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  1. I only bought the one box of 52’s and I still have about half left. Glad you’re enjoying your Monte 2 :). Btw I’ll be in your neck of the woods 2nd week of August. Will text you the details and hopefully we can meet up for a smoke.
  2. Behikes. I would have made a fortune selling them on if I'd gone deep 3 years ago! :p
  3. As if they weren’t enough shopping malls in Singapore, Changi Airport has decided to open one next to the Arrivals Hall in Terminal 1. It’s called Jewel and everyone and their dog has been flocking to take pictures of it’s centerpiece - an indoor waterfall. Was at T1 to pick up the missus last night, so here’s my pic 😛
  4. Went for a morning walk at a newly opened park near my apartment. Hard to tell you are in an urban environment except for the buildings peeping over the top.
  5. Agreed. I find the Partagas MF smokes better with at 2-3 years of age on them; whilst the RyJ MF smoke well at any age.
  6. I can identify with this quote from the article - ”smoking a cigar and shooting guns are both Zen-like experiences."
  7. SLR Serie A. Your fault Rob, the first one I smoked with you in Singapore a few years back made me realise how good these were
  8. The ratio of cigars and women to whisky seems a bit off......:p
  9. Attended the ceremony marking the last caisson of Tuas Port phase 1 this week. This is an example of how Singapore benefits from stable and efficient government as this project will only be completed in the 2040s and will have the capacity to handle 65m TEUs; double the current volume handled today. This is what a caisson looks like before it is sunk to form a sea wall to enable reclamation to take place.
  10. The night time view from the top of the old City Hall/Supreme Court Building in Singapore. This was the seat of the Colonial government when Britannia ruled the waves.
  11. Not a fan. These and the Sancho Panzas are the only 2 Cubans that I don’t enjoy.
  12. Had to sacrifice my usual Sunday morning lie in to welcome the 1st vessel to call at our new Liquid Bulk Storage Terminal.

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