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  1. Well done Carts, and thank you for letting me participate!!!
  2. I smoked a cigar this morning and noticed white dots as well. It was a Cohiba 1966.
  3. Welcome to FoH, which part of Northern Ontario are you from? I was born in Sudbury (only lived there for 2 years before moving to Quebec) and I went to University in Thunder Bay. Home is in Eastern Ontario now for me.
  4. Same here, surprised I got this one right. Was just getting over a nasty cold, my taste buds were off, guess I was lucky Thanks Lisa!!!
  5. Another vote for Christmas Vacation, Elf and Gremlins are my top 3.
  6. Another vote for Alex Lifeson, here's one my favorite solos
  7. While the part of playing without a soccer ball may be a joke, the part of not keeping score is a fact for certain age levels. My kids, both 11, play competitive soccer, however no official scores are kept for league games, and this is a joke IMO. I know for a fact that the kids keep track of wins/losses so the concept as set out by the Ontario Soccer Association is flawed. In close games, the coaches play their best players and are playing to win, so the whole "fair play" concept is not working anyway. In competitive sports, there is a winner and a loser. The kids know this, but unfortunately the people making the decisions don't see it the same way
  8. Great review, thanks for sharing. I have a 10 count from May 08, that I have not tried yet.
  9. Happy Birthday Simon, hope you have a great day!!!
  10. Welcome to FoH from an Eastern Ontario BOTL.

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