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  1. Cristales. Mmmm yummy. My first box purchase was a 25 cab of Boli Belicosos Finos, circa 2008. Beautiful honey colored wrappers, perfect fill, perfect draw, beautifully intense flavor. Purchased blind, so I was a nervous wreck through the whole process. Cheers.
  2. Captain Corelli's Mandolin. Humor, tragedy, life on a Greek island during WW2.
  3. It's about priorities. If you want things or experiences abroad, you will need cash. People smarter than I am seem to be able to come by cash more easily. For me it means giving up on relaxation. If I could give up on things, life would slow down significantly. But I'm addicted. The addiction wanes with age yet I can't help but think life would have been more relaxing and pleasant had I prioritized for less rather than more. Temperament comes into play as well - it would kill some people to force them to slow down. More power to them is what I say.
  4. Smoked through a box of CdL#2 from circa 2012. Very good construction, mild which is ok by me, but bland. I like to think I can pick up on complexity - these had none. Given a choice between a Coronita en Cedrio and the CdL I had, I would have picked the en Cedro. Rustic but honest flavours. Glad to hear that recent examples have more complexity.
  5. headstand

    latest catch

    Oh, forgot to comment on the back flies. If you haven't lived it, this National Film Board animation will help explain the original post.
  6. headstand

    latest catch

    Grew up a couple of hours northwest of North Bay and miss the lakes and rivers there furiously. Walleye (as a kid we always called them Pickerel) are very fine eating. The local breakfast joint here in BC has one mounted on the wall at about 11 lbs - nice chubby thing, though for the life of me I can't imagine it was caught anywhere near here - will have to ask the proprietor. Spring caught Northern are not so bad, sure they are a bit of a pain to clean but battered and fried they are good eats. Ate quite a bit of them ( when the Walleye were not biting) while at a geological survey bush camp on the Churchill River in Saskatchewan. Fresh protein was at a premium since our supplies only came by float plain once a week. The trick is to keep only the medium sized ones so there is less fuss with the cleaning.
  7. QC was once described by a lady friend as "this one will lift your kilt". I like the mix of peat and saltiness; in fact I look forward to a bowl of mussels with a side of QC (or the other way around). Good price to quality ratio for those who don't absolutely need a smooth single malt.
  8. I object strenuously. There is no way Obama walks into a gun store!
  9. "Bolivarity" I like it. With your permission, I'll use it.
  10. Rye, Each box holds a special memory. Bring Kleenex. Looking forward to a first rate photo essay.
  11. This. The forecast for western Canada's oil economy is: shitty with a high probability of crap.
  12. Didn't look too bad actually, but it's now in humi getting a spa treatment. That box was a beauty in terms of construction/draw. Cheers and hope you are doing well.
  13. This week I started on a gut-rehab of my house. First task is to insulate the basement, which of course means cleaning out the basement. So today I cart out four years worth of spent cigar boxes to the fire pit. Before tossing the boxes I would pull the lid off the SLBs and open the dressed boxes, thinking they would burn more quickly. Half way through, I flip open the lid on a box of Bolivars, lo and behold there's a cigar sticking it's head out from behind the liner: the very last of a splendid box of Boli Corona Extras. In the scheme of things its a really small thing. But, Ask me if I'm a happy man. Alan

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