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  1. Working in a Port I see many ships but this one is a bit special. It’s a state of the art drill ship that can drill oil wells at depths of up to 3,600 meters and not move more than 1cm from it’s designated position. Had a 2 hour tour of the ship and came away mightily impressed.
  2. It’s a long weekend here in Singapore + the missus is heading off to Phuket on Sunday for a week long detox retreat = lots of cigars! 😛
  3. Toyota MR2 Mk1. I used to own one back in 1989/90 when I was living in London. Sold it when I moved to Singapore and still kicking myself about it. Best handling car I’ve ever driven. Light, mid-engined and no power steering to dilute feedback through the wheel; it was the epitome of seat of the pants driving feel.
  4. Had a fantastic long weekend in the Margaret River region of Western Australia a few weeks ago. Despite it being the middle of winter it was sunny throughout our trip with temps between 18c - 20c during the day. The missus and I had a great time visiting wineries/breweries where we had great food and drinks.
  5. Long weekend in Singapore, so headed down to the Margaret River region for some relaxation with the missus. It’s a bit nippy out (13c) so kept my smoke to a short & sweet RyJ Mille Fleurs.
  6. I only bought the one box of 52’s and I still have about half left. Glad you’re enjoying your Monte 2 :). Btw I’ll be in your neck of the woods 2nd week of August. Will text you the details and hopefully we can meet up for a smoke.
  7. Behikes. I would have made a fortune selling them on if I'd gone deep 3 years ago! :p
  8. As if they weren’t enough shopping malls in Singapore, Changi Airport has decided to open one next to the Arrivals Hall in Terminal 1. It’s called Jewel and everyone and their dog has been flocking to take pictures of it’s centerpiece - an indoor waterfall. Was at T1 to pick up the missus last night, so here’s my pic 😛
  9. Went for a morning walk at a newly opened park near my apartment. Hard to tell you are in an urban environment except for the buildings peeping over the top.

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