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  1. I keep my humidor around 62RH, but I like my cigars a bit more dry. I usually put my cigars in a 5 cigar travel case for a day or two before I smoke, and the difference is night and day.
  2. Bought these over a year ago, guy was not on the scumbag list and had good feedback from others that I trusted. Now he is caught up in selling some fakes (NC's that I am aware of) which makes me curious if I got ripped off.
  3. Very interesting Orion, I have never had a Hoyo that I like LOL. I wish I could have grabbed a couple of that Hoyo run to see if a PSP Hoyo would be different. Thanks for your thoughts! I got a very similar experience from the 520 but I did also get some pretty decent chocolate flavors.
  4. I had a Monte 520 this weekend WOW! Loved it! Possibly one of the best cigars I have ever smoked. I haven't had many Monte's so I was wondering is there a cigar in their lineup that is even close to the 520 taste wise? I just haven't had any luck with Monte's.
  5. My oldest daughter went away to college last year. I really thought I was going to be okay. I thought I did my part to raise her right, she has a wonderful head on her shoulders. We would keep in contact right? I was solid as a rock till she walked through the gate to get on her airplane....AND I WAS A MESS. I think I tried to be strong and tough for my wife. I really felt like I had missed out on some stuff trying to tell myself I was okay. I felt like I didn't SHOW her that I was going to miss her. It has actually made us even closer. I think its awesome that you feel that way. Just shows th
  6. Has the RAG been added to the rotation? Didnt see it in the forum post
  7. QdO Coronas QdO Imperials Upmann Sir Winston EDRM Choix Supreme RA Gigantes

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