreign investors special rights, not granted to domestic businesses. The treaties usually give foreign investors the right to sue the host nation, where the dispute will end up in arbitration, sometimes private. These agreements are usually signed with zero public i
  14. Yeah, right. But to know whether something is a failure or a success, you have to know what the goal is. One of the really great things about the U.S. government is its practice of releasing state planning documents. I will just feel like a jerk if I try to do it here, but I think there is a pretty strong case that preventing the spread of international communist aggression was never an important goal, or, to put it an other way, the word "communist" had many different and technical meanings. One interesting way to get into this topic is to look at the sugar quotas that Castro is still harp

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