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  1. this is the take photo the above photo is what I took from the the box pass. Montecristo #1 ,2019 Partagas SDC#3 , TED OCT 07 H.Upmann #2 , MGA JUN 10 Por Laranaga Picadores SUM JUN 16 Por Laranaga Petit Coronas EML ABR14 The above photo is what I put in the box pass El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme, ELG 2014 Montecristo Petit Edmundo, MEL 2016 Romeo Y Julieta Wide Churchill ,RAU OCT 2015 Cohiba Siglo 2, EAG JUL 2015 Romeo Y Julieta Churchill PLA JUL 2015 And the pig tailed beauty at the bottom of the picture is for (Treberty) Bertrand it is a Trinidad Robusto Extra MSE ABR 11
  2. When you get a chance why don’t you pm me and we should get together for a cigar
  3. I’m in Windsor Ontario and I’m interested. Count me in.
  4. Yes there was alcohol involved rum from Barbados. Sadly it wasn’t enough room to affect my judgement .
  5. I am embarrassed to admit this but last night while I was smoking a cigar in my garage to get away from the mosquitoes I forgot to remove the band from my cigar . It was very dark in the garage as I had no lights turned on and I accidentally smoked the cigar band . Never missed a stride I just kept smoking and I was wondering what the peculiar smell was that I was experiencing . Oddly enough it did not change the flavour of the cigar but only the odour. I guess the take away from the story would be either remove the band before you start smoking or don’t smoke in the dark .
  6. Mr. PigFish, Please let me start off by saying thank you for your feedback. I must say your opinion of the problem makes total sense to me. Something I forgot to previously mention is the water did not turn a milky white color until I disturbed the reservoir by moving it out of the humidor so that could top it up with. Also I'm ruling out the corrosion from the aluminum for I don't have a cooled humidor. Thank you again for helping to solve this mysterious and freakish occurrence. Cheers. Maduro
  7. Colt45 thank you for responding. No it has never been cleaned for it has not needed it until now perhaps. However when using distilled water it is my understanding there should not be any mineral residue let behind. I guess the mystery continues. Cheers.
  8. Hello JohnS thank you for your response. The reservoir is somewhat open to the air. I have included a picture it at the bottom of this post. By the way I have had the unit, three of them for one and a half year now and have never seen the water turn cloudy. Also the white mesh filter gets replaced once a year, every August. Cheers
  9. Good day all. This morning while I was refilling my humidor water reservoirs I noticed something I had not seen before. The water in all three of them had turned a cloudy white color. The water had no smell other than the customary cedar smell it picked up from the humidor. I poured the water out and added fresh water. Not sure how relative this is but each reservoir holds approximately 1.2 liters of water. In the winter months the water needs to be topped up every six weeks. The only water I use is distilled water. If anyone has any theories or if this has happened to anyone else please let me know. Peace
  10. Done. Best of luck to Trevor and Alex. I am pleased to see that the rebuild of this coveted web site is well underway.
  11. I still smoke both, but its the curiosity of the non Cubans that peak my interest. Tatuaje, Illusione, Hamelt Tabaqueros. I limit them to around four per year because Cubans are my preferred cigars. For most people it all comes down to price, availability and preference. Peace.
  12. Happy Birthday to you Diana. Hope you have a great day and weekend as well. All the best.
  13. Happy birthday El Presidente, Enjoy yourself this weekend, cheers and long ashes to you.
  14. The thing I like best about winter is when it's over. It put a huge pause on my cigar enjoyment . That coupled with lower amounts of sunshine makes me cranky. Peace
  15. I also have an Aristocrat with a set and forget humidity system. Set it to the parameters you want and you are done. Best investment I have made. Peace

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