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  1. Fixed the state for you. And you'll notice that one of the things I haven't finished yet is a ladder to the loft.
  2. I'll be in there starting about 9pm tonight. You can make it here from Chicago in about 7.5 hours, I've made that drive many times. So yeah, come on over!
  3. Almost finished with my home lounge. Started with the walk-in and built out from there. The room is attached to the garage so I was limited to what I could do, only one window and the walls had to stay where they were. A few more things to add furniture wise and then it'll be done. I've already started using it though, the commercial air filtration (Honeywell F111) hangs on the ceiling and works just as advertised. Very pleased with how it's turned out so far, but it's not perfect. Would be fun to design a home lounge with no limitations!
  4. Exactly right. I have another box with the same box code that is equally as dark.
  5. Peter James. I have one and it's fantastic.
  6. Great smoke and great Scotty headcover! I played Torrey in December, was in great shape and grandstands were already up. My first time playing it, played the South in the AM and the North after lunch. Helluva day.
  7. Love the Peter James case. I have the chili bean color and take it just about everywhere.
  8. I have two Opus Duponts, but this is my favorite.

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